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[book review] Pain and despair that can not be depthed like dreams ~ Dream of Ding Village(Yan Lianke)

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Pain and despair that can not be depthed like dreams

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"Please leave it well, please remember me Ding Hui said that the value you made to Ding Hui did not commit even if you made a mistake I was sorry for everyone I wish for you It is a word that there is nothing unfortunate." (in teh Text)

Exploding the blood, even the soul is exploitation

Actually in 1995 when the demand for blood from hospitals and pharmaceutical companies increased sharply, in Henan Province, the extensive mehyeol movement settled. Farmers in Henan Province, like Ding village people appearing in "Dream of Ding Village(丁庄夢)", earn 200 yuan per year of living expenses, they were just barely selling blood once for 20 yuan As I received it, everyone who had blood flowed only had to come out. It is a pity that it can not sell bloods such as dogs, cats, pigs, cows, and chickens that are scattered all over the place. And as the man-made disaster mostly brought buds with irresponsible greed and arrogance and laziness irresponsibly, the process of selling the remaining blood as much as possible by earning money was obviously unsanitary. To the wealth in front of my eyes, for the people, I did not even see the AIDS that I've never heard of even closely into the people's blood vessels. As a result, AIDS was once again trampled on by the dreams of the miserable life of the people.

Ding village "My" father Ding Hui appears in the mehyeol header. Was the communist spirit that transparency such that it is not necessary to share everything? Ding Hui puts AIDS by using a syringe which has not been disinfected. People in the village who realized the error of Ding Hui one step behind because of the characteristic of AIDS that has a very long incubation period. Ding Hui, who is a party, is not a finger ground, while someone of them reprimandes and surrounds Ding Hui's livestock and sons' and 'poisoning', and it is not a fingering ground.In front of his face, he can not say honey Is Ding Hui rich and executives?

In violation of the Ding Hui provision, he is the one who built the only three-tier house. He sells blood excessively, there is no blood on his face, beadslin forward and backward walkers who can not step by step, exceeding the prescribed amount, but unless they say unwillingly without blood I cited it. In addition to this, the government embeffled casket which the government distributed for free to those who died of AIDS, and gained money to AIDS patients and family members of AIDS patients and sold it. People die to extinction This time I could not get married but tied with a pair of men and women who died and I got the cost of dating. Ding Hui says all things are good. He makes a lot of good things, he gets huge rich. The bunches of cash that some of them do not understand to some extent are stacked like a mountain so that they can not do anything in the luxurious luxury at the Uli rihan mansion. Communism is criticism that capitalism exploits the labor force of the people, they exploit the blood of the people, exploit casket, even exploit the soul.

Not resigned, but the lives of the people

Nonetheless, the people will heal themselves by forgetting pain and pain wounds rather than positively appealing and angrating the people. They live all day long perfectly keeping all their suffering and hardships like oblivion altogether. Life of poverty and hunger, sorrow and despair, suffering and humiliation suffering pain, the severe life that is unlikely to change absolutely before life is soft, smooth like grassroots, what is in front of their power Can you do it? If there is something they can do, you can look back and it will not be long before forgetting the past. I do not think about the future without hope at all. Wounds and anger that are not fruitful are like to appease their own care. For that reason, at that time, in reality it will live while taking the best ones. In the presence of power, it pretends to adapt. So Ding Hui puts it in front of power and has not invoked opposition, and in the best way you can take that time then (even if it is cowardly and immoral) you gain reality benefits. People in Ding village are not compliant as they do not give up. Ding village people 's reality oriented Yu Ding Hui' s son Din Liang ('My's' uncle) and is dramatically expressed through Linlin' s adultery. They took AIDS at the age of flowers. For that reason, each wife and husband received a cold treatment, lonely living, and thus "AIDS couple" that is tied up. The adultery brings lively noises and interests to the village for a while, but as soon as people in the village admit the relationship between the two. Some people also leave words of heartfelt warm encouragement. They look down on the past developed by heat and fall into depression, or not harass AIDS. I will die soon, I will not even think of the future, I will live and pour the current breath stability. These lovely love and beautifully lonesome endings are small stories of feelings and novels hidden in the work. And it is the exposed exposure of the people 's practical affirmative treatment techniques.

Tell the truth as a dream and expose the truth as fiction

This work is prohibited in China. Because it revealed the country's shame and the tragedy of the people. However, speakers are surprisingly dead. Like dreaming, Just as souls who have died in peril, The dead are talking. That's why Yan Lianke 's "Dream of Ding Village" is a work that is fictitious and truthful, hiding the facts in a dream' s tale, twosing the facts, and putting both feet on fantasy and reality. So rather than call this work "Fantastic Realism". Because it tells the truth as a dream and exposes the truth as fiction.

This work is a fantastic and dreamy story told by the dead to the living. This work is filled with suffering, despair and resignation. This work is pretending to be true, sometimes pretending to wander in my dreams, and making fun of my mouth. But it is a story of scoffing at the facts and figuring out the lies. Thus, readers who open their books without any measures will be spread to their vague sufferings, their grieving sorrows, and their desperate despair and lonely resignation, as the people of Ding Village sell blood and suffer from AIDS. Therefore, the reader is forced to suffer a fever like Ding Village people. The story is wrapped in a vague but beautiful and fascinating packaging of dreams. The grievous wounds of pain and despair are somewhat blurred, as if translucent grease paper was attached. But because it is a dream, the depth of suffering and despair is unknown.



[Book Review] The purity friendship that came out through crimping of 'decoration' and 'authority' ~ English(Wang Gang)

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The purity friendship that came out through crimping of 'decoration' and 'authority'

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I sprinkled perfumes on my body using my attention like Second Prize Wang. Also, I had supplementary lessons for lovely female students, I thought that it was my greatest enjoyment to sing pop songs to female students who can study. However, I was different from Second Prize Wang in that he was not afraid of other people's controversy. I publicly declared that I like smart girls students. (in the Text)

An English teacher in Shanghai who came to the outback

Urumqi meaning "beautiful ranch" in Mongolia. There is a summer not coming until the beginning of June, the desolated wide, and the people who live in the Great Wall are imagining that there will be no bus. Suddenly, an English lesson began at a school there, like a blind spot of such civilization. The teacher is Second Prize Wang, a man with a shining smile that removes it to a majestic figure emanating a young sophisticated, pleasant scent of smell coming from Shanghai. He liked to give supplements to girls as he was a vigorous young man, and most of the intellectuals in China got an English lesson in a different way than it was unrequited love of his country I missed Uyghur sensei Ahjitai who was kicked out of school. Because he is not a materialist, he believed in God godly.

