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[Book Review] A trip to anthropology when leaving 'Wooly women' ~ LUCY(Donald Johanson)

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A trip to anthropology when leaving 'Wooly women'

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It may be a somewhat tremendous dream, but when you can not see the other side of the mountain, you can have as many dreams as you want. (in the Text)

They live buried in static that can not be imagined in the life surrounded by civilization under the hot sun far beyond 40 degrees Celsius. They are gazing at the dry ground where dust happens to search for the money that a beggar fell on the floor. Sometimes it is squatting so that feces can also be seen, as if they carefully observe the grains of the soil one by one. Whether they light up even a little, they may illuminate assets of valuable human beings, rather than jewelry. They are an anthropologist, uncovering the past soon, revealing the evolution path of mankind.

In this book 『LUCY: THE BEGINNINGS OF HUMANKIND』, when studying human fossils, anthropologist Donald Johanson reveals the complicated geologic structure like yarn, while overcoming Ethiopia's political challenge There is adversity included. And it is a report that records the process of suffering until discovering LUCY which was an important electric shop in the history of Hominidu fresh and the research process of intolerance to describe and interpret the LUCY fossil. In addition, it is interesting also the intense controversy of human origin which spreads before and after the history of paleontology before the discovery of Lucy and the time Lucy was discovered.

On the other hand, it can be said that all high anthropologists research with one purpose to say the origin of mankind. However, invisible inside the academic community, there is hidden innocence competition over honor and interest. Among the scholars who seemed to be high, not responsible for invisible competition of excavation rights, a sound criticism for the development of academic achievement, responsibility to shunt accidental partners, other scholars of the author who discovered Lucy Time and jealousy rampant. In this book, it is somewhat shocking that it is intertwined as complicated as the complex geological structure and it is ugly in the academic world. The scholars expect that vague expectation if they learn more than ordinary people and accept a lot of human readings and books as well as accepting new aspects and new things, but if you open the lid, For success the delusive obsession of greed and my knowledge and belief is as bad as the desire for research. Looking at the dark side of the academic society, there are cases where a selfless true scientist for mankind exists, whether it really exists. Perhaps they may just be people who want to succeed in areas that you can best do.

Well, as I read the book, thanks to discovering Lucy, I do not know if an emerging young scholar who became a star who became a big star will give it at a moment The figure which is concealing but concealing in front of me is visible. But even his hot sun in Africa forgets everything his passion for anthropology, which is deeply felt. And those that solved the history of paleontology in an easy-to-understand manner are also advantages of this book. Blast furnace readers do not need to listen to Lucy's discovery from the discovery of hardships leading to analysis and the process of long research bored with academic tone. Instead, the reader is like a hero of a movie Indiana Jones (as a hero who can not miss any movie) sandwiching a Wooly lady on the side, (also indispensable in the movie You will leave the exciting adventure that you can not afford even in an impending crisis situation that I met a villain in licorice of licorice. To this extent, I would like to buy high points that I dynamically wrote so that academic sentences that can increase harder when I do somewhat can come in easily in my head.



[Book Review] Milestone of a long journey towards the origin of life ~ First Life(David Deamer)

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Milestone of a long journey towards the origin of life

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How about the circumstances of the origin of life? There is no theory yet, there are dozens of hypotheses. The hypothesis test that I am trying to describe is a molding of the early Earth at the time of life origin. All the factual progress made in understanding the beginning of life depends on the template experiment of. (in the Text)

Mr. Friedrich Engels who is a member of Karl Heinrich Marx defines "Life is the existence style of protein" and accomplished a remarkable progress Molecular biologists who made a remarkable progress in the 20th century " Is a system that duplicates itself ". Rudolf Schoenheimer, a physiologist who exiled from Germany to Germany at the time of World War II, defined not as a component formed by life and elements, but as an effect induced by element flow, that is, a flow in dynamic equilibrium . In light of the complexity of life and the difficult-to-understand nature, these definitions reflect only a small part of the many properties of human life's science revealed. Anyway to acquire energy and nutrients from the surrounding environment of protein or membrane-enclosed polymer systems to maintain the sophisticated balance while constantly destroying and rebuilding your growth and reproductive system or yourself How the dynamic equilibrium state is started, that is, the origin of life needs to be revealed, and the definition of life can also be clarified. Next, what can the present science say about the origin of life?

"We do not know the answer yet", "Important but still unanswered questions to find", "No one really knows this is this", "In a situation where there is no persuasive explanation for now "There is no agreed idea yet", "This problem is also a problem that you can not easily find answers", "No one ever found it."

Although it may lead to disappointment, it is the origin of life to cause many scientists to worry about many questions and continuing questions. Currently, human beings understand the laws of physics that can explain the birth and evolution of the universe, the existence and nature of the universe. Furthermore, beyond the solar system, mankind is searching for another area with unknown life forms in the unlikely event through space exploration. Still, humanity could not find a clear answer as to how life on Earth started yet. That does not mean, however, that only quite a lot of books 『First Life: Discovering the Connections between Stars, Cells, and How Life Began』(David Deamer) are complete with only the questions and doubts that could not be solved bored. In the scientific community, this book, which has a bold challenge and stunning achievements of pioneering scholars exploring the origin of life, even though it is a small number, wants to explore the unknown world that finds the origin of life Readers' curiosity Fraud, charging at opportunities to fully satisfy your heart.

When many people dream of success becoming millionaires, they live a lifetime, scientists devote their lives to the treasure "discovery". When many people get pleasure in a few places, scientists enjoy the unlimited pleasure of finding answers by asking questions. This book is pleased with its pleasure and put the fruit of the true will and effort of the scientist who wants to share it with everyone as it is. In addition to the present state of the science of human beings of the origin of everlasting life, confess its limit also purely. By doing so, it is a milestone of a long journey to leave without finding the origin of life, a book like a strong partner.



[book review] There is no limit to the appearance that fascism takes ~ The Anatomy of Fascism(Robert O. Paxton)

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There is no limit to the appearance that fascism takes

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Can fascism still exist? It is true that the first stage fascism can be seen in most democracies. A more serious problem is this. Can the Step 1 level fascism once again reach two stages and take root and gain control of power? (in the Text)

There is no interpretation or definition of fascism that can satisfy everyone!

Robert O. Paxton's 『The Anatomy of Fascism』 thinks that there is no interpretation or definition of fascism that can satisfy all people as much as possible. Less fascism is complicated. Its complexity may be due to the fact that a solid philosophy system is not in place and there is no need to protect the system while sacrificing its life. Since there is no root, there is no need to be bound by a specific philosophy or thought. You can change words and behavior at any time as tactical needs. If mobility peculiar to fascism adds, 'It changes while exercising', it is a philosophy that is rich in variety like chameleon.

Next, what is the fascism defined in this book? Fascism is a form of political behavior characterized by the decline and humiliation of the community, compulsive fear of sacrifice and sense of unity, energy, purity, which counterbalance this, Supporting nationalistic nationalist extremist political parties are inconvenient but effective cooperative relations with the traditional elite, abandoning democratic freedom, exercising violence without any ethical and legal restrictions, It is a form of political behavior pursuing goals of purification and external expansion.

