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2017. 6. 12.

[Book Review] Who needs human meat for them... ~ The Four Books(四书: Yan Lianke)

Who ate human flesh for them?

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"The highest upper part has decided that no one can leave his town or region while in the greatest famine, and from the place where you are, you can not starve to death, or you can not talk to the outside." (in the Text)

In the summer of 1958, the great leap forward movement started with Mao's Utopian optimism based ambitious communism experiment quickly produced terrible failure and destructive results. When the ambitions of regional Communist Party members who are aiming for success in combating the upper pressure to raise achievements have managed to combat the ambiguous target values, they have addressed the achievements that have been achieved and dealt with false reports, This 『四书, The Four Books)』 well manifests.

A real lower level executive who shows wheat production on average about 100 kg on a land of about 666.67 square meters may compete to raise awards and gifts and produce 5 tons per 666.67 square meters Or to present a terrible target amount. However, the upper encourages rather than condemn their excess target amount. Fulfilling those that do not satisfy these goals False target quantities naturally lead to false reports and the leaders had to misunderstand the actual situation of the work of the country.

Another novel, Hong Ying's 『飢餓的女兒, Daughter of the River)』 who revealed the devastation of the great famine, the great famine, complicity and lies of these Communist Party executives Even though how many people starved and died, there were always plenty of country grain warehouses and only the fact that executives were hungry and dead in the age of hunger had never heard of it Not to say that no one is responsible for this. It is true that China was suffering from droughts during the time of great famine, but wasteful substantial iron and steel smelting projects such as the erroneous irrigation project of the government and the Iron sand smelting movement which is also done in this work The country was devastated, and it was only badly exposed to floods and droughts. And executives' false reporting confused the food supply and demand plan. In 1962, at the Labor Subcommittee led by Ryusaouchi during the 8th term of the Communist Party The nine-day meeting of the Central Committee, failure of the Great Leap Forward campaign was concluded that 70% is man-made calamity and 30% is Natural disasters did.

The main character of 『四书, The Four Books』 is an intellectual. But there is no name. Words that symbolize the vocation of the creator, religion, scholar, music, experiment, doctor, etc, who are predecessors of their remodeling education take the place of names. '育新區, YuXinQu', which receives these remodeled education, is a place desolate at the foot of the far-off Yellow River, no village, no man, no sound. While cultivating land that has been devastated here, while farming, you will receive mental education and also receive labor education. And the major characters of the work are mostly composed of intellectuals and belong to the 99th section adjacent to the Yellow River most, the most distant, furthest from the headquarters above, namely the 99th district People who are. Although living in a lonely outback, the above-mentioned old and new life was surely better than prison until the famine came.

It does not matter how they come here. I do not know when it will be important, but live and return home. The way to get out here is to escape from Jejuko, or to take three people to escape, to stand up the ball, like a knowledgeable person known as "experiment", pleased with the top, he or also sincere As a reward for a diligent exemplary life, I gather the pentagram star (pentagon star) properly and go to the house. The most safe way to do this is to collect pentagon stars, so let's take off all the civilization constraints such as humanity, conscience, intellectuals as dignity and honor as intellectuals, mobilize all means and methods, show them well to The Children(Administration to manage the 99 wards) Blood tears Lamy struggle.

However, the faint hope given by the pentagram star is desperately reversed as the great famine came. Reduction Decrease Distribution of upper sweet potatoes, which was 38 g a day, will eventually be disconnected. It is hungry that it is more frightening than death. Parents are willing to sacrifice to those who live their lives, if they starve, they are children, nothing. She spreads both eyes and eats a child while shedding tears of red blood. It is human beings' survival instincts, the reasons behind the world. No matter how much knowledge people who have surveyed about world principles can also be used as a stalemate chohamyeon object. Which intellectuals got the beam in the beams Everyone who did not know about the next and lasting fellows who ate the last force of the month every month to leave the pentagon star which gathered their flesh and difficulties, It is thought that the scene that is leaving is submerged, sublime.

The sun wraps the earth, and the earth supports all the living things. Quiet silence dominates than death, where the dust in the wind dances and the clouds are scattered The sound of the fine air is immersed in the human ear. Lonely than tomb There is obviously a harsh setting where nature has fallen. Their pretty girls fighting tough fighting with tough nature on the harsh stage, detailed inner layer thought Anyway, it is up to sublime in that the historical development process of human beings has been drafted into the conflict of nature and mankind. Even such efforts were driven to a terrible hunger than their death. In the civilization era, hunger is sharp and sharpened like a blade like survival instinct that had been looking for a relaxing life somewhere in the body, the minimum shame to be possessed as a human being, the body surface, etc. on a hotly heated iron plate It instantaneously evaporated like waterdrops scattered around. Temporarily learned many books from others and learned a lot, people who were told me as knowledge ghetto cockroached and passed through the devastated earth through gear. Who were they going to the situation?