People, the English teacher whispered that the idiosyncratic thought is impure. Also, people did not like him who saw an important political life than life. But the boy Love Liu liked English. Love Liu also liked the teacher who teaches English and wanted to be a real friend of the teacher. However, parents of Love Liu, a sophisticated knowledge molecule trying to become a red engineer who graduated from the prestigious Tsinghua University, were dissatisfied with the fact that one son and his son were close to spending time with an English teacher. When my son got somewhat mistakenly watering the decadent life of petit bourgeois, not only my son, but also my political life ended up sometime. What kind of time is it now? The whirlwind caused by the Cultural Revolution still stirs the flesh and spirit of people. Whether all the social capabilities of monitoring and pushing to find recoil molecules such as anti-right wing, reactive technology authority, revisionism, runner wave, etc. are times of concentration crisis, danger, suffering.

Love Liu is curious as soon as it is early, so he does peek secretly or hesitate to steal everyday. Love Liu also knows that the smell of urine with the body of a mature woman wrapped in beautiful leaves and the smell of rainbow saloman drifts me to distinguish me from being a pure girl. Parents of Love Liu were neither elegant nor adult, nor educated, as others thought. Rather, they were selfish parents, rejoicing as if they enjoy the party to the unhappiness of others. Still Love Liu barely keeps going out with English teacher, while being cut to be cut off by parents' sexual intercourse attack.

A new world I saw through my English teacher

Love Liu Seokwooun in parents discovers 'infinitely beautiful something huge' that was not seen until now through English teacher Second Prize Wang. There is only one English dictionary in Urumqi as if all knowledge and thought of the world is included. A subtle scent of perfume and clean and tidy clothes. The appearance of a real educator drifting in an elegant and warm attitude. Such a trim is not equipped, there is a pure passion that enthusiastically disgusts one woman in the appearance of an English teacher, and a pure passion that steals a nakedness of a woman who loves stealing as well as before a great opportunity . The English teacher acts with a decent intellectual for the attention of others other than the other adults that Love Liu experienced so far, and turns into a monster at home and parents and father secretly with the principal and cheating mother, cheating mother, authority The appearance of adults of ornaments such as board chief who tried to destroy young women by using it was Jeonji Chai. So so? Everything and behavior of English teachers symbolized civilization and progress in Love Liu. Love Liu, who lived with the civilization and discontinued, for the first time seeing it in the world, thanks to the English teacher and English teacher, who grew up drinking the tears of transparent yet cloudy emotions and knowledge that the English teacher had flowed. I will have new eyes. Love Liu discovers "something infinitely beautiful but huge" in the newly obtained world of eyes. Meanwhile, adults who do not understand this is a dull sensation of single-cell norovirus, disappointment with lazy and irresponsible parents attitude that the son will remain like an innocent child forever, authoritative and decorative, I feel aversion to the selfish adult world.

Throw political life for friendship Love Liu

This is Love Liu has no choice but to collide with the world of adults every time. But since Love Liu is still young, he has no power to compete. At best, what he can do is to do a silence demonstration or to stay away for a while. Because I come too, I tend to be starved if I leave the village I can not escape away from home even if I run out of the house. Love Liu was ironically sorry in a bad way, in many cases, but with a keen mind, there was no courage to tell the truth even when an innocent person was bared out for what he had done.

But Love Liu grows into a serious young man of a mischievous boy after having a real friendship with an English teacher. Love Liu knows that she willingly abandon her life for the favorite woman at the moment of desperate and for the sake of an English teacher who was stamped as a rebound molecule for himself and became a prison life for himself I am willing to sacrifice. When an English teacher stood on the stage of a criticizing tournament and the packed crowd was critically wrapped up in the development of a disguised condemnation, Love Liu is a manuscript written criticism of English teacher 's bourgeois life stubbornly I will throw it away in the air. Love Liu who can finish a more important political life than life Is an innocent behavior a true courage to spring up from the soul? Or was it caused by confusion and delusion?

While tying

The novel 'English(英格力士)' is backed by the Cultural Revolution, but because Urumqi is coming and the independent conflict continues in a region where the conflict is constant, the revolutionary enthusiasm is not felt so hot. So unlike general scar literature which accuses dark painful appearance of the Cultural Revolution dreadfully, it is a work that can be seen lightly with a little margin. It is a growing novel that depicts a confrontation between the world of a boy who admires something beautiful and giant and the authoritative world of an adult who lost purity and Love Liu who has no room knows the English teacher Second Prize Wang The friendship of the two pure solid which the long flowing flower that bloomed inner flower bloomed and the adversity could not be apart from the adversity is the setting sunset Edge Uji is a beautiful work like the snow peak of Tian Shan.

Love Liu who grew up losing most of the English words, just recounting 'love' and 'hate' unforgettable. If it is complicated, change mutually wandering, and it is not understood what time, when it is to understand human life, if it expresses it with two words, there will be no word suitable for 'love' and 'hate' exactly. The two words often speak our feelings as we often used in our daily lives. To grow people and live their life is to share intimate relationship between themselves, others, and the world while being saddened with laughing and crying "love" and "hate" themselves, others, and the world Insight is condensed into two words for living.



[book review] Language alchemist Selma Lagerlof ~ The Saga of Gosta Berling

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Language alchemist Selma Lagerlof

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Life is painful, nature is ruthless. However, I will give you the pleasure and courage as a consideration for both severities. Otherwise, he could endure both. (in teh Text)

A sweet story like a dream

Beautiful nature surrounded by long, long lakes, abundant plains, and blue mountains. Gosta Berling, a pastor who devoted himself to the stage of nature, and Ekebiya Knights of Nolan dealt with the story of a pleasant life. This work tells the life of reality, such as humanity, nature, good and evil confrontation, which are bored and repeated history to mankind. In addition to that, there is a fantastic story waiting for the reader to be created by the tired and witty storytellers who are tired of the difficult situation such as demons, witches, fairies and curses. It is sweet stories like honey. The reality is neither extremely good nor extremely bad. In reality, however, there is only a struggling life of people who are selfish and impractical, but who are also good. The combination of the merry tragedy and the miserable comedy that they produce shows the joy of life as a seven-color rainbow. It is fantastic to be realistic and realistic. It is a place where life is a fantasy and fantasy is our geek pastor Gosta Berling. This work is the only secret guide to guide you there.

