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[book review] There is no limit to the appearance that fascism takes ~ The Anatomy of Fascism(Robert O. Paxton)

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There is no limit to the appearance that fascism takes

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Can fascism still exist? It is true that the first stage fascism can be seen in most democracies. A more serious problem is this. Can the Step 1 level fascism once again reach two stages and take root and gain control of power? (in the Text)

There is no interpretation or definition of fascism that can satisfy everyone!

Robert O. Paxton's 『The Anatomy of Fascism』 thinks that there is no interpretation or definition of fascism that can satisfy all people as much as possible. Less fascism is complicated. Its complexity may be due to the fact that a solid philosophy system is not in place and there is no need to protect the system while sacrificing its life. Since there is no root, there is no need to be bound by a specific philosophy or thought. You can change words and behavior at any time as tactical needs. If mobility peculiar to fascism adds, 'It changes while exercising', it is a philosophy that is rich in variety like chameleon.

Next, what is the fascism defined in this book? Fascism is a form of political behavior characterized by the decline and humiliation of the community, compulsive fear of sacrifice and sense of unity, energy, purity, which counterbalance this, Supporting nationalistic nationalist extremist political parties are inconvenient but effective cooperative relations with the traditional elite, abandoning democratic freedom, exercising violence without any ethical and legal restrictions, It is a form of political behavior pursuing goals of purification and external expansion.

(1) The birth of fascism, (1) the birth of fascism, (2) rooted in the political system, (3) power control, (4) exercise of power, (5) fascism administration choosing either radicalization or normalization Long-lasting duration, which will be a total of 5 stages of exercise Focusing dynamics and photographs taken at every moment of change Take a clear picture of this book, "change while exercising", living fascism with strong dynamics To understand, we present a new perspective to re-light fascism based on the author's belief that it must infer from their actions themselves, not fascists' plausible claims. By doing so, it is to explain the unique charm of fascism, its complex historical route, and fascism's extreme fear more clearly, thereby rescuing the concept of fascism from meaning abuse. In a nutshell this book contains a clear analysis and insight of fascism so that there is absolutely no shortage in the tremendous investigation titled "The final version that ends the fascism controversy" in the header. A wise reader of the blast furnace, if it covers the last chapter of this book, the concept that can make a reasonable definition for my fascism would be a catch. However, although I could not achieve progress to that extent, in key parts of the fascism thoroughly dissected step by step, I put in keywords 'Motility', 'Disorganization idealite' and 'Selectivity' I was able to

'Motility', 'Disorganization idealite' and 'Selectivity'

The liberal representative of the 19th and 20th century, democracy, socialist thought consistently built a logical squire philosophy system by survey compiled by prominent philosophers such as Locke, Marx, Engels. However, the human race of the 20th century caught the crisis of death and fascism was not based on sophisticated philosophy system. Besides that, during the period between World War I and the Second World War, that is, the liberalism, conservatism and communism, which are the three principles of the world order at the time, have been fighting against each other for failure and that order I was broken, I broke through the gap and succeeded.

Politics like World War and Great Depression • Economy • If social tension and crisis are fetal conditions where fascism can be felt, the popular campaign is to allow fascism to twist buds in that condition It is a fertilizer. Popular movement is indispensable in fascism so that any administration can not be a true fascist regime without mass movement. Thus, the power of fascism lies in mass movement. Here, fascism peculiar 'Disorganization idealite' becomes a detonator which strongly promotes mass movement by dropping different classes down one value sense.

Another important thing was not only the fascism movement but also the 'selection' in the process of grasping fruit, that is, controlling power. Except for Germany and Italy, the biggest reason for failure of similar fascism in Spain, Portugal, etc. is the fact that strong conservation or vested interests did not choose fascism. Perhaps they did not feel in the crisis of desperateism that the current crisis 'selection' extreme fascism, but the essential essential prerequisite for the success of fascism is the fascist challenge with the fascist challenge It is a decision maker who is ready to divide power. As its decision-makers can see in the German Nazism regime, lawmakers elected by democratic elections are no exception.

In the 21st century, can fascism stand up again?

The question of 'selection' is whether the human race who experienced the crisis of the 20th century fascism and the catastrophe once again flooded the fascism, realistic concern is also a very important keyword. Paxton (which may sound a bit eerie) says the first stage fascism can be seen in most democracies, including the United States. However, a more serious problem is the possibility that the first stage level of fascism is institutionally established and grabbing power. We have understood well that citizens of liberal nations suffering from terrorism and refugee problems agree with the law which limits their freedom too easily as a solution to this. Whether the initial fascism goes further toward power grabbing or not is partly related to the degree of the seriousness of the state · societal crisis, but most of all people, especially those who held economic, social and political power Looking back on the advice of Paxton who ran into 'selection', abandonment of the 'liberalism system' is a serious danger signal and it may be a road to self-assembly.



[Book Reveiw] The daily life in 'terrorism' and the desire for 'order' ~ Inside Nazi Germany(Detlev J. K. Peukert)

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The daily life in 'terrorism' and the desire for 'order'

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We are, by experience the history of fashion, but is easy to say, it is possible to obtain the difficult lessons to practice. Reverence of life, joy to their different opinions and diversity, stranger to respect, tolerance to that confusion, feasibility and hope of the meeting of the apocalyptic overall new order, social utility such as other openness and learning ability to raise the issue in its own norms for is it. (in the Text)

'Daily life' as an experience of 'small people'

In the recording film or photograph that depicts Hitler speaking in front of the masses, you can see the crowd enthusiastically enthralled as it shines while keeping the spirit that came with the whole body in Hitler's inflammatory speech. Some just together in an excitement atmosphere, because of some fun and curiosity, some others may pretend to be reluctantly enthralled so much overwhelming atmosphere, but many of them It is a fact that I believed and supported Hitler and Nazi, whether it is positive or passive. As it was, the last train of Auschwitz was able to depart exactly.

Fascism explaining Nazism and totalitarian theory say that the masses were not able to resist correctly because the mechanism of suppression of the Nazis state, such as violence, terrorism, surveillance, worked. They ignore the experience of people who are made like ordinary historians, the 'small people'. Both of theories will not substitute by research that focused on everyday life in the cycle, conveying a partial insight of the legitimate Nazism as it is. However, research on everyday life can not be replaced by the previous two theories. The first is to see the whole forest and the other to complement the departments that are sarpims of the trees that are mutually insufficient. The attempts of Nazism multilateral research can be divided into various understandings Provide a perspective that can gain deep insight.