(1) The birth of fascism, (1) the birth of fascism, (2) rooted in the political system, (3) power control, (4) exercise of power, (5) fascism administration choosing either radicalization or normalization Long-lasting duration, which will be a total of 5 stages of exercise Focusing dynamics and photographs taken at every moment of change Take a clear picture of this book, "change while exercising", living fascism with strong dynamics To understand, we present a new perspective to re-light fascism based on the author's belief that it must infer from their actions themselves, not fascists' plausible claims. By doing so, it is to explain the unique charm of fascism, its complex historical route, and fascism's extreme fear more clearly, thereby rescuing the concept of fascism from meaning abuse. In a nutshell this book contains a clear analysis and insight of fascism so that there is absolutely no shortage in the tremendous investigation titled "The final version that ends the fascism controversy" in the header. A wise reader of the blast furnace, if it covers the last chapter of this book, the concept that can make a reasonable definition for my fascism would be a catch. However, although I could not achieve progress to that extent, in key parts of the fascism thoroughly dissected step by step, I put in keywords 'Motility', 'Disorganization idealite' and 'Selectivity' I was able to

'Motility', 'Disorganization idealite' and 'Selectivity'

The liberal representative of the 19th and 20th century, democracy, socialist thought consistently built a logical squire philosophy system by survey compiled by prominent philosophers such as Locke, Marx, Engels. However, the human race of the 20th century caught the crisis of death and fascism was not based on sophisticated philosophy system. Besides that, during the period between World War I and the Second World War, that is, the liberalism, conservatism and communism, which are the three principles of the world order at the time, have been fighting against each other for failure and that order I was broken, I broke through the gap and succeeded.

Politics like World War and Great Depression • Economy • If social tension and crisis are fetal conditions where fascism can be felt, the popular campaign is to allow fascism to twist buds in that condition It is a fertilizer. Popular movement is indispensable in fascism so that any administration can not be a true fascist regime without mass movement. Thus, the power of fascism lies in mass movement. Here, fascism peculiar 'Disorganization idealite' becomes a detonator which strongly promotes mass movement by dropping different classes down one value sense.

Another important thing was not only the fascism movement but also the 'selection' in the process of grasping fruit, that is, controlling power. Except for Germany and Italy, the biggest reason for failure of similar fascism in Spain, Portugal, etc. is the fact that strong conservation or vested interests did not choose fascism. Perhaps they did not feel in the crisis of desperateism that the current crisis 'selection' extreme fascism, but the essential essential prerequisite for the success of fascism is the fascist challenge with the fascist challenge It is a decision maker who is ready to divide power. As its decision-makers can see in the German Nazism regime, lawmakers elected by democratic elections are no exception.

In the 21st century, can fascism stand up again?

The question of 'selection' is whether the human race who experienced the crisis of the 20th century fascism and the catastrophe once again flooded the fascism, realistic concern is also a very important keyword. Paxton (which may sound a bit eerie) says the first stage fascism can be seen in most democracies, including the United States. However, a more serious problem is the possibility that the first stage level of fascism is institutionally established and grabbing power. We have understood well that citizens of liberal nations suffering from terrorism and refugee problems agree with the law which limits their freedom too easily as a solution to this. Whether the initial fascism goes further toward power grabbing or not is partly related to the degree of the seriousness of the state · societal crisis, but most of all people, especially those who held economic, social and political power Looking back on the advice of Paxton who ran into 'selection', abandonment of the 'liberalism system' is a serious danger signal and it may be a road to self-assembly.


[book review] Capitalism has never managed food efficiently until now! ~ Let Them Eat Junk(Robert Albritton)

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Capitalism has never managed food efficiently until now!

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The largest scientific experiment ever?

The other day, the survey result that the blood mercury concentration of Koreans in the news is more than three times more than the United States, 5 times higher than Germany was reported. Although heavy metals such as mercury are mainly absorbed through marine products, silk heavy metals are not the only harmful substances that humans live and are unwilling to eat. Indeed, chemical substances that we absorb mainly in eating and drinking, ramen, sweets, processed foods such as hamburgers and colas are also accumulated in the human body and may become time bombs when they do not know when they will develop an explosion . If you are lucky you will enjoy the rope, but if you do not get along, you can react with other chemicals decades later and suffer from fatal and painful diseases like cancer.

Various chemical substances are used for the taste and shape of processed foods that are readily available in general fast food restaurants and scattered stores in the surroundings, but when such chemical substances are used There are few substances that have been definitely tested as to what effect they will take if taken for a long time. According to the policy director of the Environment Protection Fund, Rick Smith, "We are the guinea pig who participated in the largest, uncontrolled scientific experiment in history".

Absurdity surrounding 'food'

For what purpose did we jump in a fierce competition that is not different from modern slaves? One of the reasons is to live long in health by eating good food. Some of you answer to this answer whether people are so simple, is there anyone who can buy here without eating rice? A meal is the best happiness for a person and it can be an indicator of the status and authority of the person who eats.

So why do we continue to eat bad food for the body with such hard-earned money? Why do we have to leave the most fundamentally essential food to humans rather than consumer's health to a cruel market economy that gives priority to corporate profits? Why do companies adequately fulfill toxicity tests of chemical substances added to foods consumed by consumers? Also, why does the state leave such a situation as it is, even the scientists who do research to contribute to the prosperity of mankind will stand by the company, not the consumer, to defend the tobacco? On the other hand, on the other hand, wherever you go, you can easily obtain various foods, people eat a lot and throw away so much food, they are obese and overweight in food richness To struggle. Meanwhile, WHO estimates that the population of 3 billion people worldwide suffer from starvation and other nutritional imbalances, and every five seconds in the 21st century one of five children under five years will die of starvation How should we believe the fact?

After World War II, food is already enough to cultivate the population of the whole world to capitalize and concentrate chemical fertilizers and agricultural production, but actually the distribution of food is not that fair value. When farmers and workers who produce food are hungry, nutritional imbalances, pesticides that are harmful to various human bodies (use was prohibited in most developed countries, but in poor countries it is used for the benefit of multinational corporations So, who is to blame the reality bothered by illness?

Capitalism has never managed food efficiently until now!

Robert Albritton's 『Let them eat junk: How Capitalism Creates Hunger and Obesity』 describes the irrationality and inconsistency of the agriculture and food supply of the capitalist regime which simultaneously produced hunger and obesity in overflowing food. Now, the limits and problems of capitalism that began to appear gradually will be limited to silk food, but since the most important thing to people is more food than anything else, many of the subjects raised in this book The problem of can not be handed over in spite of itself. Also, do you sell a discount at a supermarket and the eyes will break much affordable food? In other countries, every 5 seconds the child will starve and die, so it really can not be believed. When I pick out such facts, it seems that I was truly blessed that people born in Korea, it was born during the richest period of history. Because this richness is not eternal.

