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레이블이 Biographies & Memoirs인 게시물을 표시합니다. 모든 게시물 표시

2017. 7. 30.

[Book Review] Poverty that can never be a 'romanticized monster' ~ Daughter of the River(Hong Ying)

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Poverty that can never be a 'romanticized monster'

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Hunger was my baby. While our mother and daughter was alive, starvation left a vivid branding on my mind. (in the Text)

I have no big meaning, I will classify authors from China largely as overseas resident writers, domestic resident writers in two categories. The reference point of the classification is the attitude of the system writer. Although I do not know whether the leap of logical which judged the whole partly, I am aware that many of the Chinese writers I met through books reside outside the country and the adaptation to the system Writers who criticize with the Chinese government and the lines accepted by the Communist Party live in China. Even though I hear it in a loud voice in a liberal democratic country where freedom of speech is heard, it is a very personal story limited to the few Chinese authors I touched, but only the collective guidance system of the Communist Party It is not totally unreasonable logic in China that does not allow the full freedom of the press to the stubborn belief that it can lead prosperity.

Hong Ying, when I visited Korea over 10 years ago, "<Daughter of the River(飢餓的女兒)> is 100% autobiographically my own experience and my elderly Chinese women's living It is also a work that depicts the trajectory of the living beings.It can change my destiny by overcoming it in spite of life in the end, can also change the flow of the times and the progress of history, and I wanted to say through the novel that we can improve people's lives and develop democracy. " She secretly says that even though she has British nationality but still thinking in Chinese, speaking in Chinese, the interests and love of the Chinese people do not change, the Chinese democratic wind Respectively. She was born in China and even finished up to university in China, who got British citizenship is still Chinese and still loves the Chinese people. Still, she lives in the UK, for personal reasons more, but based on the classification criteria of my Chinese origin writer explained earlier, some kind of conflict between the Chinese government and her I wonder whether there is indirect exposure proof that it exists.

『Daughter of the River』, the main character RyuRyu relentlessly digs down the secret of his birth as a result of his 18th birthday. In the process it is exposed to tragic and destructive families that exposes the way the domineering of the Communist Party's socialist pretext was trampled on the people's flesh and toppled the toughness. It is an autobiographical novel based on the experience of the author. 'Great famine' which was the worst disaster that is difficult to compile the exact number of starvests is a human disaster that was actually induced by compliments of the Communist Party executives and how hungry people die At the most, the country's grain warehouse is always full, I have never heard that executives were hungry and dead in the age of starvation. And no one was responsible for this. Also, in China, which publicly insists that workers are holding power, the people are too helpless and the privileged layer with vested interests tries hardest to try to maintain their own power and interests They exercised luxury while monopolizing everything. However, the people only wanted to have another feces pit in the public toilet. Through this, the people lived in an era of disaster where there was nothing to expect from hunger and ruthlessness. I had no idea where I would have obtained the meat that was in the dumplings during the 'Great famine', a time when it was difficult to obtain grass roots. However, I have to eat without expressing my intention, I have completely collapsed. Their bodies were brutally trampled by hard work and brutal exploitation that exceeded imagination. Thirty years after the revolution, the people lived in a harsh environment in which basic physiological needs were still difficult to solve, and they were hungry and hungry. This harsh and hard environment has made their survival instincts hard, and it has made it impossible for humans to have the minimum of shame and face. The once sober people became gruesome and boldly bug-like worms like cockroaches.

Hong Ying is through a life that was devastation of RyuRyu hungry to sex hungry for love hungry for bread, exposed stark to the miserable life of the people at that time. He expresses his cool affection and his terrible interest in the people by inquiring carefully about his responsibilities. RyuRyu's confession echoes in the reader' s mind so weakly but weakly as to shake out the intestines and fragile heart rather than hungry. It is inconvenient for those who are sitting in a warm room and striking a full stomach to read the work. Even in literature, without doubting the truthfulness that it has, it is not so much to witness such unpleasant poverty that such a nausea comes out. The sentence of Hong Ying depicts the tragic situation depressingly shivering. Her cold sentences can hardly be said as a people trained in poverty and trials, and the subsequent highlands are as ruthless as if they had cooled her blood cool and forever. It is casually like to talk to a person who does not care at all about another world as if. That's right She completed this sentence which continued a sentence of sentences. Sometimes it is a sentence full of leeway enough to put a little wit. Hong Ying says that the lives of poor commoners in China can never become romanticized monsters. This is a criticism of some Chinese writers, a whisker to quench yourself. It is also a harsh need of the Chinese people whose poverty and oppression have chronically consolidated and became lethargic in the theory of fate.