Violence as a result of contemporary attempts to produce order

『Inside Nazi Germany (Volksgenossen und Gemeinschaftsfremde: Anpassung, Ausmerze und Aufbegehren unter dem Nationalsozialismus by Detlev Peukert)』 is, in the third mechanism is partial of the empire of oppression, but was operating normally, non of the 'small people' It shows that it could not control everything up to the governmental private part. Complaints • Frequent complaints were reported to local Nazis organizations and reported to Social Democratic Party leaders who exiled abroad by moles. However, their complaints - dissatisfaction did not lead to aggressive resistance, such as attempting to overthrow the regime or conducting demonstrations. It is co-located with the tacit consent of the system it is passive if their criticism is aggressive, the consent top of the life nor the other, that is, because had been built on top of the basic desire employment and order is there. In the memories of many elderly people, the Third Reich is frequently remembered in two achievements. Point can be placed upright in front of the door without entering a lock of the bicycle at the time, and long hair and the gang thing is that it was taken to the Imperial Labor Corps (Korean elderly Park Chung-hee era and Chun Doo-hwan is a surface, such as similar to that to miss the 'Samcheong-dong Training Center' of the regime). The Nazis, by long-term accommodated in the camp of the so-called professional criminal and anti-social gypsy and habitual gay, it was possible to obtain a wide range of support from the people. People who criticized the Nazi to torture and hold confidential holdings of the Nazis also supported the same. These day-to-day life is testament to the fact that the national cry for order was contained actively or passively consent of terror from above.

Harald Welzer is his book 『Climate Wars』, ethnic cleansing and ethnic elimination are not escape phenomena from modern alleys. It was generated as a social possibility, itself, which the development of contemporary society may cause. And as a result of contemporary attempts to produce order, explain that modern attempts to solve the social problem people felt sensibly had resulted. Next, the agreement of the Nazi regime, as often mentioned, is not from the fear of terrorism being forced by the Nazis, but as long as terrorism is aiming for 'The enemy of the community', so called Detlev Peukert's interpretation that it should be evaluated that it was attributed emotionally to this German citizen who contributed to the rebuilding of "order" is also a point.

The national consensus of ‘small people’ and ‘ruling power’

Studies on everyday life in the Nazi era explain what was difficult to explain theoretically clearly in the theory of fascism and totalitarian which analyzes the control system, the control group, the mechanism of repression. In other words, it will provide a passage that will allow you to more clearly understand how Auschwitz and Fashion's terrorism is possible, and why it was endured and partially supported. This provides a large clue where you can recognize where the support of the system comes from and what kind of everyday attitudes and expectations followed the plausible success of the "president" cheering. In a word 『Inside Nazi Germany』 makes possible a broader understanding and insight of Nazism.

Looking at various counter-terrorism policies proposed in Western society since 911 terrorism, it is modernized and citizens willingly willing to liberty to win the freedom won the hardship efforts and sacrifice for order and stability Can do. The reason why the Samcheong-dong Training Center could be sought under the Chun Doo-hwan administration was also possible because the citizens actively wished for order - passive agreement had been made. The Chun Doo-hwan administration justified their violence in the name of 'maintaining order' while cruelly suppressing the Gwangju Democratization Movement. Although the understanding and desire between 'small people' and ruling power' about the meaning and purpose included in the order and the means to acquire it act as contradiction to each other, the order can not be overlooked in modern society It is an important issue. 'Small people' support the government that maintains order for a stable life, the government must maintain order to maintain vested interests. When the Holocaust is 'small people' and the dominance system derives one agreed target of 'maintaining order', as the result of 'maintaining order' was greatly promoted by combining with racism It was just one of many possibilities that could be.



[Book Review] Will it be remembered as the worst generation in human history? ~ Requiem for a Species(Clive Hamilton)

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Will it be remembered as the worst generation in human history?

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Despite the fact that the evidence that the earth is changing more and more difficult to live flows over and over, it is a matter of thinking whether to contrast its seriousness with economic value itself is nonsense. (in the Text)

Climate disaster already started?

In May 2013, atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration exceeded 400ppm for the first time in three million years. The steadily increasing CO2 concentration is approaching 450ppm, the last line that scientists have calculated to be able to handle climate disasters. If this trend continues, it will be around 2050 when the climate equilibrium breaks. Also, as undeniable evidence of global warming and, as expected, 2016 was the warmest year in global temperature observations. Not to exceed the scientist's last hope of 450ppm would be possible only when all countries around the world are now enforcing a coercive and compulsory climate change policy. Many scientists already confess that the last time mankind can prevent climate disasters has been missed. Some of them mention signs of turning points that generate global warming phenomena and positive feedback effects, sometimes say that climate disasters have already started. African Sudan suffering from civil disturbances such as desertification, water shortage, refugees, etc. is a representative example which is a present progressive form of climate disaster and the climate war. Second, the change in climate change creation is irreversible for a minimum of a few thousand years, humanity must endure a long generation from the hell produced by the arrogance of science. Says 『Requiem for a Species: Why We Resist the Truth about Climate Change』 author Clive Hamilton. Even if the world is prepared, climate change is an unstoppable flow of time, and the canary, now a landmark of global warming, is dead and it is time for everyone to leave the coal mine. He asserts that climate change is not one of the many variables to come in the future, but an inevitable fact (because canaries are very sensitive to cloudy air, so past miners were an important means of measuring air toxicity in mines)

Reason why the golden generation of science and technology ignores scientists' warnings

It is really desperate. None of the books I've read before have ever portrayed the future as a gloomy and desperate hell with no hope of a future. As many reports support his argument, the compass of science goes beyond the scale of 'climate change' to 'climate catastrophe'. Nevertheless, many people are blindfolded. Nevertheless, many people are blindfolded and ignore the truth. For generations who realize the achievements of dazzling science in the past than in any generation and enjoy the benefits of science and technology, why we never wonder why we are ignoring the warnings of that many scientists.

In response to this question, Hamilton sends a final warning to mankind through a clear, terrible and depressing analysis. It explains human instinctual and psychological problems clearly and clearly, such as the psychological tendency of mankind falling into a tragedy, the tendency to avoid facts, excessive arrogance and optimism, selfish greed, loss of motivation due to desperation. On the other hand, it is evident that civilization, which is now proud of humanity, such as materialism which has won in the confrontation with naturalism, obsession with growth, consumerism, democracy decadence not only caused climate change but also failed in proper preparation. And the cold-hearted argument that the radical and radical change in the current civilization system can only reduce the damage of climate change makes us depressed.

Will we be remembered in the worst generation in human history?