The Albritton claim is definitive about such a problem. He argues that capitalism has never managed food efficiently so far. Along with that, the basic condition of the food system necessary for the prosperity of mankind is produced so as to minimize damage to the ecology of the earth and enhance the health of the environment for future generations It is worthy to be offered to each individual the superior quality and sufficient amount of food produced in this way and that our own identity and the possibilities of life we ​​can eat and drink I will explain the fundamental conditions of the food system as it has its roots. Along with that, capitalism criticizes real problems and their causes without mercy, considering only the interests of the company, rather than the health and benefits of consumers.

In this book, junk foods created by indifference of capitalism are sustainable current food systems collateralized by the future, absurdity of capitalism where the poor become more poor, terrorism where food is a weapon, capitalism Modern people who are addicted to starvation and obesity, sugar and meat, and food additives, agricultural workers are poor, only to the miserable reality, the current food system to destroy the environment, power is more powerful than liberal democracy It can be a factory that revolves and dominates the world we live in, such as a strong company, and it is exposed to sharp criticism about the truth of capitalism. And also short-term and long-term plans to overcome the crisis of the current food system are also explored Albritton as it is. However, looking at his countermeasure, if I dare to say my idea, the doubts and worries over that way, whether realistically it is really possible, is too idealistic is outweighed. Little capitalism is deeply bitten into us, not only there is no end to the desire and desire of a person, but also the desire that does not draw deeply to the potential desire is made and garnished fashion and sell goods Capitalism It will be easy for the meeting to come down from the authority of God.

The interest of the food company is not the consumer's health but the consumer's wallet!

In fact, as anyone knows, the instinct for a company to pursue profits is still the same. And the indecisive attitude of the consumers who follow the enterprise in a way without thinking is also a problem. However, the important problem here is that consumers who do not get enough information are not simply wasting money, but consumption activities that are indispensable for their health.

We work hard to eat better food, earn money, but in the end, we can not escape from the temptation of advertising, convenience, sweet and oily taste addicted to long-term health can hurt the food or fast food Fill three pieces. Food companies, especially those who know that eating habits are not hereditary but are determined by environmental factors when they are young, such as nurturing, market more aggressively to young children. How much do parents know about the food they eat and how they cope appropriately for the health of their family? Although obesity is increasing in Korea, we think that obesity is simply overgrown by eating too much. But in fact, few people know that nutritious hunger can be seen by people who are fattened by junk food. The fact that junk food is high in calories and nutritional value is bad (so the body needs more food to supplement its deficient nutrients, and this vicious cycle eventually leads to obesity) Is it reflecting.

A food company and a tobacco company are totally forcing individuals to pay a huge social cost which may occur due to ingestion of low quality food or smoking, It fulfills their desires. Recently, there are also donations to charities as well as charities to beautify the corporate image, but ultimately, such things are highly intelligent for the enterprise's ultimate corporate interests It's just a strategy. A long time ago, the advertising company in the United States has been studying about the influence of advertisement on the human brain, as it used to use television in the communism brainwashing education in the communist society, Consumers who live in the flood of living will live without thinking anything, it will become a good bait for the company. Many consumers hit their wallets, not zombies to eat human flesh, while becoming capitalistic zombies that consume and accept loans when they are short.

Is capitalism alternative possible?

Historically, capitalism has been overwrapped by universal solutions for communism, experiencing the Cold War era. I believe that capitalism at the time believes that it can solve all the problems of that era and still many people believe it or not, in systems other than capitalism, I have not even thought about it. However, after reading 『Let them eat junk: How Capitalism Creates Hunger and Obesity』, I am convinced that many ripples will occur in such an easy and conservative idea.

In what way, it is clear that communism in which resources are allocated by necessity is theoretically an ideal society. In such a world, everyone can have what they need in the same way, or both, so it is a very fair society. But people will never own enough resources as they need them. This is the point that people differ from other animals. Even if you have money that you can not write up until you die by calling the ship, you continue to eat and drink, continue to board the other people and try to collect property. So even in the future far away, as long as the present human beings have been cleaned cleanly and new human beings are not appearing, the more complete and perfect communist society is impossible as the human beings who have already dyed the joy of reason. Also, it has not been hidden in history already that it is impossible to morally improve people. Communism in the history of mankind will remain only in memories of the distant old pristine communist society where people did not yet know the concept of reason.

People have the shortage and stupidity that people have, noticing quickly the disasters caused by the potential unremitting greedy to everyone God's life, justice, equality and asceticism, a variety of perfection Although it imitated the appearance of the state, even its new was used to satisfy politics and power, desire. This is also incomplete but the capitalist regime is the same.

However, what matters is not just to criticize the problems of capitalism, but to recognize imperfections and inequality of capitalism for the future of our descendants and human beings and to improve It is. Criticism and dissatisfaction of redistribution of wealth has already been raised since the early years of capitalism, and many capitalist countries have been making efforts to improve while increasingly introducing socialist policies against this. It is true that capitalism has also changed, evolved and changed significantly from the initial capitalism at the time of the Industrial Revolution. Nevertheless, the imbalance and inequality of the departed part of capitalism has not disappeared, but rather the gap between rich and poor has been expanded to the issue of the gap between rich and poor among states. The problem of exploitation has also expanded to a global problem between state-to-state, large-scale enterprises and the poor, beyond the regional and personal problems between capitalists and workers. The site of exploitation Marx still witnessed in the 19th century remains as it is, living in developed countries and big companies, people deserving to live a little, still alive around the world, and slaves of children of poor countries The conversion also disappeared.

Cheap food and cheap consumer consciousness pays cost

Everything comes at a cost. As we bought cheap at the supermarket, was there any idea that someone would pay that price? Everyone knows finely that wages and work environments in China, Africa and South American farms, and other developing countries are very poor, but again we are in other countries. Have you forgotten the tragic death of labor agitator Jeon Tae Il yet? Everyone also implicitly agree with the motto of all capitalist and capitalist states, "Apres moi le Deluge!" Originally written by Marx in the 1860's. As in the past Communist revolution, when all these problems can not be resolved unequivocally, it is good to introduce this earth back into the flame of the revolution together with new ideas to replace capitalism. It may be that a revolution will probably come from all the countries that have been exploited, not urban civil revolution as in the past.

If so, you tried imagining once as well. A new world that is new to another system that comes after capitalism and democracy. Just as it was difficult to imagine a society in which the people living under the Joseon Dynasty and the medieval feudal system were released from democracy and identity that capitalism and the king over the vote of the people are liberated, It will not be easy to imagine a new system, after being buried in capitalism and coming to the next world. However, someday the second Marx that brings such a pioneering new revolutionary idea is born in the world. If you have that, what kind of system would you like to say? What is the ideal society you say? What kind of society is the peaceful and happy society you dream about?

