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레이블이 Mystery & Thriller & Suspense인 게시물을 표시합니다. 모든 게시물 표시
레이블이 Mystery & Thriller & Suspense인 게시물을 표시합니다. 모든 게시물 표시


[Book Review] Why did you bring Beretta to his recruitment test? ~ Cadres Noirs(Pierre Lemaitre)

Why did you bring Beretta to his recruitment test?

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My name is Alain Delambre and my age is fifty-seven. It was a former executive member of the company, but it is unemployed. (in the Text)

There is no relation with the author of 『Cadres Noirs by Pierre Lemaitre』 and the contents of the book, but the sentence before introducing the main character easily and something meaningfully is Soseki Natsume's 『I am a cat』 reminiscent of the famous first passage.

I am a cat. there is no name yet. I can not quite know where I was born. (in the Text 『I am a cat』 by Soseki Natsume)

The main character Alain Delambre is a history of the era in which an individual history was carried out with his heavy luggage burdened as opposed to being an insulting person's things while a Japanese unnamed cat spent roughly adulthood To sublimate. His suffering unemployment problem, strictly speaking, is a social and economic problem in that many other experiences, its cause and influence are hanging in the ring of recession. However, in contemporary society, because of suffering who is suffering, and because everyone can suffer, it will carry over due to personal problems.

Well, Alan finds a job again, to put it more precisely, I constantly strive to find that position before. However, Alan does not search for something like a general unemployed, with less social status and less income and much less careless work. He used to drive two cars before the oyster redundancy, so let's find only that seat of the time, or similar, that his tragedy began huge. Alan is a humiliation that can not be tolerated more than accepting herself critically, as if the crash of a sudden social and economic position actually led to suicide, one I must overcome and win It accepted it into one obstacle. In work-based consumer society, work and his economic ability are the person's personality and face. And, like most middle-class top-tier, we make mistakes writing these current incomes and purely their own predictions that their income will last, dragging future happiness. The unemployment that such people did not anticipate is a crucial opportunity to strip off the mask of the long-term borrowing that was sweet like a dream at once, turn it into a devil, and read the ruin of the family.

Alan continually strives to find that place before, without concern for all kinds of Japbu. And the best opportunity comes for the first time in 4 years. However, that opportunity is by no means trivial. A big company that has decided to dispose of branch office is a digit to pick up a calm and bold executive, but they are volunteers like Alan who participate in this plan and corporate executives secretly preliminarily preliminarily imitate the hostage in advance . Exposing to extreme stressful circumstances It is trying to try the loyalty of executive qualities and corporate value. Four applicants, including Alan, who went up to the final recruitment examination as a hostage, test their own abilities by testing company executives who lead the situation of the hostages.

Alan's wife Nicole objected to such an unethical inhuman recruitment test violently, but Alan soothes his wife while mixing until lying. Alan enters the voice of 'Bastard'' to prepare for the recruitment exam, borrows the daughter's apartment purchase funds, hires experts of the former police officer hostages to take advice to the advice. Meanwhile, hire a detective to prepare recruitment tests by gathering all possible information such as career of selected executives and private life. In this way, he was preparing a recruitment examination by pointing out a deadly heartbeat, and he suddenly changed his mind and took silent baretta loaded Beretta and headed for the recruitment test site. What allowed him to give a handgun in his hand?

It is a work guaranteed to some degree of tension and pleasure like other novels by Pierre Lumétre. The early stage is kept loose like a traditional Chinese medicine with a low heat, and from the moment when Beretta was held in the hand of Alan, a tension feeling like Derby Match gesture begins to ooze out. From the latter half after experiencing such a peak from once, there is no feeling that it will relax again a little. Still, it is a mystery novel that is exciting and compositionally fairly sturdy. Here, as social mystery of Japan, sometimes social Munjet distance such as sadness of unemployed people and crash of corporate ethics was handled occasionally. And the last bitterness empty shows truth that only a small number can actually be acquired, that is, obsolete things that you can never buy happiness alone with gold, while being consoled for many people.