Cowardly action to ignore the truth, with optimistic hope in front of the evidence of climate change, is only a stumbling block to climate change. Mankind is being pushed by a dead end cliff. It may already be falling down a cliff. However, the depths of the cliffs are too deep, they are not comprehended by the persistent obstruction of climate skepticism and the indifference of humanity and ignorance, easy, foolishness alone and do not understand the risks so far. The ultimate goal of all living beings on earth is survival. Evolution and adaptation are also just one of many means of survival, as well as human civilization. However, we often confuse means and purpose. Sometimes they are overly immersed and the means are transformed into goals.

Now, mankind must make a choice of destiny at the crossroads of civilization and survival. It is a trivial question that there is no room to think if you look at it, but it is a fact that hesitated for a long time, and human beings are hesitant even now. Even if civilization degenerates, we do not lose everything human beings have, but it is also a fact that there are many difficulties and inconveniences. However, the current climate disaster is be moth-eaten little by little the human civilization and Earth's ecosystem. If mankind abandons it without doing anything, the present mankind will not escape the condemnation of history, and will be remembered as the worst generation in human history.



[Book Review] In the legend that it stabbed the sword in the back... ~ Social policy in the Third Reich(Timothy W. Mason)


He was ankle himself to the legend that he stabbed the sword in the back

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The working class of the Nazi era is defined by strengthened exploitation and oppression, and in a sense the working class of that age can be defined by what has been imposed upon them. Nazi's social policy and propaganda incitement started with a denial of the existence of the working class. However, looking at it a bit closer, the special status of the working class is found in exactly that social policy and publicity. In other words, the working class existed too much as a threatening force after 1933. (in the Text)

Since the Nazi regime in 1933, Germany tries to do social and economic power to expand defense strength and expand the military industry in order to carry out Hitler's expansion policy. Still, the German economy had decided the invasive war, and during the years when it was preparing and during the years since the outbreak of the war, the German economy was also going around between "exhibition economy" and "economy of peace". At the same time, the aftereffects of halfway policy that was a peacetime economy was not too difficult at the same time, after the shortage of Poland advancement, the shortage of bombs and vehicle contents is too big, It was impossible even for warfare for several months. For this reason, Hitler 's invasion plan of Hitler' s planned in October 1939 had to abandon due to the general 's opposition that the armed state of the army was outrageously insufficient.

Timothy W. Mason, author of 『Social policy in the Third Reich: the working class and the national community(Sozialpolitik im Dritten Reich)』 said that this problem, that is, when the military supplies of the country that had prepared the war planned from ancient times actually waged war, Under circumstances where military supplies were scarce, we are looking for reasons why we had only had war with the internal contradiction of Nazi society, economic system. It is a conflict between the Nazis and the working class.

In 1933, the Nazis exercised power Japjamaja labor union and worker political parties and organizations such as communist and socialist forces were destroyed. The workers enough to seem as if the working class itself has completely disappeared are anthropomorphic thoroughly riding in accordance with the Nazi war plan. The workers had no choice but to watch the labor unions that spoke for their interests and social rights vaguely without angrily slashing themselves without any resistance at their eyes. Workers suffering from the fear of poverty and unemployment in the aftermath of the Great Depression did not even have a single finger, and the resistance organized due to intense survival competition could not dream.

But ironically, the situation Nazis pushed the military economy situation was reversed. In preparation for the war, full employment is carried out in a situation where the German economy is fully operational, and when the company is in a situation to support bribes to keep workers caught, the workers are forged camouflaged strikes, absenteeism, leave workshops , Sickness, carelessness during work, command disobedience etc passively resisted Nazis.

Nevertheless, the Nazis immediately hesitated to violently suppress workers by using Gestapo. From 1938 to 1941, when the 'Appearance Only War of War' was the victory of Germany in war, and still Britain came to the fore, and so the pressure and crisis of war were weak, There was nothing good to repress. In addition, the trauma of Hitler's arbitrary interpretation of the First World War was vivid. In other words, the cause of the First World War was not the overwhelming quantity of the Allied forces, but rather that the labor movement and the Jews betrayed the enemy in the midst of the war by the November Revolution.

In order to prepare for the war, the Nazis had to de-anthropomorphize the working class, to repress and reproach mercilessly, but on the other hand, if it is necessary to secure the worker's political loyalty, it is fundamental Because of the contradiction, Mason explains that the idea that society can afford the burden of war never existed. In other words, if you receive the social needs of every worker every time, trouble will arise in military production, mobilizing Gestapo etc. to respond violently, 'get stabbed in the back,' the danger will be increased. The fear of being able to welcome a knife such as the one which made Nazi impossible to introduce a poor exhibition economy. The exhibition economy was finally taken in 1943 when the war broke out and the charter was inclined to some extent. The Nazis greeted with the equal sword had become a dress that owned a contradiction burden if it had to secure the loyalty though it was necessary to exploit workers becoming a legitimate thing that was created by himself.

Principles of being able to win war only by Hitler's indomitable will can not find its utility in the conflict between the Nazis and the working class. Bread has the highest priority to rule the people, but as bread is filled, people's demands such as clothes and houses will increase. To some extent, this request can be bought and pushed down by publicity and thought education, but if these demands are tremendously ignored, in many cases riots and revolutions will occur, the government overthrows, the king May change. There was no worry of the Nazis at all. By the way, you can understand that Hitler disliked Communism so much. If the German communism does not take root, Nazis could secure the loyalty of more workers.

Hitler and Nazis, who seemed to have seemingly absolute powers, faced many obstacles and difficulties in preparing for war, and they seemed unable or unwilling to resolve these complex problems. It may be that the Nazis and the government have overtaken the problems that can not be neglected, and have given up on Hitler who has caused the war with gambling and fugitive agitation. Their radicality worked rather hard to solve the problems of the reality, but rather to make the utopia, which will be unfolded in the future, seem as if it had come to the front and to cover up and overcome the problems of reality. Perhaps when they took power, it might be too late to put a brake on the urgency to solve the problems of reality. Radicality was already the most powerful force to move and maintain the Nazi whirlpools, and the fact that Nazis themselves braked their urgency meant the annihilation of the vortex, the suicide of the Nazis. So they may be forced to go forward as if they were being chased by the god of death. However, the human being was sometime exhausted and could not win against the ideal god. Their destruction was not the internal betrayal of a knife hit behind the back, but the destined destiny of those who relied on everything for urgency.