Pleasure of 'Reading Text'

Ivan Alekseevich Bunin's 『The Life of Arseniev 』 It's been a long time since I met a wonderfully beautiful, fantastic and pleasant sentence that hits the soul's heart like this. Those who came to see the people who received the first Nobel Prize for literature in Russia, the other one in Sweden and the first female artist to receive the Nobel Prize for literature. Both of them are worthy of their reputation, and they show a staggering brush to make the readers shine more and more naturally, shining further the honor of the Nobel Prize for literature. In one word, the writing power of two people is the most perfect beauty of the many achievements that can be drawn with a myriad of word combinations.

The pleasures that can be gained by the novel are not just stories. Touch gives impression aura which the writer's unique writing power blows out is also important. If there is not such aura it means that there is no pleasures of 'Reading Text'. A novel that can not offer the pleasures of 'Reading Text' represents his limitations, and he abandoned the possibilities and artistic nature of his own literature. Lagerlof is a language alchemist who combines the alphabets that everyone uses and transforms them into fantastic sentences so that alchemists convert simple stones into precious gold and precious gold. Finally, realizing the beauty and splendor of nature does not require special knowledge or understanding, even if you feel the beauty of a sentence, you do not need special skills or high reading comprehension. However, as evil people understand the beauty of nature, people who can not reproductive susceptibility can not feel the wonder of literature. If you feel like a life-threatening with a withered susceptibility like a fallen leaf, I would like the work to get rain of moist and graceful with dry sensibility.



[Book Review] Trying to comfort the great sadness of humanity with laughter ~ The Nazi and the Barber(Edgar Hilsenrath)

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Trying to comfort the great sadness of humanity with laughter

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Everything I say is true. It is the truth without a lie. They laugh and live well and laugh at God and the world. Also, the concept of justice is mocking itself! (in the Text)

The Jews 'Itzig Finkelstein'? Or the mass murderer 'Max Schulz'

Max Schulz, although he inherited the pure Aryan lineage, a frog eyeball, a dent in his thick lips like a sausage, and not a Jew, but a Jewish person, like a blonde with blue eyes, a sharp nose, a delicately curved lips Max Schulz contrasts with a Jewish friend Itzig Finkelstein who was born on the same day with a tooth. Max Schulz, who seems to be Jewish but never Jewish, loses his chastity in the longest and strongest cock in the street in his first seven weeks of birth, and has been baptized by his cocksucker. Max Schulz, who has inherited a stupid head even though he is a clear Arian, but has become a good barber who has tried to follow his friend.

Max Schulz was touched by Hitler's speech, following the tide of the times, becoming the henchman of the SS, and doing just what he was supposed to do, becoming a genocide. On a cold winter's day when he was out of the war and returning home from the Polish forests, unlike his colleagues, he did not get his head cut off from the Polish partizan, In addition, his penis is not cut off, and he gets a lot of Jewish gold in spoils, and he comes back to Germany to become a black market merchant. After the war was over, his name was published in a newspaper as a mass murderer, and he was wanted and in danger, he carved his Auschwitz number on his wrist and borrowed the name of his friend Itzig Finkelstein who died at the camp, Max Schulz, or Itzig Finkelstein becomes a Jewish master in Jewish history than any Jew. He left Germany after a losing battle, he became a pioneer, he became a liberation fighter, he settled in Palestine, and then he married Max Schulz or Itzig Finkelstein as a model and honest barber.

Not as welcome as in Germany

Edgar Hilsenrath's 『The Nazi and the Barber』 is a book that sells one million copies in the United States, Italy, France, and the United Kingdom. At the time of publication, the national trauma left by the Holocaust, the greatest tragedy of human history in the mid 70s, was still shaded in Germany, and the perpetrators, like the hero of the work, lived well as though they had trampled on six million lives. Not only that, but most of them, like Itzig Finkelstein or the mass murderer Max Schulz, suffered from guilt, or had a crush on their conscience,

In other words, most mass murderers, like Max Schulz, did not receive any trial, social sanctions, or boast or criticism. So they lived their lives in a mixture of German people who are under the guilt of conscience (although the German people are not direct assailants), and the 『The Nazi and the Barber』 It is also quite uncomfortable for readers. In addition, this book further makes Max Schulz, a genocidal murderer, more Jewish than Jewish. It is then transformed into a heroic Jews helped pull the nation of Israel, not ordinary Jews.

The book satirizes Germany, where mass slaughterers such as Max Schulz have allowed them to operate in Germany. On the other hand, it mocked the Jewish society which set up such mass murderer as the Israel foundation nation hero. Holocaust is a serious and serious material. However, the 『The Nazi and the Barber』 is a cynical, yet humorous way of singing the Holocaust. As a result, it is chemically transformed into some kind of comic material. It would not have been so nice to publish this book, which seemed to represent the perpetrators of the perpetrators in Germany at the time the perpetrators were still playing a part in society.

Did Max Schulz really think he was innocent?

Although Max Schulz acknowledges her sins, she escapes that she merely swayed violence based on orders, on the other hand. He is not obstinate of his wrongs and he does not feel any punishment or guilt of conscience at all. He forced a trial like Trotsky (In April 1937, Stalin prosecuted Trotsky for simulating the overthrow of the Soviet regime: in exile in Mexico, Trotsky tried a mock trial and was acquitted) by himself and declared himself innocent after repeated arguments over argument. Does Max Schulz really think he's innocent? Or did he worry that he might fall into guilt and want to be comforted by denying his sins? The changes in the social and physical environment are not absolutely perceived, but I think of the effect of 'Shifting base-lines', which is always perceived only relative to the observer's position. People do not feel guilty at the end as they kill Paris or Mosquito. Hitler's and Nazi's persistent propaganda and instigation made it possible to deviate by manipulating the perpetrators' values. The Nazi systematic and divisional massacre has simplified slaughter to repetitive, simple labor as if it were produced in factories. This has removed the guilt of the perpetrators. This is similar to that of Yukichi Fukuzawa, who provided the ideological basis for the Nanjing massacre that occurred later by instigating Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean, etc. as animal beasts less than dogs and pigs. So I think Max Schulz really thought he was innocent.

