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레이블이 Science & Math인 게시물을 표시합니다. 모든 게시물 표시

2017. 10. 25.

[Book Review] A trip to anthropology when leaving 'Wooly women' ~ LUCY(Donald Johanson)

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A trip to anthropology when leaving 'Wooly women'

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It may be a somewhat tremendous dream, but when you can not see the other side of the mountain, you can have as many dreams as you want. (in the Text)

They live buried in static that can not be imagined in the life surrounded by civilization under the hot sun far beyond 40 degrees Celsius. They are gazing at the dry ground where dust happens to search for the money that a beggar fell on the floor. Sometimes it is squatting so that feces can also be seen, as if they carefully observe the grains of the soil one by one. Whether they light up even a little, they may illuminate assets of valuable human beings, rather than jewelry. They are an anthropologist, uncovering the past soon, revealing the evolution path of mankind.

In this book 『LUCY: THE BEGINNINGS OF HUMANKIND』, when studying human fossils, anthropologist Donald Johanson reveals the complicated geologic structure like yarn, while overcoming Ethiopia's political challenge There is adversity included. And it is a report that records the process of suffering until discovering LUCY which was an important electric shop in the history of Hominidu fresh and the research process of intolerance to describe and interpret the LUCY fossil. In addition, it is interesting also the intense controversy of human origin which spreads before and after the history of paleontology before the discovery of Lucy and the time Lucy was discovered.

On the other hand, it can be said that all high anthropologists research with one purpose to say the origin of mankind. However, invisible inside the academic community, there is hidden innocence competition over honor and interest. Among the scholars who seemed to be high, not responsible for invisible competition of excavation rights, a sound criticism for the development of academic achievement, responsibility to shunt accidental partners, other scholars of the author who discovered Lucy Time and jealousy rampant. In this book, it is somewhat shocking that it is intertwined as complicated as the complex geological structure and it is ugly in the academic world. The scholars expect that vague expectation if they learn more than ordinary people and accept a lot of human readings and books as well as accepting new aspects and new things, but if you open the lid, For success the delusive obsession of greed and my knowledge and belief is as bad as the desire for research. Looking at the dark side of the academic society, there are cases where a selfless true scientist for mankind exists, whether it really exists. Perhaps they may just be people who want to succeed in areas that you can best do.

Well, as I read the book, thanks to discovering Lucy, I do not know if an emerging young scholar who became a star who became a big star will give it at a moment The figure which is concealing but concealing in front of me is visible. But even his hot sun in Africa forgets everything his passion for anthropology, which is deeply felt. And those that solved the history of paleontology in an easy-to-understand manner are also advantages of this book. Blast furnace readers do not need to listen to Lucy's discovery from the discovery of hardships leading to analysis and the process of long research bored with academic tone. Instead, the reader is like a hero of a movie Indiana Jones (as a hero who can not miss any movie) sandwiching a Wooly lady on the side, (also indispensable in the movie You will leave the exciting adventure that you can not afford even in an impending crisis situation that I met a villain in licorice of licorice. To this extent, I would like to buy high points that I dynamically wrote so that academic sentences that can increase harder when I do somewhat can come in easily in my head.


2017. 10. 4.

[Book Review] Milestone of a long journey towards the origin of life ~ First Life(David Deamer)

First Life book cover
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Milestone of a long journey towards the origin of life

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How about the circumstances of the origin of life? There is no theory yet, there are dozens of hypotheses. The hypothesis test that I am trying to describe is a molding of the early Earth at the time of life origin. All the factual progress made in understanding the beginning of life depends on the template experiment of. (in the Text)

Mr. Friedrich Engels who is a member of Karl Heinrich Marx defines "Life is the existence style of protein" and accomplished a remarkable progress Molecular biologists who made a remarkable progress in the 20th century " Is a system that duplicates itself ". Rudolf Schoenheimer, a physiologist who exiled from Germany to Germany at the time of World War II, defined not as a component formed by life and elements, but as an effect induced by element flow, that is, a flow in dynamic equilibrium . In light of the complexity of life and the difficult-to-understand nature, these definitions reflect only a small part of the many properties of human life's science revealed. Anyway to acquire energy and nutrients from the surrounding environment of protein or membrane-enclosed polymer systems to maintain the sophisticated balance while constantly destroying and rebuilding your growth and reproductive system or yourself How the dynamic equilibrium state is started, that is, the origin of life needs to be revealed, and the definition of life can also be clarified. Next, what can the present science say about the origin of life?