The act of eating flesh, such as insanity, mental illness, and unusual hobbies, is disgusting, but not disastrous. However, it is immeasurably cruel to value in situations like the last postcard where you only have to eat human flesh. Is it necessary to blame others who ate meat meat or need to blame others so created? This work became a prohibition in China. While admitting the failure of the Great Leap Forward Movement and the great famine as human resources, China refuses to publish works that incorporate it. As this pointed out by Yen Lenker, it is a reality section of China, unknown, unknown, China's reality.


2017. 4. 14.

[Book Review] It's interesting to someone, but for someone... ~ Look Who's Back(Timur Vermes)

It's interesting to someone, but disgusting for someone

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All of these are covered by taxes issued by a rustic man from a shell factory. And to the eyes of the experienced Imperial President, all of these are sure to see the conspiracy of capital and Jews, the international financial forces. (in the Text)

Did he come back? Who the hell? Bismarck to shed blood of iron? A great genius Einstein who repeated calculations to calculate until the moment of death? Or a Beethoven with a soul's ears? Well, they are not. So who? The Second World War and Holocaust's main criminal Adolf Hitler came back. It is also in the present of the 21st century. Of course, the return of Hitler who does soon-seeking the chat of the whole world despite this strange outdoor is not an actual situation, but fortunately it returns through the virtual reality in Timur Vermes' novel 『Look Who's Back(Er ist wieder da)』 It is a word. Through his novel, it appeared to the whole world, but it is not far from the fact that it may be a real Hitler, or perhaps an unpleasant work that makes a wish for any fanatical desire to see such a second coming There is not.

On April 30, 1945, Hitler who committed suicide by a pistol at the underground bunker was 66 years later on August 30, 2011, dust was heard a bit in the vacant lot in Berlin and the smell of gasoline was perfunctory or perfect for a uniform appearance I felt a headache and awoke, he came back. Genuine Hitler not just a fake but also that he is back again is shocking but he has a valiant tongue and agitation ability that is a genius talent for modern state-of-the-art media systems such as computers and the Internet, TV It is also a lot of fun to become a person who draws interests of the public again, such as converging and becoming a YouTube star. Once he started political life with a bare hand in Munich's via hole, he again began a program business and political life through TV and the Internet with bare hands. Finally, he is supported by the new technologies that were not in the past and succeeds in consolidating his position while being sacrificed by some extreme violence.

How did he recover that he ran into the crucible of catastrophe and catastrophe all over the world? It is a situation similar to the situation when he actually worked, that is, German citizens are in great political, economic and social danger, but leaders who overcome this difficulty among politicians and national The past turmoil that there is no will is repeated also in modern Germany. Politician's lack of responsibility consciousness, economic terrorism caused by globalization and the emergence of China, labor markets of foreigners who used low wages as a weapon, erosion of highly educated unemployed German people like unemployed people feel like crisis and garbage Dissatisfied with the creation of an extreme solution to restore Hitler. Therefore, Hitler judges that it was launched with the mission of history that he must cross the mysterious barrier of time and be confused. There he is, nobody has Tomin, no one is recommended, no one is desirable, but, by itself, German fate packages become a struggle struggle again.

There is no armed guard that first bows him first, there is no army to work and eat to its full extent, the headquarters that command the army is not discouraged by the apathy reality, even a little luck and even the family of the Jewish victims persuaded Let ternary tongue new SS, that is, succeed in attracting Internet believers and management company. Shame as shame as a black comedy that his extravagant but direct allegation saturated the first reality, his continued battle of will and struggle, his Onbyeongsul who adapt to the new society argues as if it were ambiguous ambiguous While gradually maintaining the focus of going to gain persuasive power. It gave us a single hope that gently unravels the hardened mind like a stone of a disappointed people like the past. Fortunately, and clearly, Hitler adapts to the new reality, but also in the absence of present peaceful violence, you can see that the method before me can not be passed. By doing this, he is ready to compromise with the world compromisingly and will decide himself to use it for others, rather than just using his own abilities for himself.

Although the assumption that "if" already is a delusion in the history that ink already has a hard history, if the charisma that God can not keep up with anyone and Hitler who has God onby Bysul is born in the 21st century, what kind To the question of whether it did things, it is a difficult setting that is difficult to throw off easily. Also, there is no guarantee that this problem is not made like a novel because there is no answer of course. If we can give something to German anxiety and dissatisfaction Debomham, who does not see anyone's complexion, with a painful talk like graceful rain, it is a liberal democratic society where expression and thought freedom is guaranteed, There must not be such existence either. But do not miss the fact that such a historical family can actually hide the appearance of Hitler and the evils he has exerted on the whole world skillfully.

Well, Hitler is an age-misleading battlefield that is inflammatory, but a valgus with a meaning somewhat meaningless and oblivious in a narrow amount and obsolete reality brought about by the reality of today can not be pleasant, is there. However, Timur Vermes' novel 『Look Who's Back(Er ist wieder da)』 became a popular book, the more you want Hitler to reappear, the more German people are now quite dissatisfied with Germany So, this book, to the politicians, just smiles and gives a bitter taste quite strongly. Knowing what kind of person Hitler is, if it is a person who is rich in imagination with no sunglasses, it will be many interesting books, but it is a serious person who is not rich in imagination who knows what kind of person Hitler is If it is, it may become a bad book in one word.




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