For those who like the economy like me, the parts that explain the abstract capitalism of the beginning of this book were hard to understand for those like cows. And it is not a book that pages move lightly overall. While showing each contradictory reality we live, we showed an inconvenient truth that we all forgot, no, I wanted to forget. So you can give discomfort to readers. But if you are a reader who wants to know the truth, you do not expect how uncomfortable or uncomfortable about that part. Although it is not too light but readable content, if you think deeply and understand it and go beyond it, we live in a thorough capitalist society at the center of consumption understand the world more accurately and judge it correctly We have enough knowledge to help. After reading this book, I will seriously accept Albritton's firm assertiveness that "will it be a matter to deposit basic necessities such as food at a fickle market price?"



[book review] The one-time evolution which dominates the world ~ Power, sex, suicide(Nick Lane)

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The one-time evolution which dominates the world

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This is not a strange coexistence story, it is not a story about bioenergy which can be said to be the industrial revolution of life. This story tells us the operating system that governs the evolution of all life forms in complex shapes, not only through the earth, but also through the story of life itself that can be displayed from anywhere in the universe. (in the Text)

'Force' and the etymology of 'Midichlorian'

In the movie 「Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace, 1999)」 Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn and his apprentice Obi-Wan Kenobi serve Queen Padmé Amidala and depart for the Republic. Then when the spaceship breaks down, stop by the Tatooine planet. From there there is a fateful encounter with an antique deal slave juvenile Anakin Skywalker. Qui-Gon, who discovered the disposition of the unusual boy, examines the boy's blood in his mind. At this time, the word 'midichlorian' which is the Force crystal appears. Jedi 's Knight emphasizes the importance of midichlorian saying that without midichlorian life never exists Existence of Force never known. The etymology of this word is exactly Mitochondria.

The importance of mitochondria in the history of the origin and evolution of life is more important than the explanation of the Jedi. Mitochondria, a small generator contained in living cells, produces all the energy needed for the vast majority of Earth life to live. Mitochondria is a diversity of life, everything that affects the overall health and reproductive ability of life, diversity of life, sexual reproduction, energy efficiency, internal heat production, free radica) leakage, Apoptosis, aging, degenerative diseases, various climates And the ability to adapt to the environment. While this book 『Power, Sex, Suicide: Mitochondria and the Meaning of Life』 is a hidden ruler of the world yet, many parts are covered with veil, by keeping track of the secret of mitochondria, why they are manipulating energy and results death as desired, Leave readers with an impressive milestone on how to change their lives and how they will change in the future.

Free radical and antioxidant

Above all, the part that is interested in relation to mitochondria is the relationship between free radical and antioxidant soon. Mitochondria utilize the flow of electrons to generate respiratory chain, this flow runs the proton pump of the cell membrane, making ATP (adenosine triphosphate) which is the energy currency. However, for some reason, for example, when overeating, the supply of electrons takes a break after overdose, so the fluctuation in demand for ATP is eliminated, but at this time, the electrons overflowing the supply are released from the respiratory chain and oxygen Causing free radicals to leak and accidents occur. Once this signal is detected, mitochondria tries to make the oxidase more crease and make the flow of respiratory chain smoother. Nevertheless, if the situation is not calm, we induce an uncoupling phenomenon that separates the flow of ATP production and the flow of electrons and disperses the supply of excessive electrons into thermal energy. So if you eat too much and take a break, you will get fever from your body. However, if free radicals are not decreasing, this time, make the last decision. Mitochondria judged to have problems with the cells themselves, apoptosis that minimizes damage to the host, ie, orders a cell suicide order. This causes the problematic cell to be deleted before necrosis, and the dregs are absorbed by surrounding cells and reused.

Thus, free radicals are mitochondria and signals of changes responsible for the overall physiology of the cell. Unconditional antioxidant removal is not a pest. Nick Lane strongly denies whether the antioxidant is properly applied to a complicated mitochondrial system, but advises that if it is effective it may cause death, the worst situation that the cell does not die . If it dies, the cell survives and does not die, if it replicates, it is a cancer cell that is not the other. If you want to live healthier, it is probably the best choice to eat less steadily than ever being dependent on false advertisements, relying on no false advertisements, so far.

The protagonist of 'Wonderful Life' Mitochondria

Stephen Jay Gould is his famous book, 『Wonderful Life: The Burgess Shale and the Nature of History』, and if the movie of life can be reproduced many times from the beginning, what will I raised doubts as to what will happen. Is it now it repeats as knowledge that mankind grasps? Or is it unfamiliar every time a new world is born? The answer lies in the mitochondria. One evolution that occurred when bacteria dominated the world during the 2 billion years produced the origin of eukaryotic organisms as the starting point for biodiversity, with mitochondria in the center. If there is no mitochondria, the earth is still on a boring planet where only germs are lost. Considering the fact that a long time of 2 billion years has passed until the symbiosis between Archaea and mitochondria is born, the hope of mankind to search the planet which achieved the diversity of the same life as the earth in this universe It is possible to have a drinking watering expectation. However, although the birth of eukaryotic organisms occurs at a rate of once every two billion years, even if it is a very evolutionary evolution, if you count as many stars as 13.8 billion years ages of the universe and seaside sand Clearly, imagining that a planet resembling the Earth or an intellectual life body similar to us is not too big to grab the clouds. Next, another intellectual life somewhere in this universe will reveal the history of life, like us, we are struggling to investigate the secret of mitochondria, or already have revealed all secrets clearly It could solve the aging and gain the key to longevity. Unfortunately, however, the universe separating us from us can not exchange distinctive information that can not be greeted by each other far too much.

After finishing ...

Frankly, science education books are not easy to read. A specialized term and a completely separate formula or chemical formula after graduation rampant, while being embarrassed to the reader, but as a scholar who frequently uses papers rather than experts such as novelist, it seems like a listening academic lecture The obsolete sentence and hard tone tells the taste of especially reading. Nonetheless, looking up scientifically cultivated books steadily, in some cases, you can enjoy the fortune that you can satisfy interesting scientific literary books written by a narrator like this book. And the joy of this fortune will be the driving force to find another scientific culture book. By the way (before I read it) Before reading this book, I encourage you to read 『Oxygen: The molecule that made the world』 that came out before this book.



[book review] Pain and despair that can not be depthed like dreams ~ Dream of Ding Village(Yan Lianke)

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Pain and despair that can not be depthed like dreams

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"Please leave it well, please remember me Ding Hui said that the value you made to Ding Hui did not commit even if you made a mistake I was sorry for everyone I wish for you It is a word that there is nothing unfortunate." (in teh Text)

Exploding the blood, even the soul is exploitation

Actually in 1995 when the demand for blood from hospitals and pharmaceutical companies increased sharply, in Henan Province, the extensive mehyeol movement settled. Farmers in Henan Province, like Ding village people appearing in "Dream of Ding Village(丁庄夢)", earn 200 yuan per year of living expenses, they were just barely selling blood once for 20 yuan As I received it, everyone who had blood flowed only had to come out. It is a pity that it can not sell bloods such as dogs, cats, pigs, cows, and chickens that are scattered all over the place. And as the man-made disaster mostly brought buds with irresponsible greed and arrogance and laziness irresponsibly, the process of selling the remaining blood as much as possible by earning money was obviously unsanitary. To the wealth in front of my eyes, for the people, I did not even see the AIDS that I've never heard of even closely into the people's blood vessels. As a result, AIDS was once again trampled on by the dreams of the miserable life of the people.