"We do not know the answer yet", "Important but still unanswered questions to find", "No one really knows this is this", "In a situation where there is no persuasive explanation for now "There is no agreed idea yet", "This problem is also a problem that you can not easily find answers", "No one ever found it."

Although it may lead to disappointment, it is the origin of life to cause many scientists to worry about many questions and continuing questions. Currently, human beings understand the laws of physics that can explain the birth and evolution of the universe, the existence and nature of the universe. Furthermore, beyond the solar system, mankind is searching for another area with unknown life forms in the unlikely event through space exploration. Still, humanity could not find a clear answer as to how life on Earth started yet. That does not mean, however, that only quite a lot of books 『First Life: Discovering the Connections between Stars, Cells, and How Life Began』(David Deamer) are complete with only the questions and doubts that could not be solved bored. In the scientific community, this book, which has a bold challenge and stunning achievements of pioneering scholars exploring the origin of life, even though it is a small number, wants to explore the unknown world that finds the origin of life Readers' curiosity Fraud, charging at opportunities to fully satisfy your heart.

When many people dream of success becoming millionaires, they live a lifetime, scientists devote their lives to the treasure "discovery". When many people get pleasure in a few places, scientists enjoy the unlimited pleasure of finding answers by asking questions. This book is pleased with its pleasure and put the fruit of the true will and effort of the scientist who wants to share it with everyone as it is. In addition to the present state of the science of human beings of the origin of everlasting life, confess its limit also purely. By doing so, it is a milestone of a long journey to leave without finding the origin of life, a book like a strong partner.


2017. 9. 24.

[book review] The one-time evolution which dominates the world ~ Power, sex, suicide(Nick Lane)

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The one-time evolution which dominates the world

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This is not a strange coexistence story, it is not a story about bioenergy which can be said to be the industrial revolution of life. This story tells us the operating system that governs the evolution of all life forms in complex shapes, not only through the earth, but also through the story of life itself that can be displayed from anywhere in the universe. (in the Text)

'Force' and the etymology of 'Midichlorian'

In the movie 「Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace, 1999)」 Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn and his apprentice Obi-Wan Kenobi serve Queen Padmé Amidala and depart for the Republic. Then when the spaceship breaks down, stop by the Tatooine planet. From there there is a fateful encounter with an antique deal slave juvenile Anakin Skywalker. Qui-Gon, who discovered the disposition of the unusual boy, examines the boy's blood in his mind. At this time, the word 'midichlorian' which is the Force crystal appears. Jedi 's Knight emphasizes the importance of midichlorian saying that without midichlorian life never exists Existence of Force never known. The etymology of this word is exactly Mitochondria.

The importance of mitochondria in the history of the origin and evolution of life is more important than the explanation of the Jedi. Mitochondria, a small generator contained in living cells, produces all the energy needed for the vast majority of Earth life to live. Mitochondria is a diversity of life, everything that affects the overall health and reproductive ability of life, diversity of life, sexual reproduction, energy efficiency, internal heat production, free radica) leakage, Apoptosis, aging, degenerative diseases, various climates And the ability to adapt to the environment. While this book 『Power, Sex, Suicide: Mitochondria and the Meaning of Life』 is a hidden ruler of the world yet, many parts are covered with veil, by keeping track of the secret of mitochondria, why they are manipulating energy and results death as desired, Leave readers with an impressive milestone on how to change their lives and how they will change in the future.

Free radical and antioxidant

Above all, the part that is interested in relation to mitochondria is the relationship between free radical and antioxidant soon. Mitochondria utilize the flow of electrons to generate respiratory chain, this flow runs the proton pump of the cell membrane, making ATP (adenosine triphosphate) which is the energy currency. However, for some reason, for example, when overeating, the supply of electrons takes a break after overdose, so the fluctuation in demand for ATP is eliminated, but at this time, the electrons overflowing the supply are released from the respiratory chain and oxygen Causing free radicals to leak and accidents occur. Once this signal is detected, mitochondria tries to make the oxidase more crease and make the flow of respiratory chain smoother. Nevertheless, if the situation is not calm, we induce an uncoupling phenomenon that separates the flow of ATP production and the flow of electrons and disperses the supply of excessive electrons into thermal energy. So if you eat too much and take a break, you will get fever from your body. However, if free radicals are not decreasing, this time, make the last decision. Mitochondria judged to have problems with the cells themselves, apoptosis that minimizes damage to the host, ie, orders a cell suicide order. This causes the problematic cell to be deleted before necrosis, and the dregs are absorbed by surrounding cells and reused.