[Book Review] A tool to support the 'arbitrary state' of the 'dual state' ~ The Gestapo(Rupert Butler)

A tool to support the 'arbitrary state' of the 'dual state'

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Those dictatorships provide abundant evidence of the dangers regime's dangers and evils, especially putting a repressive secret police to strengthen it. The warning against it still remains strong as usual. (in the Text)

Okhrana in the Empire Russian era, since the revolution of October 1917, the Soviet Union Cheka and KGB, the third empire Gestapo(Geheime Staatspolizei) and after the Second World War following the Second World War, under the autocratic regime such as Stasi of East Germany, the hungry dog Following faithfully, like on the other hand, there are secret police that acted as a tool of violence to maintain the administration. It was the main task to detect and block these slight anti-systematic crimes, but utilize the ambiguity of 'anti-systematic' definition and interpretation to monitor the citizens' every move forward did. If anyone took over their fine mesh, composed of numerous sources and pushers, that person disappeared in the life of neighbors or friends, neither mice nor birds knew. And as I said, neighbors and friends also did not find the vanished person or the family dare. Since even the laws that stood before these were colorless, once they had to endure the severe torture with sounds that were hidden on them, for example sounds that were trapped in a humid cell lacking all light, food, etc and tried not to try . Still it was fortunate to survive without dying.

『The Gestapo: A History of Hitler's Secret Police 1933-45 by Rupert Butler』 This book is the book of the secret police Gestapo of the Third Empire, notoriously as the enforcer of the Holocaust. Prussia Attention Internal Prime Minister Hermann Wilhelm Göring began to political police in the Prussian state police to the idea, Gestapo was handed over to the helper leader Heinrich Luitpold Himmler, separated from the internal affairs administration and is institutionally independent. Hitler left himself directly to exercise a powerful power agency indispensable for maintaining the structure or to load him(Himmler etc.) to give personal loyalty to him. This made the 'power of the leader' existing outside the party and the state realized by positioning 'private leader - believer's relationship' as the structural element of the power organization, which is the behavior unique to Nazism . 'General Bureau of Construction of Tote Bag' and 'Armed Guards' are examples of special power authorities connected directly to Hitler separately from the Nazi party and the state, while also laying the foundation of the Nazi party and the state(reference: 『The Hitler State: The Foundation and Development of the Internal Structure of the Third Reich by Martin Broszat』)

Jewish Ernst Fraenkel, who was a labor law scholar in the Weimar Republic and acted as a trade union specialist and exiled to the United States in 1938, published his own book 『The Dual State: A Contribution to the Theory of Dictatorship』 to grasp that the Nazis state was 'Normative state'' and at the same time was 'Arbitrary state'. The normative state is a country indispensable for the Nazi regime to function capitalistically as a legalistic state based on the consistency with the legal norms, and the arbitrary nation is an exorbitant means(reference: 『The Hitler State: The Foundation and Development of the Internal Structure of the Third Reich by Martin Broszat』).

It was precisely an important device to suppress Gestapo as an 'Arbitrary state' against the Nazis' opposing power as an extrinsic means. They were able to steadily progress 'Final solution' of the Jewish problem as efficiently as a company planning and mass producing products.

Not only the Third Reich, Eastern Germany, the former Soviet Union, but all governments are secret institutions like South Korea's National Intelligence Service (NIS) that actively deal with intrigue and threats that fail to overthrow the national order I have one by one. But Butler says that the more government dictatorships, the more the way they use them, the more likely it will be tough harshness. Even without dare to go back to the Gestapo era, when you recall Park, Mr. Park, The Central Intelligence Agency at the time of the Doo Hwan dictatorship, and the National Security Planning Agency, you can know that the words are not mistaken. And when I talk about secret police story, I think of the harsh torture of curse which was done in various ways such as speaking for infinite creativity of human being who diverges in any field. However, the point that I care about the real unbearable point is the fact that high characters are family members, and sometimes they are the fathers of families who put up to their children. When these counselors are completed, they go back home like any employee and work hard so that they touch a beautiful wife and a cute child and dine together. How can such a thing be possible? How can you forget to wash your blood easily like this? Can we consider tantalizing as a taste like other things that are routinely repeated even by insulting one person and torturing them?

J. M. Coetzee's 『Waiting for the barbarians』 has been tortured "and" I seriously ask a person who tortured me (in the same sense as I hold a doubt) a question.

"If this question seems to be an assumption, please forgive me.How can you eat food after you handle it? It is a possible trip? I would like to ask this question I would like to ask the people of the same category as the executioners ... I just want to understand ... I understand the world you live in I'm trying hard to imagine how you breathe in and eat and live everyday.However, it is that I confuse you! I am talking to yourself like this If I was that person, the feeling that my hand was too dirty, let me suffocate ... ... " (in teh Text)

The question was the same as my expectation as to the answer of the person who received the wonder.

"You, this crazy fucking guy's girl! Do not go too far! Wherever you go go get it!"


[Book Review] The essence of the fault is not man... ~ The truth about socialism(Leo Huberman)

The essence of mistake is in the system, not the person

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The power of the state in slavery society was used based on the interests of the slave owner. In the feudal society the power of the state was used based on the interests of the lord and the church. In the capitalist society the power of the state is used based on the interests of the capitalist. - (in the Text)

'In the interests of the company, the share for employees is 7%, shareholders share is 36%' (『Cadres Noirs』 by Pierre Lemaitre). The trick is a bear and the money is obtained by Doenom, and the capitalist system is exactly such a dress. The capitalist system screams enthusiastically, the opportunity like the myth of 'American dream'' that anyone can work hard to work hard is really equal? Looking at Jonathon Porritt's 『Capitalism as if the World Matters』, children born in wealthy families in the United States grew and the probability of entering the rich family, which belongs to the top 5 percent, is 22 percent, whereas poor It says that only 1 percent of children are from home. But the surprising fact is that the original Americans do not think so. According to regularly announced findings, 75% of Americans believe in the myth of 'American Dream'' that if anyone still works hard, anyone can be rich. In other words, capitalism seduces people to the sweet expectation that anyone can be rich, but when looking at the statistics on income distribution, it shows the harsh reality that only hope remains as hope There. In effect, these baits keep their blessed pawns blindly defending capitalist regime subsequently to their descendants. The old reason is that the innovative change of old capitalism is not the biggest reason for the strong opposition of the government which plays the role of a great doll of capital class and capital class but also helped anyone to work hard and rich Ignorance and weakness of the common people who caught the empty bait that they can become it also helps.