Ding village "My" father Ding Hui appears in the mehyeol header. Was the communist spirit that transparency such that it is not necessary to share everything? Ding Hui puts AIDS by using a syringe which has not been disinfected. People in the village who realized the error of Ding Hui one step behind because of the characteristic of AIDS that has a very long incubation period. Ding Hui, who is a party, is not a finger ground, while someone of them reprimandes and surrounds Ding Hui's livestock and sons' and 'poisoning', and it is not a fingering ground.In front of his face, he can not say honey Is Ding Hui rich and executives?

In violation of the Ding Hui provision, he is the one who built the only three-tier house. He sells blood excessively, there is no blood on his face, beadslin forward and backward walkers who can not step by step, exceeding the prescribed amount, but unless they say unwillingly without blood I cited it. In addition to this, the government embeffled casket which the government distributed for free to those who died of AIDS, and gained money to AIDS patients and family members of AIDS patients and sold it. People die to extinction This time I could not get married but tied with a pair of men and women who died and I got the cost of dating. Ding Hui says all things are good. He makes a lot of good things, he gets huge rich. The bunches of cash that some of them do not understand to some extent are stacked like a mountain so that they can not do anything in the luxurious luxury at the Uli rihan mansion. Communism is criticism that capitalism exploits the labor force of the people, they exploit the blood of the people, exploit casket, even exploit the soul.

Not resigned, but the lives of the people

Nonetheless, the people will heal themselves by forgetting pain and pain wounds rather than positively appealing and angrating the people. They live all day long perfectly keeping all their suffering and hardships like oblivion altogether. Life of poverty and hunger, sorrow and despair, suffering and humiliation suffering pain, the severe life that is unlikely to change absolutely before life is soft, smooth like grassroots, what is in front of their power Can you do it? If there is something they can do, you can look back and it will not be long before forgetting the past. I do not think about the future without hope at all. Wounds and anger that are not fruitful are like to appease their own care. For that reason, at that time, in reality it will live while taking the best ones. In the presence of power, it pretends to adapt. So Ding Hui puts it in front of power and has not invoked opposition, and in the best way you can take that time then (even if it is cowardly and immoral) you gain reality benefits. People in Ding village are not compliant as they do not give up. Ding village people 's reality oriented Yu Ding Hui' s son Din Liang ('My's' uncle) and is dramatically expressed through Linlin' s adultery. They took AIDS at the age of flowers. For that reason, each wife and husband received a cold treatment, lonely living, and thus "AIDS couple" that is tied up. The adultery brings lively noises and interests to the village for a while, but as soon as people in the village admit the relationship between the two. Some people also leave words of heartfelt warm encouragement. They look down on the past developed by heat and fall into depression, or not harass AIDS. I will die soon, I will not even think of the future, I will live and pour the current breath stability. These lovely love and beautifully lonesome endings are small stories of feelings and novels hidden in the work. And it is the exposed exposure of the people 's practical affirmative treatment techniques.

Tell the truth as a dream and expose the truth as fiction

This work is prohibited in China. Because it revealed the country's shame and the tragedy of the people. However, speakers are surprisingly dead. Like dreaming, Just as souls who have died in peril, The dead are talking. That's why Yan Lianke 's "Dream of Ding Village" is a work that is fictitious and truthful, hiding the facts in a dream' s tale, twosing the facts, and putting both feet on fantasy and reality. So rather than call this work "Fantastic Realism". Because it tells the truth as a dream and exposes the truth as fiction.

This work is a fantastic and dreamy story told by the dead to the living. This work is filled with suffering, despair and resignation. This work is pretending to be true, sometimes pretending to wander in my dreams, and making fun of my mouth. But it is a story of scoffing at the facts and figuring out the lies. Thus, readers who open their books without any measures will be spread to their vague sufferings, their grieving sorrows, and their desperate despair and lonely resignation, as the people of Ding Village sell blood and suffer from AIDS. Therefore, the reader is forced to suffer a fever like Ding Village people. The story is wrapped in a vague but beautiful and fascinating packaging of dreams. The grievous wounds of pain and despair are somewhat blurred, as if translucent grease paper was attached. But because it is a dream, the depth of suffering and despair is unknown.



[Book Review] The purity friendship that came out through crimping of 'decoration' and 'authority' ~ English(Wang Gang)

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The purity friendship that came out through crimping of 'decoration' and 'authority'

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I sprinkled perfumes on my body using my attention like Second Prize Wang. Also, I had supplementary lessons for lovely female students, I thought that it was my greatest enjoyment to sing pop songs to female students who can study. However, I was different from Second Prize Wang in that he was not afraid of other people's controversy. I publicly declared that I like smart girls students. (in the Text)

An English teacher in Shanghai who came to the outback

Urumqi meaning "beautiful ranch" in Mongolia. There is a summer not coming until the beginning of June, the desolated wide, and the people who live in the Great Wall are imagining that there will be no bus. Suddenly, an English lesson began at a school there, like a blind spot of such civilization. The teacher is Second Prize Wang, a man with a shining smile that removes it to a majestic figure emanating a young sophisticated, pleasant scent of smell coming from Shanghai. He liked to give supplements to girls as he was a vigorous young man, and most of the intellectuals in China got an English lesson in a different way than it was unrequited love of his country I missed Uyghur sensei Ahjitai who was kicked out of school. Because he is not a materialist, he believed in God godly.

People, the English teacher whispered that the idiosyncratic thought is impure. Also, people did not like him who saw an important political life than life. But the boy Love Liu liked English. Love Liu also liked the teacher who teaches English and wanted to be a real friend of the teacher. However, parents of Love Liu, a sophisticated knowledge molecule trying to become a red engineer who graduated from the prestigious Tsinghua University, were dissatisfied with the fact that one son and his son were close to spending time with an English teacher. When my son got somewhat mistakenly watering the decadent life of petit bourgeois, not only my son, but also my political life ended up sometime. What kind of time is it now? The whirlwind caused by the Cultural Revolution still stirs the flesh and spirit of people. Whether all the social capabilities of monitoring and pushing to find recoil molecules such as anti-right wing, reactive technology authority, revisionism, runner wave, etc. are times of concentration crisis, danger, suffering.

Love Liu is curious as soon as it is early, so he does peek secretly or hesitate to steal everyday. Love Liu also knows that the smell of urine with the body of a mature woman wrapped in beautiful leaves and the smell of rainbow saloman drifts me to distinguish me from being a pure girl. Parents of Love Liu were neither elegant nor adult, nor educated, as others thought. Rather, they were selfish parents, rejoicing as if they enjoy the party to the unhappiness of others. Still Love Liu barely keeps going out with English teacher, while being cut to be cut off by parents' sexual intercourse attack.