At the end

The atmosphere of the book deals with the horrifying Holocaust, but the contents of the book are neither heavy nor creepy. There is no criticism or criticism against the perpetrators. There is no repentance. No one suffers from guilt and is not angry. A dead person is a person who can not come back alive in any way. So living people should live happily. If this is not possible, at least it seems that the book should protest that it should be taken away from the bondage of the past and live like a human being. even if you plant 6 million trees for a dead person, or track and avenge the perpetrators, ironically, it's for those who live. Even a hundred times such a thing can not comfort the souls of the victims. The dead man slept forever without knowing anything. For those who died without any fault, a living person can not do anything. That is the great sorrow of mankind that can not be healed forever. In this regard, this book tries to appease with laughter.



[Book Review] Poverty that can never be a 'romanticized monster' ~ Daughter of the River(Hong Ying)

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Poverty that can never be a 'romanticized monster'

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Hunger was my baby. While our mother and daughter was alive, starvation left a vivid branding on my mind. (in the Text)

I have no big meaning, I will classify authors from China largely as overseas resident writers, domestic resident writers in two categories. The reference point of the classification is the attitude of the system writer. Although I do not know whether the leap of logical which judged the whole partly, I am aware that many of the Chinese writers I met through books reside outside the country and the adaptation to the system Writers who criticize with the Chinese government and the lines accepted by the Communist Party live in China. Even though I hear it in a loud voice in a liberal democratic country where freedom of speech is heard, it is a very personal story limited to the few Chinese authors I touched, but only the collective guidance system of the Communist Party It is not totally unreasonable logic in China that does not allow the full freedom of the press to the stubborn belief that it can lead prosperity.

Hong Ying, when I visited Korea over 10 years ago, "<Daughter of the River(飢餓的女兒)> is 100% autobiographically my own experience and my elderly Chinese women's living It is also a work that depicts the trajectory of the living beings.It can change my destiny by overcoming it in spite of life in the end, can also change the flow of the times and the progress of history, and I wanted to say through the novel that we can improve people's lives and develop democracy. " She secretly says that even though she has British nationality but still thinking in Chinese, speaking in Chinese, the interests and love of the Chinese people do not change, the Chinese democratic wind Respectively. She was born in China and even finished up to university in China, who got British citizenship is still Chinese and still loves the Chinese people. Still, she lives in the UK, for personal reasons more, but based on the classification criteria of my Chinese origin writer explained earlier, some kind of conflict between the Chinese government and her I wonder whether there is indirect exposure proof that it exists.

『Daughter of the River』, the main character RyuRyu relentlessly digs down the secret of his birth as a result of his 18th birthday. In the process it is exposed to tragic and destructive families that exposes the way the domineering of the Communist Party's socialist pretext was trampled on the people's flesh and toppled the toughness. It is an autobiographical novel based on the experience of the author. 'Great famine' which was the worst disaster that is difficult to compile the exact number of starvests is a human disaster that was actually induced by compliments of the Communist Party executives and how hungry people die At the most, the country's grain warehouse is always full, I have never heard that executives were hungry and dead in the age of starvation. And no one was responsible for this. Also, in China, which publicly insists that workers are holding power, the people are too helpless and the privileged layer with vested interests tries hardest to try to maintain their own power and interests They exercised luxury while monopolizing everything. However, the people only wanted to have another feces pit in the public toilet. Through this, the people lived in an era of disaster where there was nothing to expect from hunger and ruthlessness. I had no idea where I would have obtained the meat that was in the dumplings during the 'Great famine', a time when it was difficult to obtain grass roots. However, I have to eat without expressing my intention, I have completely collapsed. Their bodies were brutally trampled by hard work and brutal exploitation that exceeded imagination. Thirty years after the revolution, the people lived in a harsh environment in which basic physiological needs were still difficult to solve, and they were hungry and hungry. This harsh and hard environment has made their survival instincts hard, and it has made it impossible for humans to have the minimum of shame and face. The once sober people became gruesome and boldly bug-like worms like cockroaches.

Hong Ying is through a life that was devastation of RyuRyu hungry to sex hungry for love hungry for bread, exposed stark to the miserable life of the people at that time. He expresses his cool affection and his terrible interest in the people by inquiring carefully about his responsibilities. RyuRyu's confession echoes in the reader' s mind so weakly but weakly as to shake out the intestines and fragile heart rather than hungry. It is inconvenient for those who are sitting in a warm room and striking a full stomach to read the work. Even in literature, without doubting the truthfulness that it has, it is not so much to witness such unpleasant poverty that such a nausea comes out. The sentence of Hong Ying depicts the tragic situation depressingly shivering. Her cold sentences can hardly be said as a people trained in poverty and trials, and the subsequent highlands are as ruthless as if they had cooled her blood cool and forever. It is casually like to talk to a person who does not care at all about another world as if. That's right She completed this sentence which continued a sentence of sentences. Sometimes it is a sentence full of leeway enough to put a little wit. Hong Ying says that the lives of poor commoners in China can never become romanticized monsters. This is a criticism of some Chinese writers, a whisker to quench yourself. It is also a harsh need of the Chinese people whose poverty and oppression have chronically consolidated and became lethargic in the theory of fate.



[Book Review] Heals the mental fatigue, inspires imagination... ~ The Prince and the Pauper(Mark Twain)

The Prince and the Pauper

Like a tonic to heal the mental fatigue and inspire imagination

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The gentle woman was happy all day that he gave grace to the same monotonous rural woman who was generously happy for the military for the beggar and royal road. (in the Text)

M ark Twain is a light-hearted humorous sentence that anyone can feel free to contact, and sentences that seem to mean that star, satirical and comic story that planted a leaf that accuses social absurdities and human weaknesses It is famous for its work. 『The Prince and the Pauper』 announced between 『Adventures of Huckleberry Finn』 and 『The Adventures of Tom Sawyer』 can also guarantee pleasure and delicious sarcasm with Twain's reputation lacking quality at all It is a work. The position and role of a young prince and a beggar boy Tom switched The somewhat irrational comic element is the main motivation of the work, but the fate changes and the unfamiliar event and the life experienced by the two boys are completely comedy It is not a point.

The prince, who became a beggar, directly displays the tears of the tears and lamentations of the people together with a group of vagrants such as poverty, beggars, thieves, and listens directly from the parties who live by generating acid as everyday. Occasionally the prince himself suffers from contempt, cold, poverty, sounds without reasons (like Tom) and experiences people's complaints and suffer themselves. That is why the Prince pledges to remove such laws for those who have been accused of wrongdoing by senior officials, or for people who are bad or who are treated unfairly just because they have different religions.