Dare to dedicate capitalist consolidation chain Looking at the statistics in the United States, Korea's Income inequality statistics provided by The World Wealth and Income Database that the top 10% income share is 27.0% (1979) to 44.9 (1979) 2012), with the top 1% income share running at 7.5% and running at 12.2%. Korea can also know that income inequality is definitely getting worse as I go.

The poor phenomenon of rich and poor that capitalism has caused is silk, not just the problem of today. 『The truth about socialism by Leo Huberman』 is the most abundant year in the American history before the Second World War and in 1929 the US national income achieved a new record, Most of the general public prove that it is very poor through reliable statistics and materials. Huberman criticizes capitalism critically and analyzes many of the materials supporting this by citing quotes from system advocates such as successive US presidents and documentaries, not socialism and communists, persuading Enhance your power.

The chronic problem of the capitalist system mentioned by Huberman is not limited to the disparity of silkiness, rich and poor. Capitalism is inefficient, unreasonable, and there was no John Wilopji, so hold a blind spot with reflux, stick exploitation, poverty, anxiety, war, depression. And another time, when Huberman lived, it was not a big concern, but now we can cite climate change threatening the future of mankind as seriously as the problems described above. Capitalism is the main criminal causing environmental pollution and climate change by quickly depleting natural capital. In a nutshell, capitalism is an aging old system. On the other hand, Huberman says that all the economic systems in the world will be born and developed, matured and declined, replaced with other economic systems, capitalism will also be like feudalism Predict. And point out scientific socialism of capitalistic alternatives.

Huberman clearly states the intent of writing that the book is merely a 'outline of capitalism and socialism tutorial' that outlines the whole. As a result, people without prior knowledge can easily understand the nature of capital and the benefits and losses of capitalist systems with relatively simple and clear explanation. However, the value of this book is a clear explanation of scientific socialism that may upset misunderstandings into the perception of socialism. In addition, I will not forget the deliberate fantasy of fancy that socialism will solve everything, skipping illusions of utopian socialism to one room. Socialism never brings earthly heaven like the Garden of Eden The obvious fact is to eliminate the major hurdles of the capitalist regime development, poverty, anxiety, war, to promote human welfare and happiness .

The capitalistic evil is not currently a problem limited only to the inside of one of the countries. Beyond the level of exploiting workers in the country all the problems mentioned by Huberman have been, companies have expanded to the international standards of exploiting companies, the state exploiting the state. Capitalist stigma was nothing more than yesterday today, and now it is also a popular problem most people seriously consider about once or twice. Still, we do not think seriously considering the transition to socialism. Perhaps this is due to the great impact of the capital class that only spiritually disseminates the word 'socialism', but it can not ignore the bitter historical experience of China and the Soviet Union. However, just as recognizing the capitalistic evils, improving it, just as it is impossible to sell Jesus messages centering on 'love' by fraudsters and pastor's ridiculous things Whether it is socialism or something similar to socialism, you can make a choice to the garbage box, but you can not help but think that it is right.



[Book Review] A book that the pride of the socialist power is felt intensely ~ 大道之行: 中國共產黨與中國社會主義(鄢一龍 外)

A book that the pride of the socialist power is felt intensely

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Capital is an excellent weapon of progress of human civilization. Capital is to serve the people, not for the people to serve the capital. Socialism is just to correct the erroneous logic of capitalism. (in the Text)
“When the 大道 is done, the heavens will be all things.”

It is a passage of an Datong大同 society depicted in 『Book of Rites(禮記)』. Datong大同 society is not an abstract equality with document only, there is no one to suppress as opposed to suppression as a harmonious society with substantial equality. There is no rich people, no poor people, so no one starved. Everyone receives illness, such as treatment, and anyone gains care when they grow old. Those who do not have a person who thinks that an ideal social large society that cooperates and takes care of everyone regardless of their superiority and weaknesses can really be done in reality There will not be much. I also dream of a socialist communist utopia, but dreams are only a dream, it is not stupid enough to think that such an ideal society can be realized within a few hundred years in human society though it is Bislum . By the way, in a society competing for tears of blood like recently, it may be the case that Babora himself proves itself to have such a dream, but dreaming in the middle and enduring the abnormality anyway As long as you are young you may fall into a utopia like a big society once, but as long as over forty people have tasted the bitterness of the real world well enough people who say Datong大同 society fell into an innocent daydream I tend to hear the stupid or sorting person.

However, the Chinese young scholars of the socialist superpowers presently in existence in the world do not think so. Even though China temporarily accepted the capitalist system for economic growth, it was a policy to construct Chinese special socialism, accepted with tools, the communism established by the revolutionary elderly I did not abandon the national ideology of principle. In China capital, as in other countries, has control over politics and society and has not reigned on it. Because socialism uses capital to control it. Capital in China is only a word leading a horse-drawn carriage to socialism. Socialism carries wagons as a wagon. If the carriage stumbles because of the power, you can add a few more horses, and if the carriage is full, you can remove a few horses. Socialism that these young scholars aim for is not to suppress capitalists and to annihilate, all of the people will become large and small capitalists. Even if you do not sell labor, basic survival may be maintained, so individuals do not need to sell or petition life for capitalists.

The word that Margaret Thatcher, who took office in 1979 and served as Prime Minister of the UK for 11 years, said like a phrase, 'There is no alternative', that is, a capitalist dictatorship that there is no alternative to capitalism, China destroyed Has been done. For this reason, young scholars in China gathered their wisdom by matching their heads. Chinese youth scholars for achieving Datong大同 society are firmly tackled in the 『Avenue of travel: the Communist Party of China and socialism in China(大道之行: 中國共産黨與中國社會主義)』written by five young scholars More and more, aspirations, and determination will be felt as it is. This book, which is also an academic book that concretely discusses frank criticism for the side effects of reform and opening up and overcoming it to realistic reform proposals, shows how socialism adapts to China's reality It explains clearly whether it is transformed into a new ideology.

They also do not greatly intend the skeptical gaze of the Western scholars to the elite who experienced until the study abroad in Western Europe. China has a system suited to China, they will definitely choose the group guidance system of the Chinese Communist Party. Along with that, it is not important that the system is important, and policies are important. Because the long-term administration of the Chinese Communist Party can have long-term, relative stability and policy continuity due to its line policy, it will focus on short-term benefits for fierce competition elections After the election, it is superior to the Western European democracy system where democracy disappears over the long term strategic aspect. Also, to these, the completion of Chinese socialist construction is not just the length for the Chinese alone. It will be an assistant to present a new direction and hope for the earth and mankind suffering from fatigue due to every evil produced by capitalism for a long time.