A new world I saw through my English teacher

Love Liu Seokwooun in parents discovers 'infinitely beautiful something huge' that was not seen until now through English teacher Second Prize Wang. There is only one English dictionary in Urumqi as if all knowledge and thought of the world is included. A subtle scent of perfume and clean and tidy clothes. The appearance of a real educator drifting in an elegant and warm attitude. Such a trim is not equipped, there is a pure passion that enthusiastically disgusts one woman in the appearance of an English teacher, and a pure passion that steals a nakedness of a woman who loves stealing as well as before a great opportunity . The English teacher acts with a decent intellectual for the attention of others other than the other adults that Love Liu experienced so far, and turns into a monster at home and parents and father secretly with the principal and cheating mother, cheating mother, authority The appearance of adults of ornaments such as board chief who tried to destroy young women by using it was Jeonji Chai. So so? Everything and behavior of English teachers symbolized civilization and progress in Love Liu. Love Liu, who lived with the civilization and discontinued, for the first time seeing it in the world, thanks to the English teacher and English teacher, who grew up drinking the tears of transparent yet cloudy emotions and knowledge that the English teacher had flowed. I will have new eyes. Love Liu discovers "something infinitely beautiful but huge" in the newly obtained world of eyes. Meanwhile, adults who do not understand this is a dull sensation of single-cell norovirus, disappointment with lazy and irresponsible parents attitude that the son will remain like an innocent child forever, authoritative and decorative, I feel aversion to the selfish adult world.

Throw political life for friendship Love Liu

This is Love Liu has no choice but to collide with the world of adults every time. But since Love Liu is still young, he has no power to compete. At best, what he can do is to do a silence demonstration or to stay away for a while. Because I come too, I tend to be starved if I leave the village I can not escape away from home even if I run out of the house. Love Liu was ironically sorry in a bad way, in many cases, but with a keen mind, there was no courage to tell the truth even when an innocent person was bared out for what he had done.

But Love Liu grows into a serious young man of a mischievous boy after having a real friendship with an English teacher. Love Liu knows that she willingly abandon her life for the favorite woman at the moment of desperate and for the sake of an English teacher who was stamped as a rebound molecule for himself and became a prison life for himself I am willing to sacrifice. When an English teacher stood on the stage of a criticizing tournament and the packed crowd was critically wrapped up in the development of a disguised condemnation, Love Liu is a manuscript written criticism of English teacher 's bourgeois life stubbornly I will throw it away in the air. Love Liu who can finish a more important political life than life Is an innocent behavior a true courage to spring up from the soul? Or was it caused by confusion and delusion?

While tying

The novel 'English(英格力士)' is backed by the Cultural Revolution, but because Urumqi is coming and the independent conflict continues in a region where the conflict is constant, the revolutionary enthusiasm is not felt so hot. So unlike general scar literature which accuses dark painful appearance of the Cultural Revolution dreadfully, it is a work that can be seen lightly with a little margin. It is a growing novel that depicts a confrontation between the world of a boy who admires something beautiful and giant and the authoritative world of an adult who lost purity and Love Liu who has no room knows the English teacher Second Prize Wang The friendship of the two pure solid which the long flowing flower that bloomed inner flower bloomed and the adversity could not be apart from the adversity is the setting sunset Edge Uji is a beautiful work like the snow peak of Tian Shan.

Love Liu who grew up losing most of the English words, just recounting 'love' and 'hate' unforgettable. If it is complicated, change mutually wandering, and it is not understood what time, when it is to understand human life, if it expresses it with two words, there will be no word suitable for 'love' and 'hate' exactly. The two words often speak our feelings as we often used in our daily lives. To grow people and live their life is to share intimate relationship between themselves, others, and the world while being saddened with laughing and crying "love" and "hate" themselves, others, and the world Insight is condensed into two words for living.



[Book Reveiw] The daily life in 'terrorism' and the desire for 'order' ~ Inside Nazi Germany(Detlev J. K. Peukert)

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The daily life in 'terrorism' and the desire for 'order'

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We are, by experience the history of fashion, but is easy to say, it is possible to obtain the difficult lessons to practice. Reverence of life, joy to their different opinions and diversity, stranger to respect, tolerance to that confusion, feasibility and hope of the meeting of the apocalyptic overall new order, social utility such as other openness and learning ability to raise the issue in its own norms for is it. (in the Text)

'Daily life' as an experience of 'small people'

In the recording film or photograph that depicts Hitler speaking in front of the masses, you can see the crowd enthusiastically enthralled as it shines while keeping the spirit that came with the whole body in Hitler's inflammatory speech. Some just together in an excitement atmosphere, because of some fun and curiosity, some others may pretend to be reluctantly enthralled so much overwhelming atmosphere, but many of them It is a fact that I believed and supported Hitler and Nazi, whether it is positive or passive. As it was, the last train of Auschwitz was able to depart exactly.

Fascism explaining Nazism and totalitarian theory say that the masses were not able to resist correctly because the mechanism of suppression of the Nazis state, such as violence, terrorism, surveillance, worked. They ignore the experience of people who are made like ordinary historians, the 'small people'. Both of theories will not substitute by research that focused on everyday life in the cycle, conveying a partial insight of the legitimate Nazism as it is. However, research on everyday life can not be replaced by the previous two theories. The first is to see the whole forest and the other to complement the departments that are sarpims of the trees that are mutually insufficient. The attempts of Nazism multilateral research can be divided into various understandings Provide a perspective that can gain deep insight.

Violence as a result of contemporary attempts to produce order

『Inside Nazi Germany (Volksgenossen und Gemeinschaftsfremde: Anpassung, Ausmerze und Aufbegehren unter dem Nationalsozialismus by Detlev Peukert)』 is, in the third mechanism is partial of the empire of oppression, but was operating normally, non of the 'small people' It shows that it could not control everything up to the governmental private part. Complaints • Frequent complaints were reported to local Nazis organizations and reported to Social Democratic Party leaders who exiled abroad by moles. However, their complaints - dissatisfaction did not lead to aggressive resistance, such as attempting to overthrow the regime or conducting demonstrations. It is co-located with the tacit consent of the system it is passive if their criticism is aggressive, the consent top of the life nor the other, that is, because had been built on top of the basic desire employment and order is there. In the memories of many elderly people, the Third Reich is frequently remembered in two achievements. Point can be placed upright in front of the door without entering a lock of the bicycle at the time, and long hair and the gang thing is that it was taken to the Imperial Labor Corps (Korean elderly Park Chung-hee era and Chun Doo-hwan is a surface, such as similar to that to miss the 'Samcheong-dong Training Center' of the regime). The Nazis, by long-term accommodated in the camp of the so-called professional criminal and anti-social gypsy and habitual gay, it was possible to obtain a wide range of support from the people. People who criticized the Nazi to torture and hold confidential holdings of the Nazis also supported the same. These day-to-day life is testament to the fact that the national cry for order was contained actively or passively consent of terror from above.