Meanwhile, Tom who became a prince will see Horie embellishment and waste hidden behind a spectacular and luxurious court life. Thanks to the huge debt left by the king, the king's safe was blatantly empty and 1,200 servants were unable to receive wages. Even servants with only Prince exceeded 300 people. The people were hungry, but the court maintained a luxurious life while borrowing debts.

First of all Tom is overwhelmed so that it wraps around these court lives. But nobody can adapt easily to a richer life than poor living. Tom also got accustomed to the glamorous court life soon and a few days later, when the old cow was a calf, if you do not think, even both older sisters and mother try hard and forget. In addition, Tom fully flavored in luxury and gorgeous court life, doubled the guards and tripled with 400 people lacking the whole story. Tom's innocent corruption like this looks at Tom with a coronation matrix and peaks by having a woman who does not know her mother who has run a crowd and he does not know her mother. Tom for a moment when he became a king When he heard the circumstances of the revealed people who died in a frustrating wet clothing, he appointed the base in front of the aristocrat and the senior official, while certainly not losing the form of gentle Tom, Even good good Tom is in the form of a weak human being who has nothing but crumbling in front of material, powerful enjoyment.

Facts Although it was known as an interesting but beautiful work like a fairy tale, in fact reading it, a very cruel scene appears for adults to read. It is exactly the scene where two Baptist women are burned. Two girls burning on firewood Two girls working on a mass of fire like a moth when they die with a mother will look like small devils at least as much as a wicked girl. Two burning women scream a pain full of pain in their chests. The prince who saw this terrible situation with eyes saw that terrible sight is better than a stone eyes if it is better. The prince puts a pale face on the wall to make it thin. In addition to the flower form, there was a miserable punishment at the time that fried sesame seeds in the kettle, or the limbs were cut and the internal organs were revealed at the time, considering what actually happened, in front of Tom who became king I am not going to ask for life but to change to hanging and sorrow I am completely amusing the figure of a man.

The end of this work that humorously satanized through an anecdotal and unreasonable social order and the story suffered by the prince and Tom is that Tom would have been able to become a true king even more calmly oysters, , Friendly Tom 's consideration Prince returns to his seat and becomes Edward VI. God is the descendent of the monarch, could not anything be able to do with the power of human destiny? The twists and turns of these two people end with one skit.

c, even today's citizens who are bound by the newly formed capital social order live with the wish that there is no wish 'like what to become' or 'I want to be like anyone' like Tom . As Tom dreams of a brilliant court life that can not be imagined as his own circumstances, modern people are fascinated by the ornate and elegant life of the main characters appearing in TV dramas and movies. But if capitalism endeavors everyone to become rich, no matter how much noisiness of opportunity equals noises People who reach such a position are very rare. Because most people are not aware of being a fancy fantasy, perhaps it is a fact that such fantasies give leisure and comfort that can escape for a moment with reality troubles and stress, There is no choice but to become a sunflower. Did Tom realize the wisdom of life that healed with real dreams and fantasies of pain and wounds of real poverty and sound?

If you try to compile only your own stall with a harsh competition system, imagination and compassion are only exhausted. When the imagination is insufficient, the dream becomes poor, and this person's mental sufferer is exhausted while the healing power of this dream also disappears. This is one of the sources of mental stress of contemporary people who do not throw away the pressure, tired of feeling tired of being ridden by something while rich in materials. If mental poverty is corrected through health literature, 『The Prince and the Pauper』 is an effective tonic that heals the mental fatigue and inspires imagination.



[Book Review] Who needs human meat for them... ~ The Four Books(四书: Yan Lianke)

Who ate human flesh for them?

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"The highest upper part has decided that no one can leave his town or region while in the greatest famine, and from the place where you are, you can not starve to death, or you can not talk to the outside." (in the Text)

In the summer of 1958, the great leap forward movement started with Mao's Utopian optimism based ambitious communism experiment quickly produced terrible failure and destructive results. When the ambitions of regional Communist Party members who are aiming for success in combating the upper pressure to raise achievements have managed to combat the ambiguous target values, they have addressed the achievements that have been achieved and dealt with false reports, This 『四书, The Four Books)』 well manifests.

A real lower level executive who shows wheat production on average about 100 kg on a land of about 666.67 square meters may compete to raise awards and gifts and produce 5 tons per 666.67 square meters Or to present a terrible target amount. However, the upper encourages rather than condemn their excess target amount. Fulfilling those that do not satisfy these goals False target quantities naturally lead to false reports and the leaders had to misunderstand the actual situation of the work of the country.

Another novel, Hong Ying's 『飢餓的女兒, Daughter of the River)』 who revealed the devastation of the great famine, the great famine, complicity and lies of these Communist Party executives Even though how many people starved and died, there were always plenty of country grain warehouses and only the fact that executives were hungry and dead in the age of hunger had never heard of it Not to say that no one is responsible for this. It is true that China was suffering from droughts during the time of great famine, but wasteful substantial iron and steel smelting projects such as the erroneous irrigation project of the government and the Iron sand smelting movement which is also done in this work The country was devastated, and it was only badly exposed to floods and droughts. And executives' false reporting confused the food supply and demand plan. In 1962, at the Labor Subcommittee led by Ryusaouchi during the 8th term of the Communist Party The nine-day meeting of the Central Committee, failure of the Great Leap Forward campaign was concluded that 70% is man-made calamity and 30% is Natural disasters did.

The main character of 『四书, The Four Books』 is an intellectual. But there is no name. Words that symbolize the vocation of the creator, religion, scholar, music, experiment, doctor, etc, who are predecessors of their remodeling education take the place of names. '育新區, YuXinQu', which receives these remodeled education, is a place desolate at the foot of the far-off Yellow River, no village, no man, no sound. While cultivating land that has been devastated here, while farming, you will receive mental education and also receive labor education. And the major characters of the work are mostly composed of intellectuals and belong to the 99th section adjacent to the Yellow River most, the most distant, furthest from the headquarters above, namely the 99th district People who are. Although living in a lonely outback, the above-mentioned old and new life was surely better than prison until the famine came.

It does not matter how they come here. I do not know when it will be important, but live and return home. The way to get out here is to escape from Jejuko, or to take three people to escape, to stand up the ball, like a knowledgeable person known as "experiment", pleased with the top, he or also sincere As a reward for a diligent exemplary life, I gather the pentagram star (pentagon star) properly and go to the house. The most safe way to do this is to collect pentagon stars, so let's take off all the civilization constraints such as humanity, conscience, intellectuals as dignity and honor as intellectuals, mobilize all means and methods, show them well to The Children(Administration to manage the 99 wards) Blood tears Lamy struggle.