Thus, free radicals are mitochondria and signals of changes responsible for the overall physiology of the cell. Unconditional antioxidant removal is not a pest. Nick Lane strongly denies whether the antioxidant is properly applied to a complicated mitochondrial system, but advises that if it is effective it may cause death, the worst situation that the cell does not die . If it dies, the cell survives and does not die, if it replicates, it is a cancer cell that is not the other. If you want to live healthier, it is probably the best choice to eat less steadily than ever being dependent on false advertisements, relying on no false advertisements, so far.

The protagonist of 'Wonderful Life' Mitochondria

Stephen Jay Gould is his famous book, 『Wonderful Life: The Burgess Shale and the Nature of History』, and if the movie of life can be reproduced many times from the beginning, what will I raised doubts as to what will happen. Is it now it repeats as knowledge that mankind grasps? Or is it unfamiliar every time a new world is born? The answer lies in the mitochondria. One evolution that occurred when bacteria dominated the world during the 2 billion years produced the origin of eukaryotic organisms as the starting point for biodiversity, with mitochondria in the center. If there is no mitochondria, the earth is still on a boring planet where only germs are lost. Considering the fact that a long time of 2 billion years has passed until the symbiosis between Archaea and mitochondria is born, the hope of mankind to search the planet which achieved the diversity of the same life as the earth in this universe It is possible to have a drinking watering expectation. However, although the birth of eukaryotic organisms occurs at a rate of once every two billion years, even if it is a very evolutionary evolution, if you count as many stars as 13.8 billion years ages of the universe and seaside sand Clearly, imagining that a planet resembling the Earth or an intellectual life body similar to us is not too big to grab the clouds. Next, another intellectual life somewhere in this universe will reveal the history of life, like us, we are struggling to investigate the secret of mitochondria, or already have revealed all secrets clearly It could solve the aging and gain the key to longevity. Unfortunately, however, the universe separating us from us can not exchange distinctive information that can not be greeted by each other far too much.

After finishing ...

Frankly, science education books are not easy to read. A specialized term and a completely separate formula or chemical formula after graduation rampant, while being embarrassed to the reader, but as a scholar who frequently uses papers rather than experts such as novelist, it seems like a listening academic lecture The obsolete sentence and hard tone tells the taste of especially reading. Nonetheless, looking up scientifically cultivated books steadily, in some cases, you can enjoy the fortune that you can satisfy interesting scientific literary books written by a narrator like this book. And the joy of this fortune will be the driving force to find another scientific culture book. By the way (before I read it) Before reading this book, I encourage you to read 『Oxygen: The molecule that made the world』 that came out before this book.


2017. 8. 7.

[Book Review] Will it be remembered as the worst generation in human history? ~ Requiem for a Species(Clive Hamilton)

book cover
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Will it be remembered as the worst generation in human history?

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Despite the fact that the evidence that the earth is changing more and more difficult to live flows over and over, it is a matter of thinking whether to contrast its seriousness with economic value itself is nonsense. (in the Text)

Climate disaster already started?

In May 2013, atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration exceeded 400ppm for the first time in three million years. The steadily increasing CO2 concentration is approaching 450ppm, the last line that scientists have calculated to be able to handle climate disasters. If this trend continues, it will be around 2050 when the climate equilibrium breaks. Also, as undeniable evidence of global warming and, as expected, 2016 was the warmest year in global temperature observations. Not to exceed the scientist's last hope of 450ppm would be possible only when all countries around the world are now enforcing a coercive and compulsory climate change policy. Many scientists already confess that the last time mankind can prevent climate disasters has been missed. Some of them mention signs of turning points that generate global warming phenomena and positive feedback effects, sometimes say that climate disasters have already started. African Sudan suffering from civil disturbances such as desertification, water shortage, refugees, etc. is a representative example which is a present progressive form of climate disaster and the climate war. Second, the change in climate change creation is irreversible for a minimum of a few thousand years, humanity must endure a long generation from the hell produced by the arrogance of science. Says 『Requiem for a Species: Why We Resist the Truth about Climate Change』 author Clive Hamilton. Even if the world is prepared, climate change is an unstoppable flow of time, and the canary, now a landmark of global warming, is dead and it is time for everyone to leave the coal mine. He asserts that climate change is not one of the many variables to come in the future, but an inevitable fact (because canaries are very sensitive to cloudy air, so past miners were an important means of measuring air toxicity in mines)