Harald Welzer is his book 『Climate Wars』, ethnic cleansing and ethnic elimination are not escape phenomena from modern alleys. It was generated as a social possibility, itself, which the development of contemporary society may cause. And as a result of contemporary attempts to produce order, explain that modern attempts to solve the social problem people felt sensibly had resulted. Next, the agreement of the Nazi regime, as often mentioned, is not from the fear of terrorism being forced by the Nazis, but as long as terrorism is aiming for 'The enemy of the community', so called Detlev Peukert's interpretation that it should be evaluated that it was attributed emotionally to this German citizen who contributed to the rebuilding of "order" is also a point.

The national consensus of ‘small people’ and ‘ruling power’

Studies on everyday life in the Nazi era explain what was difficult to explain theoretically clearly in the theory of fascism and totalitarian which analyzes the control system, the control group, the mechanism of repression. In other words, it will provide a passage that will allow you to more clearly understand how Auschwitz and Fashion's terrorism is possible, and why it was endured and partially supported. This provides a large clue where you can recognize where the support of the system comes from and what kind of everyday attitudes and expectations followed the plausible success of the "president" cheering. In a word 『Inside Nazi Germany』 makes possible a broader understanding and insight of Nazism.

Looking at various counter-terrorism policies proposed in Western society since 911 terrorism, it is modernized and citizens willingly willing to liberty to win the freedom won the hardship efforts and sacrifice for order and stability Can do. The reason why the Samcheong-dong Training Center could be sought under the Chun Doo-hwan administration was also possible because the citizens actively wished for order - passive agreement had been made. The Chun Doo-hwan administration justified their violence in the name of 'maintaining order' while cruelly suppressing the Gwangju Democratization Movement. Although the understanding and desire between 'small people' and ruling power' about the meaning and purpose included in the order and the means to acquire it act as contradiction to each other, the order can not be overlooked in modern society It is an important issue. 'Small people' support the government that maintains order for a stable life, the government must maintain order to maintain vested interests. When the Holocaust is 'small people' and the dominance system derives one agreed target of 'maintaining order', as the result of 'maintaining order' was greatly promoted by combining with racism It was just one of many possibilities that could be.



[book review] Language alchemist Selma Lagerlof ~ The Saga of Gosta Berling

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Language alchemist Selma Lagerlof

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Life is painful, nature is ruthless. However, I will give you the pleasure and courage as a consideration for both severities. Otherwise, he could endure both. (in teh Text)

A sweet story like a dream

Beautiful nature surrounded by long, long lakes, abundant plains, and blue mountains. Gosta Berling, a pastor who devoted himself to the stage of nature, and Ekebiya Knights of Nolan dealt with the story of a pleasant life. This work tells the life of reality, such as humanity, nature, good and evil confrontation, which are bored and repeated history to mankind. In addition to that, there is a fantastic story waiting for the reader to be created by the tired and witty storytellers who are tired of the difficult situation such as demons, witches, fairies and curses. It is sweet stories like honey. The reality is neither extremely good nor extremely bad. In reality, however, there is only a struggling life of people who are selfish and impractical, but who are also good. The combination of the merry tragedy and the miserable comedy that they produce shows the joy of life as a seven-color rainbow. It is fantastic to be realistic and realistic. It is a place where life is a fantasy and fantasy is our geek pastor Gosta Berling. This work is the only secret guide to guide you there.

Pleasure of 'Reading Text'

Ivan Alekseevich Bunin's 『The Life of Arseniev 』 It's been a long time since I met a wonderfully beautiful, fantastic and pleasant sentence that hits the soul's heart like this. Those who came to see the people who received the first Nobel Prize for literature in Russia, the other one in Sweden and the first female artist to receive the Nobel Prize for literature. Both of them are worthy of their reputation, and they show a staggering brush to make the readers shine more and more naturally, shining further the honor of the Nobel Prize for literature. In one word, the writing power of two people is the most perfect beauty of the many achievements that can be drawn with a myriad of word combinations.

The pleasures that can be gained by the novel are not just stories. Touch gives impression aura which the writer's unique writing power blows out is also important. If there is not such aura it means that there is no pleasures of 'Reading Text'. A novel that can not offer the pleasures of 'Reading Text' represents his limitations, and he abandoned the possibilities and artistic nature of his own literature. Lagerlof is a language alchemist who combines the alphabets that everyone uses and transforms them into fantastic sentences so that alchemists convert simple stones into precious gold and precious gold. Finally, realizing the beauty and splendor of nature does not require special knowledge or understanding, even if you feel the beauty of a sentence, you do not need special skills or high reading comprehension. However, as evil people understand the beauty of nature, people who can not reproductive susceptibility can not feel the wonder of literature. If you feel like a life-threatening with a withered susceptibility like a fallen leaf, I would like the work to get rain of moist and graceful with dry sensibility.



[Book Review] Will it be remembered as the worst generation in human history? ~ Requiem for a Species(Clive Hamilton)

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Will it be remembered as the worst generation in human history?

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Despite the fact that the evidence that the earth is changing more and more difficult to live flows over and over, it is a matter of thinking whether to contrast its seriousness with economic value itself is nonsense. (in the Text)

Climate disaster already started?

In May 2013, atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration exceeded 400ppm for the first time in three million years. The steadily increasing CO2 concentration is approaching 450ppm, the last line that scientists have calculated to be able to handle climate disasters. If this trend continues, it will be around 2050 when the climate equilibrium breaks. Also, as undeniable evidence of global warming and, as expected, 2016 was the warmest year in global temperature observations. Not to exceed the scientist's last hope of 450ppm would be possible only when all countries around the world are now enforcing a coercive and compulsory climate change policy. Many scientists already confess that the last time mankind can prevent climate disasters has been missed. Some of them mention signs of turning points that generate global warming phenomena and positive feedback effects, sometimes say that climate disasters have already started. African Sudan suffering from civil disturbances such as desertification, water shortage, refugees, etc. is a representative example which is a present progressive form of climate disaster and the climate war. Second, the change in climate change creation is irreversible for a minimum of a few thousand years, humanity must endure a long generation from the hell produced by the arrogance of science. Says 『Requiem for a Species: Why We Resist the Truth about Climate Change』 author Clive Hamilton. Even if the world is prepared, climate change is an unstoppable flow of time, and the canary, now a landmark of global warming, is dead and it is time for everyone to leave the coal mine. He asserts that climate change is not one of the many variables to come in the future, but an inevitable fact (because canaries are very sensitive to cloudy air, so past miners were an important means of measuring air toxicity in mines)

Reason why the golden generation of science and technology ignores scientists' warnings

It is really desperate. None of the books I've read before have ever portrayed the future as a gloomy and desperate hell with no hope of a future. As many reports support his argument, the compass of science goes beyond the scale of 'climate change' to 'climate catastrophe'. Nevertheless, many people are blindfolded. Nevertheless, many people are blindfolded and ignore the truth. For generations who realize the achievements of dazzling science in the past than in any generation and enjoy the benefits of science and technology, why we never wonder why we are ignoring the warnings of that many scientists.