However, the faint hope given by the pentagram star is desperately reversed as the great famine came. Reduction Decrease Distribution of upper sweet potatoes, which was 38 g a day, will eventually be disconnected. It is hungry that it is more frightening than death. Parents are willing to sacrifice to those who live their lives, if they starve, they are children, nothing. She spreads both eyes and eats a child while shedding tears of red blood. It is human beings' survival instincts, the reasons behind the world. No matter how much knowledge people who have surveyed about world principles can also be used as a stalemate chohamyeon object. Which intellectuals got the beam in the beams Everyone who did not know about the next and lasting fellows who ate the last force of the month every month to leave the pentagon star which gathered their flesh and difficulties, It is thought that the scene that is leaving is submerged, sublime.

The sun wraps the earth, and the earth supports all the living things. Quiet silence dominates than death, where the dust in the wind dances and the clouds are scattered The sound of the fine air is immersed in the human ear. Lonely than tomb There is obviously a harsh setting where nature has fallen. Their pretty girls fighting tough fighting with tough nature on the harsh stage, detailed inner layer thought Anyway, it is up to sublime in that the historical development process of human beings has been drafted into the conflict of nature and mankind. Even such efforts were driven to a terrible hunger than their death. In the civilization era, hunger is sharp and sharpened like a blade like survival instinct that had been looking for a relaxing life somewhere in the body, the minimum shame to be possessed as a human being, the body surface, etc. on a hotly heated iron plate It instantaneously evaporated like waterdrops scattered around. Temporarily learned many books from others and learned a lot, people who were told me as knowledge ghetto cockroached and passed through the devastated earth through gear. Who were they going to the situation?

The act of eating flesh, such as insanity, mental illness, and unusual hobbies, is disgusting, but not disastrous. However, it is immeasurably cruel to value in situations like the last postcard where you only have to eat human flesh. Is it necessary to blame others who ate meat meat or need to blame others so created? This work became a prohibition in China. While admitting the failure of the Great Leap Forward Movement and the great famine as human resources, China refuses to publish works that incorporate it. As this pointed out by Yen Lenker, it is a reality section of China, unknown, unknown, China's reality.



[Book Review] Why did you bring Beretta to his recruitment test? ~ Cadres Noirs(Pierre Lemaitre)

Why did you bring Beretta to his recruitment test?

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My name is Alain Delambre and my age is fifty-seven. It was a former executive member of the company, but it is unemployed. (in the Text)

There is no relation with the author of 『Cadres Noirs by Pierre Lemaitre』 and the contents of the book, but the sentence before introducing the main character easily and something meaningfully is Soseki Natsume's 『I am a cat』 reminiscent of the famous first passage.

I am a cat. there is no name yet. I can not quite know where I was born. (in the Text 『I am a cat』 by Soseki Natsume)

The main character Alain Delambre is a history of the era in which an individual history was carried out with his heavy luggage burdened as opposed to being an insulting person's things while a Japanese unnamed cat spent roughly adulthood To sublimate. His suffering unemployment problem, strictly speaking, is a social and economic problem in that many other experiences, its cause and influence are hanging in the ring of recession. However, in contemporary society, because of suffering who is suffering, and because everyone can suffer, it will carry over due to personal problems.

Well, Alan finds a job again, to put it more precisely, I constantly strive to find that position before. However, Alan does not search for something like a general unemployed, with less social status and less income and much less careless work. He used to drive two cars before the oyster redundancy, so let's find only that seat of the time, or similar, that his tragedy began huge. Alan is a humiliation that can not be tolerated more than accepting herself critically, as if the crash of a sudden social and economic position actually led to suicide, one I must overcome and win It accepted it into one obstacle. In work-based consumer society, work and his economic ability are the person's personality and face. And, like most middle-class top-tier, we make mistakes writing these current incomes and purely their own predictions that their income will last, dragging future happiness. The unemployment that such people did not anticipate is a crucial opportunity to strip off the mask of the long-term borrowing that was sweet like a dream at once, turn it into a devil, and read the ruin of the family.

Alan continually strives to find that place before, without concern for all kinds of Japbu. And the best opportunity comes for the first time in 4 years. However, that opportunity is by no means trivial. A big company that has decided to dispose of branch office is a digit to pick up a calm and bold executive, but they are volunteers like Alan who participate in this plan and corporate executives secretly preliminarily preliminarily imitate the hostage in advance . Exposing to extreme stressful circumstances It is trying to try the loyalty of executive qualities and corporate value. Four applicants, including Alan, who went up to the final recruitment examination as a hostage, test their own abilities by testing company executives who lead the situation of the hostages.

Alan's wife Nicole objected to such an unethical inhuman recruitment test violently, but Alan soothes his wife while mixing until lying. Alan enters the voice of 'Bastard'' to prepare for the recruitment exam, borrows the daughter's apartment purchase funds, hires experts of the former police officer hostages to take advice to the advice. Meanwhile, hire a detective to prepare recruitment tests by gathering all possible information such as career of selected executives and private life. In this way, he was preparing a recruitment examination by pointing out a deadly heartbeat, and he suddenly changed his mind and took silent baretta loaded Beretta and headed for the recruitment test site. What allowed him to give a handgun in his hand?

It is a work guaranteed to some degree of tension and pleasure like other novels by Pierre Lumétre. The early stage is kept loose like a traditional Chinese medicine with a low heat, and from the moment when Beretta was held in the hand of Alan, a tension feeling like Derby Match gesture begins to ooze out. From the latter half after experiencing such a peak from once, there is no feeling that it will relax again a little. Still, it is a mystery novel that is exciting and compositionally fairly sturdy. Here, as social mystery of Japan, sometimes social Munjet distance such as sadness of unemployed people and crash of corporate ethics was handled occasionally. And the last bitterness empty shows truth that only a small number can actually be acquired, that is, obsolete things that you can never buy happiness alone with gold, while being consoled for many people.