[Book Review] Delirium, murder, escape, and confrontation with the criminal ~ Blood Wedding(Pierre Lemaitre)

Delirium, murder, escape, and confrontation with the criminal

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That woman has instinctive power that no one could imagine. But I did not even imagine even I am convinced she knew best. (in the Text)

I have lost something. In the meantime I looked for something lost in an unexpected place. Sophie could not understand his behavior at all, but it began in that way anyway. Both my husband's birthday gift and the car parked a while ago were found in a totally different place from my memory. I pushed a thief for what I did not remember putting shopping on my cart at Mart. Suddenly, Sophie was confused because of his distraction that he became a distraction that he did not even notice. A decision batting occurred while doing so.

Sophie had a dream a day. In her dream she slammed down her stairs, pushing her mother-in-law who was intensely hatred with each other. It was a realistic dream that it felt like a moving touch of a moment that pushed together such as hurtful mother-in-law. Then Sophie asked the news that he drank a cup of dark tea and fall into half the state without reason and heard that the mother - in - law went down and rolled down the stairs as dream of Sophie and died.

Far from having a consultation with a doctor and drinking prescription medicine, rather than going better, the memory of Sophie was still confused by the spirit whose jokes were jagged. In the meantime, Sophie, who even died from the aftereffects of a traffic accident, even her husband could not see it as a normal woman, no matter who sees it.

Sophie who remained alone thought that something change was necessary, so he got a job as a housekeeper at Gervé 's house. Despite the jagged working hours, the 6 year old son Leo who was a good man was a good boy. However, Sophie could sleep at home at the end of the late even though she ended up going back to his apartment beating invitation. But as I was very tired on this day, I first fell asleep at my husband 's house in accordance with Mrs. Jervé' s advice. And the morning of the next morning after discovering the cold body of Leo since the couples came to work. Sophie who came out with Leo 's death was able to recognize that a brown string wearing a child' s thin neck was his climbing shoelace.

Sophie's delirium began so slightly, always occurring in everyday life. Here, the discontinuation of time and memory between my dream and that dream street news dead adds her another heavy symptom of guilt consciousness. Her husband who was taken care of by the hospital due to the crying bees, aftereffects of a traffic accident dies with a mysterious suicide, but her guilt develops into a morbid guilt feeling. And Juindek 's six - year - old son Leo, who worked as a domestic woman in the final decision, stole his head with his climbing shoelaces and dies. With this, Sophie 's life, which has lasted longer mechanically with no memory, spirit, and so on, is finally destroying baptism of myriad of bombs without force like the right apartment.

However, Sophie, who could not see the woman with a normal spirit, no matter who looked at it, the behavior he made at the moment of this desperate situation was very surprising. Returning to my apartment and packing it easily, she finds all the deposits suspended in the deadline and finds it in cash and heads to the station. Also involved in the murder case of a woman who happened to meet at the station's cafe, Sophie will eventually succeed in escape. She is a precise plan like a professional, such as finding only jobs that do not settle at the widest evacuation shelter and always be able to receive insufficient benefits in cash by changing evacuation centers, I took over the persistent pursuit of the police for more than two years. So Sophie plans an ambitious plan to put an end to its escape. I will marry an appropriate man through the next marriage placement office where I bought a fake birth certificate that I can pass in the black market for a few months and start a new life.

Just looking at Sophie's actions that Leo showed before she died, beyond simply sadness, she is hard to believe that anyone can have a sane look. She is an escape living, showing that she felt before me that she felt distracted and vaguely showed that it would be a partnership with a difficult precise that shakes off and seems like a normal person with something like that. Of course the reader is obliged to have doubts. How can such a thing be possible? It is possible for a single woman who can be seen as a crazy woman to escape from the police for more than two years avoiding pursuit. Of course it is possible. It's the case she has not actually given.

Of course I can pretend to be fake crazy with some intentions. But Sophie is alike, albeit alike. If she did not actually exist, was it all operated by someone, such as the nightmarish affair that happened around her and her who led her to mental confusion? Then what will the culprit ruin Sophie's life with? Multiple? Is it play? Or is it a pleasure? Is he, or other ordinary people hiding other intentions or plans that can not even be thought of?