In response to this question, Hamilton sends a final warning to mankind through a clear, terrible and depressing analysis. It explains human instinctual and psychological problems clearly and clearly, such as the psychological tendency of mankind falling into a tragedy, the tendency to avoid facts, excessive arrogance and optimism, selfish greed, loss of motivation due to desperation. On the other hand, it is evident that civilization, which is now proud of humanity, such as materialism which has won in the confrontation with naturalism, obsession with growth, consumerism, democracy decadence not only caused climate change but also failed in proper preparation. And the cold-hearted argument that the radical and radical change in the current civilization system can only reduce the damage of climate change makes us depressed.

Will we be remembered in the worst generation in human history?

Cowardly action to ignore the truth, with optimistic hope in front of the evidence of climate change, is only a stumbling block to climate change. Mankind is being pushed by a dead end cliff. It may already be falling down a cliff. However, the depths of the cliffs are too deep, they are not comprehended by the persistent obstruction of climate skepticism and the indifference of humanity and ignorance, easy, foolishness alone and do not understand the risks so far. The ultimate goal of all living beings on earth is survival. Evolution and adaptation are also just one of many means of survival, as well as human civilization. However, we often confuse means and purpose. Sometimes they are overly immersed and the means are transformed into goals.

Now, mankind must make a choice of destiny at the crossroads of civilization and survival. It is a trivial question that there is no room to think if you look at it, but it is a fact that hesitated for a long time, and human beings are hesitant even now. Even if civilization degenerates, we do not lose everything human beings have, but it is also a fact that there are many difficulties and inconveniences. However, the current climate disaster is be moth-eaten little by little the human civilization and Earth's ecosystem. If mankind abandons it without doing anything, the present mankind will not escape the condemnation of history, and will be remembered as the worst generation in human history.



[Book Review] Trying to comfort the great sadness of humanity with laughter ~ The Nazi and the Barber(Edgar Hilsenrath)

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Trying to comfort the great sadness of humanity with laughter

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Everything I say is true. It is the truth without a lie. They laugh and live well and laugh at God and the world. Also, the concept of justice is mocking itself! (in the Text)

The Jews 'Itzig Finkelstein'? Or the mass murderer 'Max Schulz'

Max Schulz, although he inherited the pure Aryan lineage, a frog eyeball, a dent in his thick lips like a sausage, and not a Jew, but a Jewish person, like a blonde with blue eyes, a sharp nose, a delicately curved lips Max Schulz contrasts with a Jewish friend Itzig Finkelstein who was born on the same day with a tooth. Max Schulz, who seems to be Jewish but never Jewish, loses his chastity in the longest and strongest cock in the street in his first seven weeks of birth, and has been baptized by his cocksucker. Max Schulz, who has inherited a stupid head even though he is a clear Arian, but has become a good barber who has tried to follow his friend.

Max Schulz was touched by Hitler's speech, following the tide of the times, becoming the henchman of the SS, and doing just what he was supposed to do, becoming a genocide. On a cold winter's day when he was out of the war and returning home from the Polish forests, unlike his colleagues, he did not get his head cut off from the Polish partizan, In addition, his penis is not cut off, and he gets a lot of Jewish gold in spoils, and he comes back to Germany to become a black market merchant. After the war was over, his name was published in a newspaper as a mass murderer, and he was wanted and in danger, he carved his Auschwitz number on his wrist and borrowed the name of his friend Itzig Finkelstein who died at the camp, Max Schulz, or Itzig Finkelstein becomes a Jewish master in Jewish history than any Jew. He left Germany after a losing battle, he became a pioneer, he became a liberation fighter, he settled in Palestine, and then he married Max Schulz or Itzig Finkelstein as a model and honest barber.

Not as welcome as in Germany

Edgar Hilsenrath's 『The Nazi and the Barber』 is a book that sells one million copies in the United States, Italy, France, and the United Kingdom. At the time of publication, the national trauma left by the Holocaust, the greatest tragedy of human history in the mid 70s, was still shaded in Germany, and the perpetrators, like the hero of the work, lived well as though they had trampled on six million lives. Not only that, but most of them, like Itzig Finkelstein or the mass murderer Max Schulz, suffered from guilt, or had a crush on their conscience,

In other words, most mass murderers, like Max Schulz, did not receive any trial, social sanctions, or boast or criticism. So they lived their lives in a mixture of German people who are under the guilt of conscience (although the German people are not direct assailants), and the 『The Nazi and the Barber』 It is also quite uncomfortable for readers. In addition, this book further makes Max Schulz, a genocidal murderer, more Jewish than Jewish. It is then transformed into a heroic Jews helped pull the nation of Israel, not ordinary Jews.

The book satirizes Germany, where mass slaughterers such as Max Schulz have allowed them to operate in Germany. On the other hand, it mocked the Jewish society which set up such mass murderer as the Israel foundation nation hero. Holocaust is a serious and serious material. However, the 『The Nazi and the Barber』 is a cynical, yet humorous way of singing the Holocaust. As a result, it is chemically transformed into some kind of comic material. It would not have been so nice to publish this book, which seemed to represent the perpetrators of the perpetrators in Germany at the time the perpetrators were still playing a part in society.

Did Max Schulz really think he was innocent?

Although Max Schulz acknowledges her sins, she escapes that she merely swayed violence based on orders, on the other hand. He is not obstinate of his wrongs and he does not feel any punishment or guilt of conscience at all. He forced a trial like Trotsky (In April 1937, Stalin prosecuted Trotsky for simulating the overthrow of the Soviet regime: in exile in Mexico, Trotsky tried a mock trial and was acquitted) by himself and declared himself innocent after repeated arguments over argument. Does Max Schulz really think he's innocent? Or did he worry that he might fall into guilt and want to be comforted by denying his sins? The changes in the social and physical environment are not absolutely perceived, but I think of the effect of 'Shifting base-lines', which is always perceived only relative to the observer's position. People do not feel guilty at the end as they kill Paris or Mosquito. Hitler's and Nazi's persistent propaganda and instigation made it possible to deviate by manipulating the perpetrators' values. The Nazi systematic and divisional massacre has simplified slaughter to repetitive, simple labor as if it were produced in factories. This has removed the guilt of the perpetrators. This is similar to that of Yukichi Fukuzawa, who provided the ideological basis for the Nanjing massacre that occurred later by instigating Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean, etc. as animal beasts less than dogs and pigs. So I think Max Schulz really thought he was innocent.

At the end

The atmosphere of the book deals with the horrifying Holocaust, but the contents of the book are neither heavy nor creepy. There is no criticism or criticism against the perpetrators. There is no repentance. No one suffers from guilt and is not angry. A dead person is a person who can not come back alive in any way. So living people should live happily. If this is not possible, at least it seems that the book should protest that it should be taken away from the bondage of the past and live like a human being. even if you plant 6 million trees for a dead person, or track and avenge the perpetrators, ironically, it's for those who live. Even a hundred times such a thing can not comfort the souls of the victims. The dead man slept forever without knowing anything. For those who died without any fault, a living person can not do anything. That is the great sorrow of mankind that can not be healed forever. In this regard, this book tries to appease with laughter.




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