[Book Review] In the past before the death penalty revolution... ~ Invitation to a Beheading(Vladimir Nabokov)

The past delusional scent before the death penalty revolution

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"The numeric keypad is empty, but every 30 minutes the guard erases the old needle and draws a new needle, you live according to the coloring time soon. Sentries will give out and he will be called a sentry. "(In the Text)

Soviet literature When you read some of the works, writers who expressed communism and socialism in a positive system also meet writers who negatively expressed it. In the previous house, Maxim Gorki, the founder of socialist realism literature, can be a representative of the greatest master of Russian literature, can be represented representatively, on the other side 『The Gulag Archipelago』 Solzhenitsyn, 『We』 Yevgeny Ivanovich Zamyatin, Andrei Platonov's 『The Foundation Pit』 etc. And Russian exiled writer Vladimir Nabokov 『Invitation to a Beheading』, famous for 『Lolita』 introduced today, is also the biggest reason why his family had to exile as a Russian socialist revolution I think that it is a work in which dissatisfaction with the heterogeneous social trend brought about by was born.

The prison life of the protagonist Cincinnatus' s protagonist who received a death sentence for a reason that only one person is transparent in a society controlled by a transparent person imagines the nostalgia for the past, and the writing for expressing internal dissatisfaction is the main It is a routine. To him all the things and people that exist are 'meaningless welcome, unpleasant dreams, garbage-like bullshit, nightmare galaxies'. So, in order to escape from these fictitious worlds, "From theoretically sleeping to" awakening is impossible without the help of others, so with the help of executioner Muush Pierre Death he will escape from the final fiction world and will go to the world where all the freedom that he dreamed is guaranteed.

What makes the Chinchinato, which reflects the author as it is, so dissatisfied with the former Soviet Union's society?

Writers from abundant aristocrats are a collective and homogenized society that emphasizes the interests of the group more than individual personality and freedom, as a result of the collapse of the clan that the revolution brought and the communist society brought about. In addition, I could not expand my talent among the rigid atmosphere and social cold weather that it brought. In addition, the fact that he had to leave his hometown semi-compulsively for the revolution and the author's father was assassinated by the Russian extremists was also a big pain for him.

"The understanding itself for" the past "that no one was generous about the past has changed itself to other things," the writer says. So he has attached attachment and rethink in the past. However, he is a serious past in Russia before the revolution. In other words, he can also see that he stands behind the position of wealthy aristocrats who did not want a revolution.

When a nobleman sees, workers and farmers have nothing attached, they do not know anything, so they are not hidden or hidden and they are naked and transparent and the same. However, the writers from wealthy aristocrats are not trying to understand the fact that they were not free to the workers and farmers at the time, more concerned about the food and cold in front of me, more important. Young Gulji not rhetoric desire of art is sometimes seen with arrogant arrogance and vanity. It seems that he saw farmers and workers from a completely different viewpoint from Count Tolstoy who is from the same aristocrat.

That's why the writer has passed away from his hometown and beyond repelling the regret and the tired body and mind coming from a long-running exiled lonely life memorizing and remembering the past before the Russian revolution, by completing reprocessing for writing Comforting yourself while creating a new world that you dream of. He abandoned the Russian word, chose English and chose the way as the American writer, but stayed at the hotel so that he could return home at any time without establishment until the day he died, from there If you look at the way you finished your life, you can learn how he missed the homeland, teasing Russia before the revolution.

Nabokov's 『Invitation to a Beheading』 has no special incident or plot that allows the reader to easily turn over the pages while reading easily. So, further understanding was a difficult work. It was because I had a kind explanation of the translator because I could write a raw review poorly. So I looked at the commentary and built a connection with a work by a nobleman of a slightly unique writer.

Well, the writer was able to demonstrate artistic talent by reprocessing the memory of the past, and imagination because there was such a special past. And his unfortunate past also manifests the thought of Cincinnatus. "I know something, I know something, but I think that it is very difficult to express! No, I can not do it." Cincinnatus's anguish is that writers exile to Europe as experts I was deprived of the freedom of expression before, seriously worried about social repression, so fierce expressive piled up repressed talent accumulated intense stress on the mental burden and expressive thirst of the writer You can expect without difficulty. This work may indicate such a trauma.



[Book Review] It's interesting to someone, but for someone... ~ Look Who's Back(Timur Vermes)

It's interesting to someone, but disgusting for someone

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All of these are covered by taxes issued by a rustic man from a shell factory. And to the eyes of the experienced Imperial President, all of these are sure to see the conspiracy of capital and Jews, the international financial forces. (in the Text)

Did he come back? Who the hell? Bismarck to shed blood of iron? A great genius Einstein who repeated calculations to calculate until the moment of death? Or a Beethoven with a soul's ears? Well, they are not. So who? The Second World War and Holocaust's main criminal Adolf Hitler came back. It is also in the present of the 21st century. Of course, the return of Hitler who does soon-seeking the chat of the whole world despite this strange outdoor is not an actual situation, but fortunately it returns through the virtual reality in Timur Vermes' novel 『Look Who's Back(Er ist wieder da)』 It is a word. Through his novel, it appeared to the whole world, but it is not far from the fact that it may be a real Hitler, or perhaps an unpleasant work that makes a wish for any fanatical desire to see such a second coming There is not.

On April 30, 1945, Hitler who committed suicide by a pistol at the underground bunker was 66 years later on August 30, 2011, dust was heard a bit in the vacant lot in Berlin and the smell of gasoline was perfunctory or perfect for a uniform appearance I felt a headache and awoke, he came back. Genuine Hitler not just a fake but also that he is back again is shocking but he has a valiant tongue and agitation ability that is a genius talent for modern state-of-the-art media systems such as computers and the Internet, TV It is also a lot of fun to become a person who draws interests of the public again, such as converging and becoming a YouTube star. Once he started political life with a bare hand in Munich's via hole, he again began a program business and political life through TV and the Internet with bare hands. Finally, he is supported by the new technologies that were not in the past and succeeds in consolidating his position while being sacrificed by some extreme violence.

How did he recover that he ran into the crucible of catastrophe and catastrophe all over the world? It is a situation similar to the situation when he actually worked, that is, German citizens are in great political, economic and social danger, but leaders who overcome this difficulty among politicians and national The past turmoil that there is no will is repeated also in modern Germany. Politician's lack of responsibility consciousness, economic terrorism caused by globalization and the emergence of China, labor markets of foreigners who used low wages as a weapon, erosion of highly educated unemployed German people like unemployed people feel like crisis and garbage Dissatisfied with the creation of an extreme solution to restore Hitler. Therefore, Hitler judges that it was launched with the mission of history that he must cross the mysterious barrier of time and be confused. There he is, nobody has Tomin, no one is recommended, no one is desirable, but, by itself, German fate packages become a struggle struggle again.