In general it can be difficult, this book 『Avenue of travel: the Communist Party of China and socialism in China(大道之行: 中國共産黨與中國社會主義)』 is unusual as an academic book, it is said to be a popular book in China. While the pride of the Chinese in the domestic socialist system still shows off alive, the Chinese people are overcoming real complaints, evils, absurdities, and difficulties, rather than expanding the opening and reforming, the Chinese Communist Party's socialism It can also be interpreted to mean finding with a philosophy and values. For those who think that socialist values ​​such as these youth scholars believe that Western Europe style liberal democracy and capitalism are the only options, there is also plastic sheet rental, which is a flowing cloud to a little serious person It sounds like a sound like. Nevertheless, the appearance of striving for more, with more anomalies, is beautiful, virtuous and virtuous, on the one hand it is also romantic.

While emphasizing the people's ownership and people's wisdom, freedom of speech that accepts it is still not guaranteed, China that shows contradictory attitudes in ideals and policies holds humanoid wish and ideal of Datong大同 society I will try to progress on that road constantly. Meaning, virtual, fraud does not know whether to charge, but the way China goes is steepier than trekking. No one can predict what will happen to the end. It is even harder to make the most of it. However, I do not know when it will be, but I hope that socialist construction in China will succeed in part. In the middle of the capitalist regime that unquestioned the world, one socialist state like the desert oasis is endured with one sustenance state, not only in its natural environment but only with economic growth and material desire Mokumeda is tired of growing capitalism now bored Sometimes. Provide something for them I want to break Thatcher's arrogance.



[Book Review] Do not be fooled by Fred Singer! ~ Unstoppable Global Warming

Do not be fooled by Fred Singer!

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What kind of species was extinct on the large scale in the past is not actually caused by the temperature change of the Earth itself, but atmospheric dust caused by external factors such as asteroids and comets collision has forged the sun for many years It is because it made it invisible. (in the Text)

Fred Singer is a typical climate change skepticism and collaborative author Dennis Avery is a columnist. However, the problem is quite dubious, but it is the background of the two of us.

A research paper by Park Sang-pyo(Research community <Health and alternative>) Research committee <Monsanto sells poisons 'Merchant of death' or 'Messiah' to release humanity from hunger?> Let's see.

"Avery is not just a scientist but a column list that prefers the logic of the extreme rightist," and to the singer, "Singer is quick to say that it is difficult to say bullshit assertions that the hazard of tobacco was not proved He moved to other fields and denied the corporate warming global warming. " Singer is also notorious as a contract scientist working for the tobacco industry with Frederick Seitz. In 1994 he appeared in a late-night program on television that the funds of the Science & Environmental Policy Project which Fred singer was involved in Exxon and Shell, Unocal at a large energy (petroleum) company like Atlantic Litchfield (ARCO) I admitted.
(Http://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php/Science_and_Environmental_Policy_Project # Funding)


A web site (www.exxonsecrets.org) that collects materials posted in official documents of Exxon Mobil will receive money from this company and the names of 124 organizations closely related to those who receive money are enumerated ing. However, the interesting point is the fact that they show a uniformly consistent view on climate change. Science is inconsistent, scientists are split, environmental activists are liars, liars, even crazy people, and if the government takes action to prevent global warming, without a just reason , Claim to threaten the world economy. This group names the research results that they do not like "science of garbage", and names research that welcomes them as "orthodox science". (『Heat: how to stop the planet from burning』, George Monbiot)

That's why, considering these points, you must read 『Unstoppable Global Warming』. Simply put, 'Do not be fooled by Fred Singer.'

The core point claimed in 『Unstoppable Global Warming』 is simple. Based on the 'Dansgaard–Oeschger event' discovered by investigating the ice cores of Greenland, the global climate is repeated with global warming and cooling at an average 1500 year cycle, It is only according to such a cycle.

Thus, this book predicts the climate of the earth very simply and comfortably, with a history of life of 600 million years with just 250,000 years of materials extracted from the glacier core. Truly like this, '5 mass extinction' and other large and small extinctions should not have occurred if the Earth's climate had a very regular flow. Especially the extinction of the Permian period which extincted more than 90% of species by 251 million years ago is even more. However, in this book, the cause of such extinction is spared only by meteorite exercise, human hunting and farming work, and alien species. Even if the Permian extinction is said to be from the meteorite (although Michael J. Benton's 『When life nearly died: the greatest mass extinction of all time』 explains with a focus on Siberian trap and methane trap rather than meteorite collision) '5 mass extinction' To the extinction of the end of the Cretaceous that extinct dinosaurs inside, unless it is included, the collision of the meteorite acted as the main reason, only double is extinction. The remaining extinction, that is, the late Ordovician period, is a large Ice Age, during the late Devonian period, climate cooling(or meteorite collision) associated with ocean floor anoxidation, the late Triassic climate change In order to see. And climate change was mostly the main cause of large and small extinctions excluding 5 extinctions.

In the figure below, let's look at the atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration and oxygen concentration at the end of Permian extinction.

(『Out of thin air: dinosaurs, birds, and Earth's ancient atmosphere』, Peter Douglas Ward, Excerpts in Korean translated version)

Even if the cause of extinction at the end of the Perm is meteorite collision, we can not explain such a high carbon dioxide concentration and extinction rate of more than 90% only by collision of meteorites. Unless Siberia trap, methane trap etc. are added here, the whole extinction scenario can be completed, For some reason, the temperature of the Earth has risen by 6 degrees with the rapid increase of carbon dioxide. As a result, the normal feedback process of the Earth has been destroyed, and the earth has become a hell of anaerobic digestion and extinction has been completed. It took more than 100 million years to reach the level of diversity of life in the late Permian.

So climatologists are worried that even though climate change takes place with the Earth cycle, artificially emitted carbon dioxide is sensitive to the climate system of the Earth. It is a small possibility to play a role. Because it is likely to lead to the sixth annihilation if it only works normally once with its initiator.

However, in this book, I ignore all the possibilities like this and are consistently consistent with the 1500 year cycle. By the way, Gerard Bond, a geologist frequently cited in this book, which relates the cycle of 1500 and solar vibration, left a very meaningful word before dying I quoted it in another book that can not be seen in books.