Reason why the golden generation of science and technology ignores scientists' warnings

It is really desperate. None of the books I've read before have ever portrayed the future as a gloomy and desperate hell with no hope of a future. As many reports support his argument, the compass of science goes beyond the scale of 'climate change' to 'climate catastrophe'. Nevertheless, many people are blindfolded. Nevertheless, many people are blindfolded and ignore the truth. For generations who realize the achievements of dazzling science in the past than in any generation and enjoy the benefits of science and technology, why we never wonder why we are ignoring the warnings of that many scientists.

In response to this question, Hamilton sends a final warning to mankind through a clear, terrible and depressing analysis. It explains human instinctual and psychological problems clearly and clearly, such as the psychological tendency of mankind falling into a tragedy, the tendency to avoid facts, excessive arrogance and optimism, selfish greed, loss of motivation due to desperation. On the other hand, it is evident that civilization, which is now proud of humanity, such as materialism which has won in the confrontation with naturalism, obsession with growth, consumerism, democracy decadence not only caused climate change but also failed in proper preparation. And the cold-hearted argument that the radical and radical change in the current civilization system can only reduce the damage of climate change makes us depressed.

Will we be remembered in the worst generation in human history?

Cowardly action to ignore the truth, with optimistic hope in front of the evidence of climate change, is only a stumbling block to climate change. Mankind is being pushed by a dead end cliff. It may already be falling down a cliff. However, the depths of the cliffs are too deep, they are not comprehended by the persistent obstruction of climate skepticism and the indifference of humanity and ignorance, easy, foolishness alone and do not understand the risks so far. The ultimate goal of all living beings on earth is survival. Evolution and adaptation are also just one of many means of survival, as well as human civilization. However, we often confuse means and purpose. Sometimes they are overly immersed and the means are transformed into goals.

Now, mankind must make a choice of destiny at the crossroads of civilization and survival. It is a trivial question that there is no room to think if you look at it, but it is a fact that hesitated for a long time, and human beings are hesitant even now. Even if civilization degenerates, we do not lose everything human beings have, but it is also a fact that there are many difficulties and inconveniences. However, the current climate disaster is be moth-eaten little by little the human civilization and Earth's ecosystem. If mankind abandons it without doing anything, the present mankind will not escape the condemnation of history, and will be remembered as the worst generation in human history.


2017. 5. 28.

[Book Review] It starts with a far-away dream of human beings as space travel... ~ V-2: A Combat History of the First Ballistic Missile(T. D. Dungan)

Rocket development that started in a far-away dream of human beings as space travel

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If we conclude that the development of the many breakthrough technologies we have accomplished is the result of weapons development for war will we deny the fact that humans possess a wonderful soul Is it? (int the Text)

At the time of World War II, there was a new weapon called V-2, the first ballistic missile in Germany. As one North Korea is mobilizing all the national strength and developing one ballistic missile system can wear multiple nuclear warheads, in many cases it has huge destructive power to pick up the extinction of mankind There. But is it a terrible performance from Jinyeoggi compared to such a modern missile system? Or from the stigma of weapons of defeated nation? V-2, which Germany developed at the time of World War II, was not so widely known as a weak body of innovative technology just to confuse many experts at the time, and experts A historical evaluation also dominated critical criticism which was a comprehensive waste of time and labor, resources.

Like the harsh history assessment, was V-2 a bad weapon even in the actual war? On the contrary, 『V-2: A Combat History of the First Ballistic Missile by T. D Dungan』 is not so miserable as V-2's success got so rude, Explain that the military's strategic plan had a major impact.

From September 1944, on the coast of the Netherlands, the missiles launched to the UK were about 1,300 legs, of which more than 500 rockets each dropped in other parts of London's suburbs. The remainder do not cause serious damage to the Allied Powers as a criticism of history later, misfire due to various malfunctions, explosion in the air and so on. A total of 2,724 people lost their lives in the official statistics of life damage and 6,467 people were seriously injured. I think that many people were attacked by the weapons of V-1 and V-2 only in the UK, but in fact it was different. Antwerp, which was used as a major supply base of the Allied forces after the Normandy landing operations, received more V-2 attacks than London as V-2 more than 1,600 drops in total for 6 months. It was over 30,000 people who might be casualties.