There is no armed guard that first bows him first, there is no army to work and eat to its full extent, the headquarters that command the army is not discouraged by the apathy reality, even a little luck and even the family of the Jewish victims persuaded Let ternary tongue new SS, that is, succeed in attracting Internet believers and management company. Shame as shame as a black comedy that his extravagant but direct allegation saturated the first reality, his continued battle of will and struggle, his Onbyeongsul who adapt to the new society argues as if it were ambiguous ambiguous While gradually maintaining the focus of going to gain persuasive power. It gave us a single hope that gently unravels the hardened mind like a stone of a disappointed people like the past. Fortunately, and clearly, Hitler adapts to the new reality, but also in the absence of present peaceful violence, you can see that the method before me can not be passed. By doing this, he is ready to compromise with the world compromisingly and will decide himself to use it for others, rather than just using his own abilities for himself.

Although the assumption that "if" already is a delusion in the history that ink already has a hard history, if the charisma that God can not keep up with anyone and Hitler who has God onby Bysul is born in the 21st century, what kind To the question of whether it did things, it is a difficult setting that is difficult to throw off easily. Also, there is no guarantee that this problem is not made like a novel because there is no answer of course. If we can give something to German anxiety and dissatisfaction Debomham, who does not see anyone's complexion, with a painful talk like graceful rain, it is a liberal democratic society where expression and thought freedom is guaranteed, There must not be such existence either. But do not miss the fact that such a historical family can actually hide the appearance of Hitler and the evils he has exerted on the whole world skillfully.

Well, Hitler is an age-misleading battlefield that is inflammatory, but a valgus with a meaning somewhat meaningless and oblivious in a narrow amount and obsolete reality brought about by the reality of today can not be pleasant, is there. However, Timur Vermes' novel 『Look Who's Back(Er ist wieder da)』 became a popular book, the more you want Hitler to reappear, the more German people are now quite dissatisfied with Germany So, this book, to the politicians, just smiles and gives a bitter taste quite strongly. Knowing what kind of person Hitler is, if it is a person who is rich in imagination with no sunglasses, it will be many interesting books, but it is a serious person who is not rich in imagination who knows what kind of person Hitler is If it is, it may become a bad book in one word.


[Book Review] A person wearing a mask of a monster, a monster wearing a mask of a person ~ Frankenstein(Mary Shelley)

A person wearing a mask of a monster, a monster wearing a mask of a person

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"What does this mean? What kind of existence is I? Where am I going? Where am I going? Such questions have endlessly emerged, but I answer such questions I could not do that."

If you imagine Frankenstein it would be a horny face, a sewing trace would be like a tendon, a scratch on the forehead, and whatever you can not ignore, screws scattered into the temple to symbolize the science and machine era . Here the figure is large like a mountain, the behavior is unnatural like a zombie and Gumuda. However, this is a product produced by the imagination added in the process of adapting the original to a movie, not the appearance of Frankenstein appearing in the actual original.

Frankenstein is more famous for movies than the original novel, so it is not an exaggeration to say that 59 cases of searching on 'Frankenstein' in a Naver Movie are detected. Its influence is sufficiently magnificent, even the translator of this work expresses the appearance of 'monster(novel is his name)' with 'screw' not appearing in the novel in the work commentary. The author has expressed the appearance of this 'monster' as much as a person with a very nasty appearance of a giant This detailed description such as this(to be left for the work of people who will devote his work to the movie at a later date I do not know if I intended to do it) but dared to omit it. Because of that, or because of the influence of the movie, the reader who reads the work anyway will replenish the slightly deficient depiction of the appearance of the 'monster' with the appearance of the monster that appeared in the movie he saw , You can complete the shape of a perfectly shaped 'monster' in your head.

I read this work and was connected very smoothly with the work of 1994 starring Robert De Niro. Because I think that it is the work most faithful to the original among the related movies of 'Frankenstein' that I saw so far, but the act of Robert De Niro playing the monster plays a lot of anguish of the monster appearing in the original It is because it gave out.

If you are not reading the original, that is, if you are a reader who only touches Frankenstein movie, the word 'monster's anguish' may sound embarrassing. Most of the movie tried everything that drew only the real monster down the hero of the horror movie 'monster' in the original, so understanding the story that suffer like this rough and obnoxious monster people It will not be possible. However, the original 'monster' is so nasty that its appearance can not be expressed in words, but his mind is as beautiful as a newly born person. While mastering knowledge by himself, he is more human being than a person, sinking in the meaning of his identity and life and suffering of suffering. So he has a gentle character with a dose that prefers the original sweet and adorable thing but is excited like a monster who had to become a bad guy because of an unkind and rough person who does not accept myself I could explain to Victor carefully like a wise man. He will be intelligent and logical enough to succeed in persuading Victor if he meets with him and makes another woman of 'monster' leave the world of two people forever. is there.

However, Victor does not believe the word 'monster' after it. That's why I also made a 'monster' woman promised with him and destroyed it again. An angry 'monster' forces blood revenge by destroying the existence that Victor loves. Just for being born soon just because its appearance is obnoxious, he and his creator, Victor, have been abandoned, he wants to spend close time with people while doing a bit of precedence, but also has the opportunity to end once Absent. So even though readers can not be sympathized enough with his furious anger, homicide is evil but it is not sympathetic to his feelings of feeling of pang of conscience while doing multiple forces I can not do.

He knows to judge right and wrong, and like a normal person, he experiences a conflict at the boundary between good and evil, and sometimes suffers from the pangs of conscience. In addition, ordinary people sometimes fall into ontological root causes like no idea. Ironically it is ironic that people are called monsters, and people are more human than human beings, giving him no one chance, just because the appearance is obnoxious, people wielding the bars are monsters . When you see a monster feeling the conscience of conscience in the era when conscience is depleted, we somehow felt astounded by ourselves.

Feminism, the indiscriminate trust of science and technology and human arrogance, importance of parenting based on sexual theory, duality of knowledge, horror novel, etc. Various readings are possible for this work. The fact that various reading is possible means that it will remain as a classic masterpiece that will continue to be read in the future. And when you see the movie starring Robert De Niro along with this work together, the missing parts of the original and the movie are filled with each other as complementary as the best compatibility. As a result, the shape of the fuzzy 'monster', which is locked in the seaweed, comes out as a clear character to leave a definite presence in the mind and mind of the reader as the haze fogs away.




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