Prior to death, we believed that most climate change over the past 10,000 years was driven by solar vibrations and amplified via feedback like ice formation and marine conveyor strength change. He worried that people would interpret this as being a natural phenomenon of global warming so far. In an interview he did just before the death, "but that would be a misuse of the data," rather the most important lesson of their research was to "prove the sensitivity of the system itself." He also said, "If the Earth's climate system is very sensitive to very weak solar energy output perturbation (perturbation), if the Earth's climate system is sensitive to weak changes due to the sun's forcing If there is, "Other suggestions that people humbled greenhouse gas in the atmosphere," also suggested that there is a possibility of being sensitive again "(『With speed and violence』, Fred Pearce)

What Bond worried about is realized as it is by Fred Singer and Dennis Avery, so when Bond who left this world in 2005 watches the situation, my heart hurts.

Some allegations of scientists predicting climate change, like allegations of skeptics, do not have the sense of promoting fear and anxiety exaggerated to the masses, and predictions of scientists' climate are often insisted It is a real problem that far more uncertain than being done and it can be the limitation of current science.

Nobody is convinced whether or not a chain-like incident that will cause a catastrophe really will occur. However, in preparation for the war, which may not take place and does not agree to wake up, we are pouring huge amounts of money and effort. It happens only once, because it is very deadly.

During the tens of millions years we are playing in the fire when we can cash out the carbon that was buried under the ground. And we do not know the exact result and can not be absolutely secure. (『With speed and violence』, Fred Pearce)

Indeed, no one can make maximum use of how long Homo sapiens' luck can last.



[Book Review] Anyway, read this book to the end, I am... ~ My Struggle(Adolf Hitler)

Anyway, read this book to the end, I am the victor!

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Those who try to be leaders have the ultimate greatest responsibility while having authority without the highest constraints. It is not qualified to become a leader of those who can not do such things or who are cowardly and not responsible for the outcome of their acts. Only heroes are appropriate for leaders. (in the Text)

It is remarkable because of the tremendous thickness due to overwhelmingly overwhelming the books displayed side by side in the periphery, but for the same reason it is not easy to reach out. As soon as I unfold a heavy book that I can use as a dumbbell by putting courage at the hesitation end, Hitler is once again overwhelmed by the endless long talk and ending sentence. And it becomes totally dissolute in Hitler's choking fanatic racism.

The ambitious will when you crossed over the first page to find a way to overcome the film was corroded like a rainy train on 38 Korean peninsula, 'should you read this book to the end?', 'Value to the last If there is a weak question of I wonder if there is time' swing up like a snake tail. The doubt is that it has already ruined the intention that has become rusty already and has punctured a hole here and there and the character like a candle is slightly revealed The concentration power is disturbed and it is a trine. 『My Struggle』 was read and it was painful 'my struggle' was done. Stick like a star and eat parish will finish the doubt and shake off Shake it off Let's not throw it away Naked tits You can deliver the last chapter with trembling hands at the end spitting up to eating power.

Then, what made you show desperate patience for me and did you read through the writings of war criminals? It is wanting to know Hitler's real idea. Why would you want to know his real idea? It was because I could not believe the fact that a single person caused a war that led the whole world to catastrophe. So, I wanted to know the real figure hidden in the shadow of huge history and the arrogant prejudice of the victor. I also wanted to hear it directly from his mouth. And I read 'my struggle', and now I am 'disgraceful' if I give it a rating in a word.

Of course it was not German original, but even though I read a book that was carefully translated into Korean, it was only his limbs in his esoteric long and wide tongue, but still a work of thought that was scattered around here and there It is understood that we are deploying a reasonably consistent claim to weave together. It is the infinite will of the eastern policy for the stubborn sticking that the conspiracy of the world occupation Jews must be extinct and the struggle of the German nation's survival. He accuses German crisis at the time that it is irresponsibility of sneaky and weak politicians. How did he himself exercise his power responsibly? How did he be responsible for making himself a war in several responsibilities, even on his own awareness of immeasurable suffering? More than anything, the only thing he has to remain a despicable man is that the dignified attitude that had previously publicly claimed war with 'my struggle', like a dog who faded away and went back to the ground, The war of not wanting is only an international politician, a political will with what was caused by himself or by international politicians who were working for the benefit of the Jews I avoided the responsibility of war cowardly. This last testament is one that himself was made dirty.

It certainly was a long and steady road. Every time my disgusting racism rejoiced my head again, I constantly asked myself to read this book to the end. Even from Hitler's narrow-minded thought, it is a book that is daunting to someone even though it is boring as a matter of content. Still, this book suggests many things to humanity.

It was translated into 20 languages ​​of the time when 『My Struggle』 was published for the first time, and people from around the world also read. As you can see, Hitler's intentions are not hidden, and it seems that no one has seriously accepted this, as expressed in the whole world. If you suspect that Stalin, who was suspected of it, believed in the Toxin Aggression Treaty, 『My Struggle』 may have been shamed as much as the autobiography that contained more than Hitler's individuals. Changing frequent words of politicians and flowing clouds like pledges 『My Struggle』 is also a routine and nonstop strategic downgrade of civil war to get a sense of respect and table, strategic downgrading of European Politicians, Hitler, may have believed that in actual politics and diplomacy, attitudes may be changed and pursuit of actuality. I do not know if I wanted to believe it so. Because to war again in the situation just after World War I ended up being so tired of it.

Not all human thoughts are expressed in words or sentences, and neither words nor letters exhaled into the world are executed, but it is not possible to shift some will to actual action If it is a person who is in a position to be able to do so, and if that person shows obsession beyond his or her power, the words and sentences he emanates are not absurd enough to make you laugh or sometimes crazy people You can learn through Hitler that you should not miss it even if you are out of common sense. In that respect Hitler was honest and he was too honest, so the world could be a middle agedge.



[Book Review] Ignoring the end, and overcoming through the... ~ Das Ende der Welt, wie wir sie kannten(Harald Welzer etc)

Ignoring the end, and overcoming through the 'cultural revolution'

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Culture is the answer to the next three questions. In other words, what features the world internally takes, what kind of figure the world should take, and what kind of figure will the world take. (in the Text)

『Das Ende der Welt(The end of the world_』, letting the atmosphere have an unusual atmosphere from the title. Now that the word 'climate change' is interesting or not, it seems to be a buzzword to hear that it is quite strong, but as climate change brings about the end of the world Bold comments can still be heard easily It was not possible to do. However, from some point saying that 'climate change' will cause 'climate disaster', bringing ruin of mankind and civilization, there is no extreme environmentalist, cold, and leaking from the mouth of logical scientists little by little I started. And now, if we can not prevent climate change, apocalyptic predictions that factually bring about the worst disaster in human history will be factualized. As a mouth of scientists, there is no favorite media or politician who exaggerates and spreads floating.