In the 『Robe de marié』 the criminal is released early. The game of finding the blast furnace criminal is thin. Instead, the reader does not wonder why the perpetrators ruin Sophie's life in a way like a child's mischief, and if you borrow the expression of the criminal, carry out an unscrupulous plan to 'remodel'. Of course a sharp reader can see the intent of the criminal with the diary of 'Franz', but at this time around this time it is impossible to suppress what the end of the strange relationship between Sophie and Franz mixed with cooperation and conflict The speed of turning the bookshelf for doubt is already accelerated to an uncontrollable speed.

It is also interesting to draw a very persuasive point on the personal history of crazy that the spirit of an ordinary person is getting exhausted by the malicious operation of others, but the composition of the criminal who conflicts with the detective or criminal in the ordinary detective story But the strange composition that the criminal and the victim receive secretly without any one-time concession are the real pleasure of this work.



[Book Review] Everything was his 'work' ~ Irene(Pierre Lemaitre)

Everything was his 'work'

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“The reality is the end combines fiction and can not help but become weapons. Mixed-melting point of reality world through art and me went one step further, now there is made.” - In the text

Two women were killed miserably. Even the spooky word "fillet" was too brief to explain the wretched state of the body exposed to the built-in site was a scene of blood and meat. When the detective arrived at the scene, the young lady's snowball attached to the wall could not be worded very much, seemed to shed blood in stead of tears, appealing for his own regret and pain. A bold culprit left the letter "I returned" quite large on the wall with the bloodstains of the victim. And as I left the signature, I also left fingerprints of fake fingers. This fingerprint was found also in the alias "tragic trash dump" incident which is an unresolved case. But this was not all. A criminal who discovered that the method of murder of the criminal and the composition of the site perfectly agrees with a specific criminal novel were five unresolved cases completely matching 5 criminal novels including the previous two cases Find a murder case.

Criminals and detectives appearing in mystery novels are the hero of a novel, so they are not uniformly uniform. I emphasized the intellectual aspect mainly by my background such as the background of unique growth, especially bouncing and difficulty personality, learned knowledge, extraordinary inference ability, but sometimes in addition to these points bothered headaches innocent innocence Kineda Kozuke who shows himself, and a gentlemanly elderly queen who tricked the Hong-ki key, there are things sometimes added unique additionally visible. Of course there is no such thing as a little innocence of looks as far as the brain. However, pursuit of the criminal and the fight of the fist seemed to be a rigid CID occurring in everyday events, so finally it was impossible to hear and listen to the criminal of key 145 cm directing the scene to the group leader.

『Travail soigné』 confuses the reader from the exceptional look of Camille Guardian Guava. However, instead of eating instead of eating "Height of He developed that mother development caused by Mother Jordambebe he should obviously", he did not give other special talent. He has no special point in comparison with the criminal and detective of other novels born with the fact that he is not born with taking extraordinary abilities, except for the small key to the hero as well as the hero. So, readers are more embarrassed.

However, further confusing the reader, not confusing, is a shocking inversion of the back. The criminal succeeds in perfectly reproducing the method of killing appearing in his favorite crime novel and its site with a precise plan over many years. Like a movie director who makes an original novel as a movie, it reproduces the fiction in the book in reality. It is too late for the criminal to succeed by implementing a more bold plan. Criminals of the powerful team, including the perfect revolutionary Kamille school chief prepared by the criminal with "good skill" try to struggle with all mobilizing all the abilities After all the role of the puppet on the stage prepared by the criminal Do not deviate from. "Criminal trick" is just a mischief of a child in front of a rough inversion which the criminal and writer conspired and spent more than half of the work, the reader is knocked down. I swallow the whole "text", but the perfect reversal is the bright value of this work.

After reading the mystery novel in the middle, the reader becomes a detective and detective in the work, trying to infer the criminal with the clue so far. However, there are not many mystery novels that the criminal is done, and how to view the work from the standpoint of the criminal, such as how to crack detectives and detect how to complete his / her sin in the future. 'Change of role' is also one of methods to infer a criminal, but imagining yourself who has become a criminal by reading 『Travail soigné』 is a wild man's hidden in the thin shell of civilization It also looks directly at. Some of the cruel killing methods actually appearing in the work are those which reproduced the actual murder case directly. Someone enjoys doing it actually, enjoying it by someone reconfiguring it globally, enjoying reading novels that anyone reconstructs. So the world is a peepshow show.




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