More than anything, the real power of the V-2 attack has evoked an infinite fear in the attacked citizens. V-2 suddenly attacked and could not take such measures as air raid warnings, and at that time the Allied Army technology, a missile falling from the atmosphere at an astonishing rate to break through the speed of sound I could not take any measures to protect. A citizen who was tired of helplessness and fear of having to accept without notice, had no choice but to send an uneasy day as long as a day wishing for a day.

Besides that, V-based weapons gave us a gap where Germany could breath for a moment from the unrestricted bombing of the Allies. The Allied Army, sarcastical that the New York Times finally succeeded in attracting Allied bombers to another place at last, had the potential of V-based weapons before V-based weapons were actually deployed An enormous amount of bombardment was carried out by "Crossbow operations" who try to crush a given given threat. Still, V-1 (the first cruising missile), the V-2 attack, or "penguin strategy" started as scheduled as if laughing at the allies' efforts. Even after that, the Allies forced to find a detachable launch point of V-2 and try to rush to destroy, but there was no big effect.

'V' is a weapon of V-1 and V-2, not 'Victory', meaning victory, but rather as taken from the Nazi Propaganda Goebbels in the national radio speech, taken from 'vergelten' It is 'V'. In other words, under the will of the Nazi fanatical destruction, it was made for indiscriminate slaughter V type weapon. Since Hitler died and German surrender and so on, the vast number of V-2 related materials and personnel engaged in the development of V-2 moved to the Allied Forces and V-1 cruised like Tomahawk Missiles, V-2 led to the development of tactical ballistic missiles like infamous Scud missiles. In addition, the V-2 related technology succeeded Apollo exploration on the foundation of the first step of space travel, which is a long-standing idea of ​​humanity

The former rocket was the first button to replace the dream of space traveling that revealed only science fiction novels to reality. However, in the absence of war, it would be a systematic, continuous support and research for space travel and space exploration, which was a faraway dream of humanity. Because Germany was developing V weapons and in the US Dr. Goddard was also studying rockets, but since the rocket at that time in the United States was underestimated for military purposes, nobody It was because he had no interest.

As the authors pointed out, humans proved their ways of creativity, cunning, and brutality in war. Ironically, the technology developed to kill human life efficiently and destroy civilization deviates from the hostile goal of the technology, for example for those who are lucky like us death and destruction Gave us convenience, no. Whether you see real people who have not abandoned nuclear weapons yet, even if human beings are selfish, the soul alone is pure as crystal. The controversy is truly an excuse.


2017. 5. 5.

[Book Review] Do not be fooled by Fred Singer! ~ Unstoppable Global Warming

Do not be fooled by Fred Singer!

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What kind of species was extinct on the large scale in the past is not actually caused by the temperature change of the Earth itself, but atmospheric dust caused by external factors such as asteroids and comets collision has forged the sun for many years It is because it made it invisible. (in the Text)

Fred Singer is a typical climate change skepticism and collaborative author Dennis Avery is a columnist. However, the problem is quite dubious, but it is the background of the two of us.

A research paper by Park Sang-pyo(Research community <Health and alternative>) Research committee <Monsanto sells poisons 'Merchant of death' or 'Messiah' to release humanity from hunger?> Let's see.

"Avery is not just a scientist but a column list that prefers the logic of the extreme rightist," and to the singer, "Singer is quick to say that it is difficult to say bullshit assertions that the hazard of tobacco was not proved He moved to other fields and denied the corporate warming global warming. " Singer is also notorious as a contract scientist working for the tobacco industry with Frederick Seitz. In 1994 he appeared in a late-night program on television that the funds of the Science & Environmental Policy Project which Fred singer was involved in Exxon and Shell, Unocal at a large energy (petroleum) company like Atlantic Litchfield (ARCO) I admitted.
(Http://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php/Science_and_Environmental_Policy_Project # Funding)


A web site (www.exxonsecrets.org) that collects materials posted in official documents of Exxon Mobil will receive money from this company and the names of 124 organizations closely related to those who receive money are enumerated ing. However, the interesting point is the fact that they show a uniformly consistent view on climate change. Science is inconsistent, scientists are split, environmental activists are liars, liars, even crazy people, and if the government takes action to prevent global warming, without a just reason , Claim to threaten the world economy. This group names the research results that they do not like "science of garbage", and names research that welcomes them as "orthodox science". (『Heat: how to stop the planet from burning』, George Monbiot)

That's why, considering these points, you must read 『Unstoppable Global Warming』. Simply put, 'Do not be fooled by Fred Singer.'