Still, many scientists do not release the hope of tying to the end. The title of this book means meaning of catastrophic 'end' as we often imagine. On the other hand, there may be meaning to reprimand insufficiently that global countermeasures against climate change must be expressed in catastrophic terms 'end'. Ironically, however, a wishful message is also included at the end of the world. Here, 'end' is not the end of mankind and civilization, but from the industrial revolution, it means the overall ending of all nonsustaining and anti-ecological systems that have dominated the earth up to now. After that, the newly appearing system will become a savior to save humanity and civilization from revolutionary epoch-making climate change crisis, fundamental assumption of sustainability as the elements of all elements.

This book is searching for 'lasting hope' of mankind not by searching for each factor such as country, politics, economy, technology, society, individuals, but 'Culture' which has a big influence covering all factors. Society that aims at individual voluntary practice, decarbonization digestion, technology to secure sustainability, the end of growth first principle economy, modernization of democracy, emergence of super-national cooperation system, It is necessary for everyone to prepare for climate change, but in reality it is not possible to see significant achievements if done only individually. Because climate change is global, changing only one person, one society, and the country alone is only to replace some rust parts of an outdated old system that brought about climate change. As with the FIFA World Cup which is a global festival, only major transformations of values ​​and simultaneous multiple reforms to prepare for climate change through the 'cultural revolution' where all people, the society and the nation participate in the world participate I can argue that this book insists.

In this new culture, people who travel by car, even those who travel abroad frequently, who frequently travel overseas, who deeply leave an ecological footprint, such as defending the old energy system or using it as it is without exchanging it An insane person is raided by a person who is inferior to the times. Meanwhile, people who have fewer ecological footprints through systematic planning and exemplary practice receive the eye of respect and envy. Also, in this new culture, sustainability is inherently considered in every corner of all sectors in which humans are involved, such as individuals, society, economics, technology, politics, nations. On the other hand, products, technologies, institutions, contracts, laws, etc. that do not consider sustainability will be thoroughly eliminated. Finally, in this new culture, how we currently contribute to sustainability through consumption different from consuming for selfish happiness and satisfaction of individuals depends on personal happiness and satisfaction .

Looking at human beings for 20 years and 50 years can not be too severe demands. Cultural anthropologist Edward T. Hall says modern material short-sighted time concept comes from American culture. On the other hand, Hall explains that Asian culture is the opposite. Next, when accepting the culture of South Asian people who also look ahead for centuries, the present human race is not going to worry about special circumstances, clean circumstances, richness and comfortable future that future generations should naturally enjoy There are things that you know that you are wasting.

We can not live like this indefinitely. The authors explain clearly why people can not transfer practically while knowing the seriousness of climate change for social scientific reasons such as pass dependency, cognitive disharmony, and desk exchange. And mankind has learned even better superior liberal democracy by feudalism, totalitarianism, colonialism, socialism, communism, etc. 'World Terminal they knew', easy from the valuable experience of failure, mistake Recovery elasticity through practical learning which does not give up is the foundation on which human beings can be reborn into a better world, human beings kneel before climate change and purely accepting disaster is too many possibilities and minutes It shows the light of hope with the ability to overflow. If we can transform the climate change crisis into a new world, that is now a better sustainable world, we will have a new history place that we know, the end of the world and another leap of human civilization You could do it. If this is successful, in the distant future humanity will divide their civilization into three major categories. The primitive civilization before the industrial revolution, the industrial civilization after that, and the present sustainable civilization.



[Book Review] A beautiful life formula that allows you to find solutions yourself ~ 30 Lessons for Living(Karl Pillemer)

추천하는 책

A beautiful life formula that allows you to find solutions yourself

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It means that you do not have to wait for life to end for the realization of the importance of the moment. Realized early because recorded happy life can run longer. (in the Text)

He says he has no correct answer like a textbook on living my life. It is also called continuous boiling struggle. Crisis and overcoming, loss and healing, joy and sadness have always felt us disappointed, but thanks to our valuable experience, becoming a more mature person, constantly moving towards the future. Then we will arrive at the end of life fairly whether we are honest, lazy, successful or failed. When we are young we will also be visiting when we seemed to never come only to ourselves. There is much more time to look back than the time to live from now on, we arrive like mi when floating at this time can be confused. It is possible to feel a sense of alienation unexpectedly that the body does not become free as before. The closer the final day is to the closer the closer the last day is, the more time it takes to recall the past, so regret and self-help stifled that '... if so' regret and self-help squeezes over the later years of life Sometimes. The more I take regrets, the more my heart gets even more complicated The regret's rock The remaining life is indeed spent in the dark.

I read the phrase 『30 Lessons for Living』 and I still have no idea that life has no correct answer like a textbook. However, I discovered that there are essential formulas to find the correct answer. This is a similar 'guideline of life' overflowing like a flood, qualitatively and quantitatively different from the hints and advice presented by so-called experts. It does not require scientific redundancy analysis nor does it seem impossible to challenge. Even without such a thing, those 'the philosopher of life' are very briefly the core point of jpnanda. Their own life itself is an exit that can solve the fundamental thirst of life that we can not solve with other books.

A valuable experience of 'Life in 80,000 years, workplace life in 50,000 years, marriage in 30 thousand years' is truly melting In this book we are the most fundamental problem of your life, that is, marriage , You can find a formula of a beautiful life that you can find your own solution, such as work, parenting, happiness, aging, regret, health. As a pampering teenager who listens angrily to parents and teachers, advice from the heart of 'the wise man of life' sometimes sounds like a cliché. To the young men, their precious experiences living their lives of 80, 90 years so that they do not know the importance of time, when the time given to them is eternal like young people is just bitches and young people You can hear persistent that came out of jealousy 's jealousy. But everything will soon come to the last moment. It is not necessary to wait until the life of a person who realizes himself that the 'wise man of life' has been realized.

In fact, I have not liked such books much, as far as I have not seen books of similar genres in the library. Being stale and not having any injuries, learning a little bit more than other people, living just over half of life and living all like a mountain, like a full mountain of life, not only does not the clock awesome, the reality is not at all Because decorating decorated words is not so reliable. But this book was different. The Great Depression, a historical crisis that remains in human history, everyone is convinced by a simple, true word that has been left out in an unreasonable experience that generations who overcame the world war left for their descendants It contained the truth of sacred living. I was impressed with the sensibilities that only them can possess, a broad perspective, insight with depth, I am keenly aware of the regrets that struggle of life sticks out, enviously enjoining the meaning of life until the end. Turning one by one turns naturally tears flowing and it was only to cover the last chapter with respect to the respect that is supposed to lower the nodding and took a formidable breast.




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