2017. 4. 4.

[Book Review] A good way to understand yourself, 'walk' ~ Planetwalker(John Francis)

A good way to understand yourself, 'walk'

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Thomas Merton says, "Pilgrims traveling in space are inner symbolic acts of exposure on the surface and inner travel is the process of knowing the inner surface based on the meaning and signal found in the external pilgrimage. I do it even while I do it, but it is best to try both. (in the text)

This book is a biography of a pilgrim. It is also a history book of travelers, a history of environmentalists themselves who are called "people who practice environmentalism" themselves. He saw a single responsibility as an individual after witnessing the site of environmental pollution and ecological destruction caused by the oil spill accident in San Francisco Bay in 1971. He realized that a person eccentric from a human-centric point of view that it controls ecosystems is part of an ecosystem like other lives, he practiced "environment for me" himself himself We refused the means of transportation and refused the means of transportation, lifted the US land on a 7 - year walking trip, and kept silent oath for 17 years.

Some ridiculed that individuals could change the world of silence without walking, without using power transportation methods, and others agreed to reluctantly reluctantly act with his eyesore tone. Regardless of the outcome, some people sympathize with his efforts and intentions, others are surprised at his willful willingness to abandon the material rich and comfortable life, participate in his actions Some people missed it. But most think that he is a crazy person like his parents, and for such people, the United States is a place where too many different races, various people live such a different one another There was no special thing if there was.

Unlike many people's expectations and expectations, his practice began with a small hope of changing myself rather than starting with a distant aspiration trying to change the world. His pilgrimage and oath of silence, which began with a simple faith that I can change myself as a person around me also can change in the process of trying to understand me has truly changed a lot of people. Thanks to the power of change, he was able to acquire diverse degrees even in the morning to keep silence and walking oath, and also carried out his duties more than a year from government agencies. If you walk without saying, people who move only bicycles listen to lessons in the same classroom or alumni or associates working in the same office, you can easily guess how he looked like a nerd . So it is hard to believe the tracks he left behind and the accomplishments he accomplished.

Some people who met during silence and walking pilgrims suddenly had an extreme person sticking a muzzle on his head suddenly put a 1 dollar bill instead of water into the water bottle that gave the neck to get water on holiday There was a kind grandma who will give us. Some of the people who stayed overnight before becoming famous and were giving him overnight stayed seriously trying to understand gesture gestures of his hands. A lot of people sympathized with the reason why he left silence and walking pilgrims, and he carefully minded himself because of his ordeals. The unremitting effort and strong will to change himself has spread little by little like the plague to the people he meets and it is an opportunity for retrospective and reflections to think seriously about the relationship between nature and human beings It was.

Although the world obviously changes, we have often seen when the seeds of that change are surprisingly started from such a person. Let's hope that his wishful desire to protect the earth will fly like a dandelion seeds on a warm monsoon across the Pacific Ocean, spread evenly on this small peninsula and warm our heart .

Finally, he says that walking is the best way to understand ourselves. Actually walking around a quiet place such as a park, you can feel late as all walks of life like the rhythm of the surroundings and biological rhythm walks. Meanwhile, on the inside, a variety of thoughts that have been chased by the usual busy everyday and can not be drawn out suddenly rise up Sam Sodut, and the conversation of silence that has also deviated seriously and deviantly with himself begins. A base on which the inner surface can be ripened is prepared.

Peace Pilgrim who walked six times walking across the continent for 28 years, as a story that Peace Pilgrim could not get another peace without inner peace, the dialogue with himself was a turbulent Does somehow fit into the wavelength of society to be squeezed without straining pruned exhaustion, it is an effective way to govern the inner side of us. Also, as the authors show in the vivid experiences of silence and walking trips left through this book, such dialogue with themselves is obtained through serious, pure purpose walking taken with serious monologue I can do it.




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