The core point claimed in 『Unstoppable Global Warming』 is simple. Based on the 'Dansgaard–Oeschger event' discovered by investigating the ice cores of Greenland, the global climate is repeated with global warming and cooling at an average 1500 year cycle, It is only according to such a cycle.

Thus, this book predicts the climate of the earth very simply and comfortably, with a history of life of 600 million years with just 250,000 years of materials extracted from the glacier core. Truly like this, '5 mass extinction' and other large and small extinctions should not have occurred if the Earth's climate had a very regular flow. Especially the extinction of the Permian period which extincted more than 90% of species by 251 million years ago is even more. However, in this book, the cause of such extinction is spared only by meteorite exercise, human hunting and farming work, and alien species. Even if the Permian extinction is said to be from the meteorite (although Michael J. Benton's 『When life nearly died: the greatest mass extinction of all time』 explains with a focus on Siberian trap and methane trap rather than meteorite collision) '5 mass extinction' To the extinction of the end of the Cretaceous that extinct dinosaurs inside, unless it is included, the collision of the meteorite acted as the main reason, only double is extinction. The remaining extinction, that is, the late Ordovician period, is a large Ice Age, during the late Devonian period, climate cooling(or meteorite collision) associated with ocean floor anoxidation, the late Triassic climate change In order to see. And climate change was mostly the main cause of large and small extinctions excluding 5 extinctions.

In the figure below, let's look at the atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration and oxygen concentration at the end of Permian extinction.

(『Out of thin air: dinosaurs, birds, and Earth's ancient atmosphere』, Peter Douglas Ward, Excerpts in Korean translated version)

Even if the cause of extinction at the end of the Perm is meteorite collision, we can not explain such a high carbon dioxide concentration and extinction rate of more than 90% only by collision of meteorites. Unless Siberia trap, methane trap etc. are added here, the whole extinction scenario can be completed, For some reason, the temperature of the Earth has risen by 6 degrees with the rapid increase of carbon dioxide. As a result, the normal feedback process of the Earth has been destroyed, and the earth has become a hell of anaerobic digestion and extinction has been completed. It took more than 100 million years to reach the level of diversity of life in the late Permian.

So climatologists are worried that even though climate change takes place with the Earth cycle, artificially emitted carbon dioxide is sensitive to the climate system of the Earth. It is a small possibility to play a role. Because it is likely to lead to the sixth annihilation if it only works normally once with its initiator.

However, in this book, I ignore all the possibilities like this and are consistently consistent with the 1500 year cycle. By the way, Gerard Bond, a geologist frequently cited in this book, which relates the cycle of 1500 and solar vibration, left a very meaningful word before dying I quoted it in another book that can not be seen in books.

Prior to death, we believed that most climate change over the past 10,000 years was driven by solar vibrations and amplified via feedback like ice formation and marine conveyor strength change. He worried that people would interpret this as being a natural phenomenon of global warming so far. In an interview he did just before the death, "but that would be a misuse of the data," rather the most important lesson of their research was to "prove the sensitivity of the system itself." He also said, "If the Earth's climate system is very sensitive to very weak solar energy output perturbation (perturbation), if the Earth's climate system is sensitive to weak changes due to the sun's forcing If there is, "Other suggestions that people humbled greenhouse gas in the atmosphere," also suggested that there is a possibility of being sensitive again "(『With speed and violence』, Fred Pearce)

What Bond worried about is realized as it is by Fred Singer and Dennis Avery, so when Bond who left this world in 2005 watches the situation, my heart hurts.

Some allegations of scientists predicting climate change, like allegations of skeptics, do not have the sense of promoting fear and anxiety exaggerated to the masses, and predictions of scientists' climate are often insisted It is a real problem that far more uncertain than being done and it can be the limitation of current science.

Nobody is convinced whether or not a chain-like incident that will cause a catastrophe really will occur. However, in preparation for the war, which may not take place and does not agree to wake up, we are pouring huge amounts of money and effort. It happens only once, because it is very deadly.

During the tens of millions years we are playing in the fire when we can cash out the carbon that was buried under the ground. And we do not know the exact result and can not be absolutely secure. (『With speed and violence』, Fred Pearce)

Indeed, no one can make maximum use of how long Homo sapiens' luck can last.




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